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A Romantic Thriller
By: Rosalie King
Kelcy Steeples undergoes an extreme transformation on a TV reality show and conceals her fame to avoid unwanted attention. At the pinnacle of life when she finds success, danger leads Kelcy to question whether the show was a mistake. Will she forfeit the love she’s always craved? Or will she fight the instinct to run from adversity?

Trudie Carlyle relocates from the UK to America with her husband. Newly wedded, she is jealous of every woman with whom her husband interacts, including his new sec

Humor & Entertainment

By: Breaking Burgh
Are you upset about Trump? Do you have a cat? Then this book is for YOU.

Also for people who would have a cat but don’t because of apartment rules or allergies, and people who don’t like cats but dislike President Trump even more.


By: Johnathan H. Bentley
Great relationships are waiting, but the fear of emotional closeness must be overcome first.
A Radical New Approach
By: Charlene Sorensen and Peggy Bechko
This is war!

Present and future Medicare beneficiaries face a hostile and regressive Congress hell bent on changing the current program to further financially benefit private insurance companies, large multi-national pharmaceutical firms, and hospital corporations. Scrapping the present Medicare program and placing it in the hands of “big business” is simply put””wrong.

How do we fight this war?

The way to win this war is to educate the uneducated and the undereducated about Medicare.

By: Brian Spencer
“You Have The Ability In You To Retain A Lifetime Of Memories And Information, And Never Again Forget The Littlest (Or The Most Important) Things In Life.”

What’s The Secret?

Introducing “Unlock Your Photographic Memory”

This book is replete with exercises, memory tricks, and memory aids that will make you proud and amaze teachers, family, and friends!

It is helpful for anyone of all ages but essential for thos

By: Robert Carson
Every person I talk to has one thing in common…

And it isn’t something they like to admit.

Every one of them wants things better…

They feel lost in a desert. Almost like they were born at the wrong time in history.

And when they go to build their dreams, accomplish their ambitions and live at their highest expressions, they violently swing between moments of power and moments of fear, uncertainty, diminishi

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: John Hipskind
The story of the first of our kind to arise from an ancient species of two-legged creatures, and of their harrowing journey to awaken in the dawn of a new reality.
Follow the first humans as they battle for their very souls in a place where worlds…and realities…collide.
By: Emma Carrie
Haunted by a past she didn’t choose. Desperate for a future she can redeem.

Teen assassin Emily Brelin escaped from a general who trained her, and fled to Golden City. There a professor protected her before dying and leaving a request. Emily’s cover unravels as she races to fulfill it before the general finds her.

Scarred by loss. Driven to protect.

When Emily disappears, Detective Victoria Tacket searches for her dead friend’s secret daughter””but what she learns threatens her life.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Galactic Private Eye
By: Clark Graham
Now with 14 stories.

Something for everyone, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense and Fantasy.

Nick Spool Private eye
an investigator tries to solve a murder, but is shocked when the truth isn’t a simple who done it. There could be intergalactic consequences.

By: Sean Henderson
Oren Lockwood spies on his supercorporation’s rivals and is engaged to marry the daughter of their fiercely ambitious CEO. This is the man behind the game-changing Prolepsis engine: software capable of building predictive extrapolations of their callous dystopian world.
Everyone thinks he’s on a fixed path to a bright future, but when his relationship with a mysterious AI woman leads him into immense danger, Oren will have to decide if she’s everything missing from his life or his nemesis.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Getting the best exposure in your photographs is the difference between heart thumping, exciting, STUNNING images…and a big yawn!

Your camera on automatic is a guaranteed route to failure!

Read this simple, easy to understand training, and learn how to – Master Photo Exposure!

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