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By: Howard Reiss
Based on an event from the author’s life, this is a story about an unusual mid-life crisis triggered by the discovery of an aunt who was mistreated for mental illness in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Coming to terms with his own family history leads to a journey of self-discovery that tests not only current relationships, but new ones as well. This novel about secrets and revenge is told with a comic touch and will have you reading until the wee hours of the morning.

Business & Investing

By: J.A. Schmid
LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? There’s a reason Gallup Polling found “70% OF AMERICANS HATE THEIR STUPID JOBS”. Work and connected activities eat up over half our waking hours.

If that’s not right ”” nothing’s right.

We’re so dialed into our workplace rituals, customs, habits, and traditions we can no longer see them for what they are, how they define us and make us feel.

In this book of short stories, find yourself in one of these settings, or better where you want to be.

By: J Lane
The author is an experienced consultant helping start ups take off and make them a success.

With over 70 million users in a little over 3 years, Pinterest is a social media network that is growing rapidly. This social network is a great place where people share crafts, DIY jewellery, fashion, tech gadgets, photography, and more. It is a also a great tool for marketing your business. and its products and services.

By: J.A. Schmid
In sports, the games haven’t changed. The size, speed, conditioning, and talent of the players have.

The same is true in business. Being a great manager or a hands-on boss doesn’t cut it anymore. A “few yards and a cloud of dust” isn’t a winning business culture.

The mediating skill of “leading” has become a prerequisite for business success. This book takes you on the journey of four companies struggling to get into condition to better compete.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Milo James Fowler
In a city run by a powerful mobster, nobody wants to play the hero. Private eye Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rent. When a girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made, Madison takes the case. Time isn’t on his side, and after 48 hours, it’s unlikely an abducted child will be found in one piece. But Madison’s a champion of lost causes, and he’ll be damned before he gives up on her–even if it means putting his own life on the line.
By: D. J. Morris
A lab grown clone escapes after horrible learning experiments that nearly drive him mad. The world he finds on the outside, however, is beyond imagination. The Earth we know is extinct. Welcome to the ‘Globe’, a world of giant floating plates kept aloft through antigravity generators. It is a crime ridden and class based society and each of the eight ‘tiers’ holds its own mysteries. The real question remains, ‘Where do they come from, and what is the real nature of reality?’

Children’s Books

A Child’s Guide To Understanding Cancer
By: Kelly Strenge
How do you explain cancer to kids? This book holds the key”¦.

Kelly Strenge has been explaining cancer to children for more than a decade. The Truth About Cancer, Second Edition educates children about cancer in a very honest, light-hearted, and inspiring way. In this book kids will discover:

Ӣ What cancer is and how it is treated;
Ӣ The side effects cancer treatment can have;
Ӣ Who is affected by cancer;
Ӣ Cancer is not contagious;
Ӣ Ways to prevent cancer; and much more!

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Zulfi Qar
Upon discovering a strange diamond, little does an artisan realize he’s plunging into a ruthless global conspiracy that threatens to alter the world’s fortunes forever. A smartly multi-layered, dizzyingly fast-paced debut thriller.
By: Blaze Eastwood
A young man wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who he is or how he got there. When the doctor and nurse inform him that a pandemic has taken place, it doesn’t spark his memory. But when he sees two men walking into the building, he is certain they are trying to kill him. He escapes from the hospital before they can get to him. But now he must find out who he is and why these two men are trying to kill him. Through a series of flashbacks, he becomes certain that his memory loss and the two men are all tied to the pandemic.

Literature & Fiction

By: Verity Short
A suffragette and prison wardress cross paths in the struggle to get women the vote. Download now to read their story.
Where chimera jousts with reality
By: Verity Short
Would you betray family and friends to rid yourself of a curse? Even if that curse was your wife?


By: J.J. Jarrett
Motivation meets humor. In your face honesty.
By: Jamie Stevens
A Proven Guide to Mental and Emotional Freedom!

Hate the negativity that often surrounds you? Feel depressed, stressed and anxious? Feeling lost about how to effectively treat disturbing intrusive thoughts? You’re not alone!

This book contains brilliant advice from a former sufferer of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. Inspired by compassion, this book is a gift to fellow casualties of negative thought patterns, destructive behaviors, se

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