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Business & Investing

For Websites, Blogs and Newsletters
By: Karen Banes
This short, no-fluff guide covers the basics of content creation and content marketing, including:

Creating content that is engaging, attractive and shareable
Developing a content marketing strategy that meets your business objectives
Smart, efficient content creation and curation
Creating a content marketing plan that is sustainable, cost effective and time efficient
Putting in place a system to share and promote your content
Content marketing best practices
Content creation tools

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Rose Pressey
Dating a vampire doesn’t have to suck.

Rylie Cruz is the owner of Get a Mate dating service. Her specialty is matching up paranormal folks. Thinking that a curse placed on her is finally broken, Rylie hopes that her love life is headed in the right direction.

Not so fast.

Rylie has finally convinced her hunky psychiatrist boyfriend, Jack Chandler, that she isn’t crazy and is actually a werewolf. But after a little scuffle with te

By: Robert Thornhill
Members of the Midtown Book Club are found murdered.
It is just the beginning of a series of deaths that lead Walt and Ox into the twisted world of a serial killer.
In the late 1960’s, the Zodiac Killer claimed to have killed 37 people and was never caught — the perfect crime.
Oscar Roach dreamed of being the next serial killer to commit the perfect crime.
He left a calling card with each of his victims — a mystery novel, resting in their blood-soaked hands.
By: Curtis J. James
A billionaire businessman runs for President. A US intelligence agency tampers with the election. Email hacking, secret ties to Russian oil, threats to journalists . . . This intelligent spy novel, published months before the 2016 election, predicted it all. High Hand is a “master political thriller” (Nancy Barnes, Houston Chronicle).
By: David Bradwell
Packed with intrigue, twists, conspiracies, and dark humour, Cold Press is a hugely entertaining mystery set in 1993. Investigative reporter Clare Woodbrook goes missing on the eve of unveiling her biggest-ever story. As the search intensifies, the hunters become the hunted until nobody is safe, and nobody is who they seem.


By: Paul E. Creasy
For two thousand years, the name of Pontius Pilate has been remembered with vile contempt. Cursed by countless generations for his one fateful decision, this otherwise obscure Roman bureaucrat has been forever damned in the eyes of history. Now, however, a subway construction project under the streets of modern Rome has inadvertently uncovered the archeological find of the millennium.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether you are a complete novice or an old pro in photography, your most important subjects will be portraits! Now you can learn how to do them right – and create portraits of your friends and relatives that will get you the “OOHS” and “AAHS” we all want from our photography.


By: S M Mala
The courses to true love never runs smoothly and certainly not for Betty. She loves Tom but he doesn’t love her. Betty wants to get down and dirty with the chef but he’s holding back. And she thinks her hot flushes are down to unrequited lust. The reality is she’s going through the early stages of menopause”¦ aged thirty two. A funny sexy story about family, food and plenty of hot flushes.

Literature & Fiction

By: Tomi Farrell
Divining the difference between reality and the fantastic may not be as simple as it seems. Because the world you think you know may not actually exist”¦

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Trisha M. Wilson
Ruin Storm Akira is coming.

She will kill without regret or discrimination, destroy families, and gleefully devastate centuries of hard work.

And yet, few believe she will hit Nippon. The news swears she’ll ravage Taiwan.

Even the best minds think she’ll go elsewhere.

But Metatron knows better. Akira is coming and only he can save millions of lives.

Will he succeed?

Or will the humans defy his lifesaving efforts?

By: Mary Liwhinky
An adventurous fantasy tale of growth and childhood, The Messenger Pigeons is a novel that follows three close friends that are forced to take part in a trip that they didn’t quite want ””which proves to become more and more extensive as the story progresses.


By: David A. Hunter
Whether you wish to have success with relationships, friendships, or business encounters, social skills are very important to have.
Unleash Your Hidden Potential and Breakthrough Your Limitations of Confidence
By: Bill Andrews
Stop living your life as a powerless ineffective bystander. You don’t have to watch your life play out in front of your eyes with no input from you. Be the author of your own destiny. Take full control of the steering wheel of your life and earn more money, command more respect, get promoted more, and become a happier and more effective and attractive person thanks to the important lessons in this book.
12 Sure-Fire Methods to Take Your Habits and Your Life to the Next Level with the Body, Wealth and Relationships You Want
By: James Martin
Are you ready to take control of your life?
This book will take you through 12 tried and tested habit hacks that will transform your day-to-day behavior and outcomes.
By: Michael Davis
WARNING: You are about to discover how anyone can achieve extraordinary success by simply harnessing the power of his or her memory

What If I told you that you could learn and memorize more in less time? Stay focused, quit being frustrated, Improve concentration, be more productive and absorb info like a human sponge”¦ and best of all do it in as little as five minutes a day?

In Computer Memory that’s exactly what you’ll get


By: Petya Petrova
As it is clear from the very title, the book “The Other Face of panic” aims to shift the focus of people who suffer from panic disorder from its symptoms.

Through change of perspective, i.e. recognizing and realizing the “other face” of their state, these people are finally able to accept what they considered as unacceptable till now, namely panic disorder. Without pressing them, I lead them to self-awareness.

Without obtrusion, I suggest that pani

Biographies & Memoirs

By: Elizabeth O’Keefe
The night before she planned to kill her 22-month old daughter and then herself, the universe stepped in and ignited a journey that changed one woman’s entire life. This is her story.

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