“The goodies and tools via the Author Marketing Club Premium membership are like candy! So sweet and addictive to use. This outfit has thought through what writers want and made it fun to stay on the website and learn about how to be a better author entrepreneur. In a world full of scams and quick-buck enterprises, this one stands out as a legit enterprise that’s truly interested in what writers need.”

C. Hope Clark, Editor FundsforWriters.com and Award-Winning Mystery Author, www.chopeclark.com

“You get a TON of value from the Author Marketing Club premium membership. I especially love their tool that locates Amazon reviewers for your book. The membership also includes author training programs as well as opportunities to advertise your book to their growing audience. Highly recommended.”
Shelley Hitz, TrainingAuthors.com

“We all have a lot going on these days, and anything that saves time for our marketing efforts is a good thing. Recently, I discovered Author Marketing Club’s Premium option which includes a fantastic service for discovering appropriate book reviewers, as well as an HTML generator for making funky sales descriptions.”
Joanna Penn, author, internet entrepreneur and international speaker

“Oh my goodness, my AMC cover I got as a bonus for joining Premium is off the chain! I thought the review grabber made my membership worth the price. But seeing this cover, printing it and getting cold reactions (all said they were ready to buy the book – Yay), makes me ready to re-up my membership for next year.”
Liz Washington, AKA, Naughtie Scribe


“Got a 4.5-star review on The Ninjabread Man from an Amazon top-500 reviewer with the AMC reviewer grabber tool, and I’ve got enhanced descriptions on all of my books now. It’s fantastic!”
Garrett Robinson, Author of The Ninjabread Man


“I want to thank you, very sincerely, for the Enhanced Description Generator, which is a way-cool tool! I took advantage of it at once. Very easy to work with and I am so pleased with the results. As I explore all the other features you are offering, I am more and more confident that this was an investment well-made. There is a whole new industry out there, of people trying to make money helping self-published writers. You most definitely have risen to the top of the class. Thank you for being so creative, and especially, so responsive. It means a lot.”
Octavia Randolph

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“New AMC Premium member here … a retiring screenwriting professor … been around the block a few times etc … and I am utterly and completely blown away by the useful, maybe essential, marketing tools you provide and with their user friendly interface. You guys score big in this old man’s book!”
Charles Deemer, Stories In Overdrive


“I joined AMC’s premium program. It was $105 for the year-long membership – which works out to be like $8-$9 a month or something. So far, I would say worth every penny. And here is why: If for nothing else, the Review Grabber Tool is pretty awesome. I am not going to lie, you do need to put in as much work as you do when promoting – if not more. I used the Review Grabber to find potential reviewers who regularly wrote reviews for books in my genre – I received about 30 responses from people that confirmed they would be delighted to read and leave an honest review for the book.”
J.C. Mells, www.jcmells.com

michele photo 1

“This is a really helpful site with lots of goodies for authors – some free, some at a cost – all good. I recommend this site to my friends. Any queries are answered promptly.”
Michele Edwin


“I joined AMC as a premium member because of another author’s recommendation. The most useful feature I’ve discovered so far is the Review Grabber System, which allows me to identify genre appropriate reviewers to target. This saves me time and anything that frees up my time to write is worth the money!”

Eliza Green, author of Becoming Human (Dystopian Science Fiction)

“I love the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker available for AMC Premium members! Not only is it very easy to use, but it is laid out in very strategic sections.”
Phyllis Zimbler Miller, author of cozy mystery CAST THE FIRST STONE: A REBECCA STONE MYSTERY

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Signing up for AMC Premium membership was one of the best decisions I’ve made of late. I expected to be slightly disappointed by what I would get for my money, as it usually happens with this type of services. But, to my great surprise, what AMC Premium delivered exceeded all my expectations. I’ll mention here only three of the wonderful tools AMC offers to its Premium members: the Reviewer Grabber (so clever and efficient); the free cover I chose (amazing, I think I’m in love with it), and the Enhanced Description Maker (actually works exactly as they say it would – if you’ve tried to use some of the other ‘HTML for Amazon’ tools out there, you’ll understand my excitement about this). Thumbs up, AMC Premium!

PS: my first book is currently on free promotion and it is No 2 in Amazon’s free Kindle store as of this writing – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CQX26OM. I am sure that at least some of this achievement is due to AMC’s help.”
Alexandra Beck, author of “Smart Cooking for Busy People”

“I discovered Author Marketing Club as a result of listing The King Trilogy on Amazon KDP. I was searching Amazon for tools to advertise FREE days for The Bridge To Caracas, Volume 1. Among the numerous helpful Amazon suggestions, the “time saver” offered by Author Marketing Club was one of the best. I was so impressed by Author Marketing Club, I became a Premium member. I consider it a must for Indie Authors.”

“I am a recent premium member of the AMC club and I can tell you that it has more than paid for itself already. I had one book published before this recent one but did very little marketing. AMC is helping me to raise my marketing to a whole new level. The video training on the site is worth more than the membership fee and I am now working on my book trailers and videos to promote my book. Because of AMC I am now well on my way of achieving my goal of becoming an entrepreneurial author.”
Ricardo Taylor, author of MONEY, RICHES & WEALTH

“AMC Premium allows me to do things in my book description on Amazon that make the book standout more from the pack than normal. A great feature that can be done with just about a click away. Definitely worth the money.”
Julien Ayotte, author of Flower of Heaven

“There are too few websites out there whose MISSION is ultimately helping authors. Being an Author Marketing Club Premium member is a no-brainer for an author. AMCP works daily on new ideas to help promote authors, and that’s what it’s all about!”
Rob Guthrie, author of INK: Eight Rules To A Better Book

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“I’ve been thrilled with the depth and breadth of resources in the publicity and marketing area of AMC, which is where I currently need the most assistance. I’ve learned so much!”
Jen Lilienstein, author of A Parent’s Playbook for Learning

“Author Marketing Club Premium was recommended by someone I follow on social media who always has good advice for indie writers – and she was right.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use all of the resources that AMC makes available, however, I found the advice and tools to rework your book blurb very impressive.

I was able to code my blurb into HTML format and now it truly stands out on the Amazon website. This is incredibly invaluable.

My blurb is so superior to what I was using before. This resource alone was worth the fee to join – as I have four more books to reformat.”

Graeme Aitken, author of Time to Upsize

“I joined Author Marketing Club as a premium member to gain access to all of the expert knowledge through the Mastermind and Fix Your Book workshops, and they haven’t disappointed. It’s invaluable to see what other people are doing in the self-publishing world and that alone is worth the subscription price. When you add to that the tools available, it becomes an easy decision to make.”
Simon Cantan, author of The Bite on the End of the Line

“I spent a while going back and forth about joining, even though I really wanted to get those golden headlines in my book descriptions. I am glad I did. Everything I have published since I joined has much better book descriptions, and much better coverage in the publicity department. And they have good covers available, forums and/or classes on writing your books, the reviewer grabber, and just about anything else you can think of to help you to publish. I just wish that I had joined sooner!”
Jerome Lovil, author of these books

“I first stopped by AMC for the freebies, but I stayed for the premium benefits. Many authors have full-time jobs in addition to their full-time writing — book-marketing is a huge additional task that we don’t typically have time for. AMC’s premium program is inexpensive and helps take away much of the administrative burden on authors. More time for writing!”

Daniel Harvell, author of The Survivors

“The Amazon enhanced description maker and reviewer grabber system alone make AMC Premium worth the price! I can’t wait to see what AMC Premium comes up with next.”
Kirsten Weiss, author of The Infernal Detective

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Author Marketing Club has to be the best bargain around for independent publishers. I signed up for the free account, then quickly signed for a one month premium membership to take it for a test drive. Before the month was even over, I had signed on for the full year. The benefits of membership are many and varied. It’s like opening a tool kit and finding the “big boy saw.”

The Review Grabber alone is worth the annual membership. Even for tightly niched nonfiction, it has proven useful. For fiction writers, it would be nothing less than a Godsend. Imagine being able to access a list of Amazon reviewers and hand-pick the ones best suited to your needs. I’ve tried it, and it really works.

While I already know enough HTML to enhance my own book descriptions, for others, the HTML generator would also be a major selling point. “Plain wrap” listings just don’t “pop.” You need something more than what looks like a typewritten page to catch the browsing reader’s eye.

There are seminars, interviews, and marketing events. I have already seen my book promoted when it went free last weekend. Other than not signing up, you can’t go wrong with Author Marketing Club.

Any organization is only as good as its leadership, and clearly Jim Kukral really knows what he’s doing.”

Deborah Collin, author of The Cloning of Solomon Hays

“AMC is a great place for authors to gain exposure for their book and to learn some great marketing skills as well as get to know other authors. Highly recommend.”
Amanda Mackey, author of She Who Dares Wins

“The Author Marketing Club is a must for any writer, especial independent authors. Its premium membership is the best deal that I have seen on the web. The “Reviewer Grabber” tool makes it worth the small price of admission. It enables you to search and target reviewers of books similar to yours, taking the tedium out of an otherwise laborious process. AMC is a five star site.”
Russell F. Moran, author of Justice in America

“I am really happy to have discovered Author Marketing Club. I recently joined the premium membership because I have been helped all the way to write and publish my book on Amazon.

AMC is very professional but also very friendly with an excellent service and many interesting and genuine members. A mastermind of authors.
Thank you AMC.”

Jon Cawley, author of 7 Simple Ways to Quit Smoking

“AMC has been a great resource for learning about the world of book marketing. Jim runs a good site full of useful tools.”
James Ullrich, author of Dangerous Latitudes and The Vanishers and The Vanishers

“Author Marketing Club is an absolute “must” for authors interested in getting their book to market. Jim Kukral, the Founder is constantly looking to share top-notch resources to help authors succeed. I’ve already recommended AMC to hundreds of my readers and followers. I hope you will too!”
Susan Friedmann, Founder & Owner of Aviva Publishing, and author of Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Key to Health, Happiness & Success

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“I love the hi-tech tools I recently received when I became an Author Marketing Club Premium Member. The reviewer grabber is fantastic and the main reason I joined. I just got started I am already in contact with reviewers who are reading my book! I can’t wait to try all the other fun stuff AMC has to offer. Thanks!”
Robin Fuson, author of Rosita Valdez and the Giant Sea Turtle

“I originally signed up for a month with AMC Premium – 2 days later, I knew I needed to upgrade for the year! The Amazon Reviewer Grabber system alone is worth the price, as you can look up and contact reviewers for new or current titles. I can’t wait to get my next book finished to use this system and find readers who actively write Amazon reviews for specific genres. It’ll be a huge time saver! ”
Liz Long, author of Witch Hearts

“I’ve been an Author Marketing Club Premium member for a few weeks now and am so glad that I signed up. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Amazon Enhanced Description Maker has made my book descriptions look so professional and pleasing to the eye, that I’ve used it with all my novels, except for the one that I made prior changes to via Author Central (once you make changes there, you’ll have to continue making all other book description changes at Author Central. In that case, I still used the same basic AMC description format, deleted the tags and used the buttons to bold & italicize text – real easy, though, sadly, the orange headline will no longer be there).

I’m also enjoying the premium member webinars and tutorials. They are so valuable – for beginners and pros alike. You’ll learn tips and tricks about how to promote and market your book and other interesting stuff that may enhance your success as an author.

This weekend, I will add the brand new – and very attractive – Book Widget to my website, which lists your books on your website’s side panel – yes, your star rating will show as well – really cool widget and super-easy to implement!

I’m just at the beginning of exploring all the AMC Premium features, and I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. So far, it’s been well worth the every penny of the membership fee and I’m looking forward to all the new gadgets that will be available in the near future.

I am the author of The Heidelberg Ghost, a lighthearted paranormal adventure and love story of the ‘Do you spook German?’ series. “

Nickie Cochran, author of the delightful paranormal love stories Human Circle and The Heidelberg Ghost

“Becoming an Author Marketing Club Premium member has been very beneficial! I took out the monthly subscription at first but then realized it was so good, that I took out the yearly one. What surprised me most was the service I got. If I hadn’t understood something I emailed Author Marketing Club and ‘Jim Kukral’ the founder got back to me straight away with a solution – what more could you ask. I find all the tools help in allowing my book to look professional. I love the tutorials they are fabulous, and are helping me write my second book Watch Out Lucifer – The Truth Is Out coming out October 2013.”
Rosemary Christie, author of Knowing the Secret- Revealing the Truth

“I joined Author Marketing Club because it seemed a good value deal. I’m always looking for new and efficient ways to promote my books and this new club is providing loads of technical know how I’d never think of for myself. Well worth the money.”
Fenella Miller, author of Barbara’s War

“I will be more than happy to provide a testimonial. I don’t even need to look at what others have said. Author Marketing Club has been an absolute Godsend. Self publishing was exciting for me, but also very scary. There’s so much to learn and I originally felt like there was no way I could do this anytime soon. My book officially hit Amazon on June 29. But I was a fish out of water until July 9th when I became an Author Marketing Club premium member. I got a book cover from the site, getting rid of my original generic one and making my debut novel look professional. I’d since ordered my free cover and am buying an additional one from the pre-made covers. I also have taken advantage of the email grabber and the links to the sites promoting the Amazon free days. And I am making my way through all the back videos of important topics that all self publishers need to know.

Thanks to Author Marketing Club, I have sold 14 books in the month of July. I know that might not sound like a lot but it moved me from a sales rank in the millions to hovering around the 60k to 70k mark for a few days. In fact, ten of those books were sold in one day thanks to a listing on a site (E-reader) that I found out about through Author Marketing Club. After that wild one day of sales, I was actually sales rank #15,700. Heady stuff for a beginner and a real ego booster. So thank you AMC, with you around, I don’t feel like I’m treading the self publishing world alone.”
C. Edward Baldwin, author of Fathers House

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“I’m a Premier member of the Author Marketing Club. The site is clearly dedicated to assisting the independent author with tools available only to the elite. I would, without hesitation, recommend the site to all authors struggling in this difficult publishing world.”
Lawrence W. Gold, M.D, author of Deadly Passage

“Author Marketing Club helped in an amazing way during a recent promotion. I have no doubt that AMC was a significant factor in the over-the-top success. More than 46,000 copies of my novel, CAMELOT’S COUSIN, were downloaded in a short period of time. Thank you so much!”
David R. Stokes , author of Camelot’s Cousin

“Author Marketing Club has been the most value-added author organization I have come across. The tips, tools and products are well thought out, easy to use and professionally offered. Thank you very much.”
Liz Jansen , author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment

“The various forums on Authors Marketing Clubs have proven to be a valuable resource for networking with other authors. The free book covers would have been useful, had I joined before commissioning two covers at significant expense. I’ve used the enhanced description maker and it has made my book description stand out on Amazon. I believe the reviewer tool can be valuable also, although so far, the jury is still out. I believe the service will more than pay for itself by helping me overcome the common hurdles encountered in the self-publishing jungle.”
T.S. O’Neil, author of Tampa Star (The Blackfox Chronicles)

“I recently joined AMC Premium for the Review Grabber Tool, and I love it. In ,less than 15 minutes I had a list of 50 potential reviewers (top Amazon reviewers) for my historical/paranormal trilogy. As soon as you log onto the AMC Premium members page, you can see that you got your money’s worth. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about book marketing in one handy-dandy site. ”
Meredith Allard, author of the Amazon Best Selling Loving Husband Trilogy

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“There are scores of sites available to writers, some good, some better. Author Marketing Club is one of the very best. Jim Kukral, founder of AMC, has created remarkably valuable tools to assist authors: widgets for websites, help in creating more powerful book descriptions, a means of locating potential reviewers, and more. Becoming a Premium Member of AMC is a wonderful investment for writers–a truly sound choice.”
Marjorie Doering, author of Dear Crossing and Shadow Tag

“I signed up mainly for the reviewer grabber. I wanted honest reviews from people who like my genre
(alternate history, fantasy fiction) and like reading and reviewing books in that genre. Also, all of the great suggestions and tech tools, for example, the Enhanced Description generator, and the increased exposure are filling a void. If you’re a writer, and want to write and SELL your books, then AMC Premium is the way to go!”
Howard Lipman, author of Phoebe (The Delphic Oracle) takes Nikola Tesla to Peru…and other stories

“Author Marketing Club provides outstanding value for money. No other service on the Web gives access to such a wide variety of essential writer tools: a widget that go to Amazon and get your cover, title, stars, current price and link and build insertable code instantly, Amazon enhanced HTML generator, review grabbers and a whole bunch more. If you value your time you just cannot afford to ignore the goodies on offer at AMC – and at a very low price! Excellent value.”
Peter de Pradines, author of Your Life You Choose

“The service that convinced me that the Author Marketing Club was worth getting was the Premium Option which made discovering the right book reviewer for the appropriate genre simple as pie. That alone was worth the price of admission.”
Joe Corso, author of The Starlight Club

“AMC is dope. From the very first time I signed in, I was blown away by the premium features, and I’ve made extensive use of many of them. The free 99¢ book listings on Fridays is worth the price of admission alone.”
Clay Held, author of Bad Apple: Book One of the Warner Grimoire

“AMC Premium has made a big difference in the way I now publicise and support of my novels. Changing my product description paid immediate dividends in sales, while the reviewer-grabber tool and free cover more than make up for the joining fee. I heartily recommend AMC Premium to all writers interested in boosting sales of their books on Amazon.”
Stavros Halvatzis, author of Scarab II: Reawakening

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“I love the exposure for my books on AMC. It was a pleasant surprise to see someone had pinned one of my books!”
Valerie Douglas, author of The Coming Storm

“I recently ran across Author Marketing Club one night while researching the internet and thought, hey, what a cool concept. As a new writer, getting reviews has been challenging. Your site provides me the tools I need to find
and reach out to reviewers that are familiar with my genre. The site is easy to use. I’ve told all my writing friends about AMC. Please don’t go anywhere, can’t imagine being without AMC in my marketing arsenal.”
DeLaine Roberts, author of Running to You

“Many thanks for all the tools and facilities provided on the Author Marketing Club site. They are all very professional, helpful, and have made a real difference to my eBook marketing experience. Moving up to Premium membership has been very worthwhile. My whole presentation on the Kindle site is much better, more attractive, and probably has made the difference between getting sales and loosing sales. So thank you again. I shall now go on to using all of the other tools, and have every expectation that I will see my subscription back over and over again.”
John Doornkamp, author of PHOTOGRAPHING WATER

“Since finding AMC recently, I’ve recommended it to several other author friends. As an 87 year old new author, I need all the help I can get. AMC took me beyond my expectations. Most of my author friends agree that writing was easier than promoting. Your aid in ideas about promoting have been invaluable. Thanks.”
Richard L. Wren, author of CASEY’S SLIP

“I was just blown away by the hi-tech tools that mine Amazon’s data and enable authors to find potential book reviewers. The reviewer grabber is the main reason I signed up for a year, and I have already started using the tool, which is fabulous. I am rewriting my Amazon catalog descriptions and sometime this week, I will be making them look pretty and professional with the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker, which is also in the premium members area of the site. I watched one of the videos in the premium member area and learned a lot. I plan to take advantage of all of the features. Thanks! I am impressed already!”
Eve Paludan, co-author of the bestselling novel, WITCHY BUSINESS and more than a dozen other books

“Promoting a book as an independent author takes a village. With the millions of books out there today, you need to always seek an edge. AMC Premium is a great value with proven techniques to get results. They are welcome in any authors village.”
Christopher Wilson, author of BA to Boardroom

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“I joined Author Marketing as a premium member less than a month ago. So far I have added the Amazon Reviewer Grabber and managed to get a top reviewer to review my book which has already resulted in sales. I have also created a
book widget for my websites and been included in several reviews as a result of connecting here.”
Roberta Budvietas, author of Who Stole My Success

“I began using Author Marketing Club’s premium option less than a month ago and I am extremely pleased I did. I have had some very good success in finding reviewers in my genre willing to read and review my book. I also believe the premium option has helped me to have my most successful free-day promotion to date. Nearly 5,500 copies of my ebook were downloaded over a three-day period, and I continued to more sell books once my book returned to its regular price — something I was not expecting. I am eager to use some of the other options offered to AMC’s premium members, such as the enhanced description maker for Amazon, given how well my book as done to date.”
Betta Ferrendelli, author of The Friday Edition

“Thanks for helping me to expand my reach and readership. Your site has inspired me to action!”
John Bushby, author of Shadow Soldiers

“Joining the Author Marketing Club has been a boon for promoting my work. It’s the candy store for writers. There are so many helpful stations to visit, even some to help build your website. Each day before I write or work on promotion, I visit my AMC candy store. Try it. You can’t go wrong. It truly is an investment you won’t regret.”
Julie Michele Gettys, author of Cheater

“Author Marketing Club is invaluable for independent writers . . . like me! I’m recommending it to my writer friends. It’s money well spent. Keep up the very good work, and thanks!”
Randall Reneau, Award-winning author of Deadly Lode, Diamond Fields, and the soon to be released, Ruby Silver

“Are you an Indie author looking for support in a community of writers? AMC has it but even better they are working to do more and more for you! There are great tools that continue to evolve that most authors are completely in the fog about that will help them with their offerings. Check it out you will be amazed at what you find.”
Dr Bill Dean

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“When I first landed on Author Marketing Club, I immediately went to the Premium section. I figured that’s where the real goodies are and I was right. Seeing that it was around 8 bucks a month, I couldn’t go wrong. My favorite function is the ‘Author Secret Mastermind Group’. The videos are there to replay anytime. I got some good ideas from them and now continue to be inspired by the site. Be sure to sign-up for the newsletter. That keeps me in the ‘marketing mode’, as videos and information comes in regularly”
Paul Kyriazi, author of 3 WILD THRILLERS

“AMC is very good tool and resource for self-publishing. It is easily accessible, basic and user friendly. It is especially recommended for new authors.”
Abdulghani Sankari, MD, author of Clinical Sleep Medicine

“Self-publishing just got a whole lot easier when I joined the Premium Membership at the Author Marketing Club. The Amazon book description tool is worth the money in and of itself. My sales have increased substantially since joining.”
Jim Musgrave, author of The Pat O’Malley Historical Steampunk Mystery Trilogy

“The Author Marketing Premium Membership helped me prelaunch my first book by providing the tools to easily put up a more compelling book description on Amazon, look up reviewers, and learn more about the marketing process. AMC is a fantastic resource for any author.”

Charlene Quiram, author of HIGH: The Way of an Eagle

“I just wanted to make sure YOU saw this. It was AMC that got me started on the marketing side of writing. You site gave me the confidence to push past the pen and into the hard work of promotion. Thanks for all you do for new authors.”
Elaine Orabona Foster, author of In Movement There Is Peace

“The extremely affordable $105 AMC Premium membership has paid for itself many times over already and is one of the smartest investments an author can make in marketing to sell more books. The Review Grabber Tool and tips to
optimize my Amazon page took my book to a whole new level.”
Kirt Manecke, award winning author, Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“The most impressive thing about AMC Premium is how responsive the owner Jim Kukral is. You feel he loves what he’s doing, is dedicated to your success, and he’s only an email away.”
Octavia Randolph, author of The Circle of Ceridwen

“I have been a Premier member of the Author Marketing Club for about 2 months now and feel it is probably the best ‘go to’ site for all your book writing and promoting needs. The review grabber and enhanced description maker alone are worth the membership fee. I would recommend AMC without hesitation.”
Gwyn Charlett, author of Judy the Big Hearted Heroine

“What I learned the last few weeks very quickly is that writing is only one part of the success of a book the other 50 % are marketing.
AMC is an important help to achieve this success. The Premium Membership fee turned very quickly into measurable results.
Also I want to mention the responsiveness of Jim, who always answers within hours only.Thank you Jim.”
Richard Riversky, author of A Retiree Now, The Best Time In Life To Write A Book

“The Author Marketing Club (Premium membership: inexpensive and worth every cent) is, in my eyes, more than mere club: it is the Mount Everest of book-marketing, the Babe Ruth of book-selling, the Buford T. Pusser of book-publicising — it is, in short, the sterile needle in the arm of the literary junkie.”
Ray Harvey, author of Pale Criminal

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“AMC Premium holds a wealth of knowledge that isn’t available anywhere else. As a new author, this site has helped me learn the most important aspects of selling books”
Jake Santos, author of Lucifer’s Remnant

“AMC is an incredible site providing authors with promotional strategies, tactics, and programs designed to help us achieve success.”
Allen Rosenberg, author of The Calendar Killings

“I have only been using AMC Premium for a couple of weeks, having convinced my wife to get it for my birthday, but it has already given me more than it says on the box. I have gained the priceless feeling of control over the amorphous thing called Indie Publishing. I now feel I have concrete things to do, I have tools to use, and I have a community I can call on. I no longer feel like I’m spinning my wheels in mud sinking into frustration.


The change has been amazing and I would recommend AMC just for this – never mind all the awesome things they actually promise to deliver and do.”

Zane Dickens, author of Lost and Confused: The Misadventures of International Spy Jeffery Archer

“As independent authors, getting real value out of our marketing dollars can be a challenge, but AMC Premium gives us such an abundance of resources that the comparatively modest cost is a no-brainer. The quality of my website, Amazon listings and book descriptions has moved far beyond what I could have accomplished on my own.”
Kevin Sterling, author of the Jack Lazar Series

“Successful authors and entrepreneurs nowadays need to follow in the footsteps of the late Walt Disney and adapt quickly to new technologies in order to successfully promote their books and products. The Author Marketing Club Premium Membership allows writers to access some fun and useful marketing fun tools including a unique way to grab Amazon reviewers interested in their specific genre.”

Stephen Schochet, author of Hollywood Stories: a Book about Celebrities, Movie Stars, Gossip, Directors, Famous People, History, and more!

“I have only been a premium member with Author Marketing Club for a short while, and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. They are a new author’s best friend with navigating the sometimes confusing waters of book marketing. Thank you, Author Marketing Club, for providing trusted partnerships at affordable rates!”
Kimberly Vargas, author of Petty Cash

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Recently joined AMC Premium. The first day it started paying for itself. I was able to add powerful book descriptions on Amazon for my books, find top-rated Amazon reviewers who review books like mine, contact them and get responses to my query for a review. I was also able to feature my newest release on the site. I truly believe, overall, this is the best money I’ve spent in the past two years to market my books. I HIGHLY recommend AMC premium to any author, but especially Indie authors”
Michael J. Webb, author of Infernal Gates

“Author Marketing Club has been a superb investment. Between the forums on marketing tactics, to the tools and features provided, AMC Premium has helped me noticeably increase both my sales and my following on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a great way for new authors to help each other out. Worth every penny!”
S.G. Night, author of Attrition: the First Act of Penance

“I really wasn’t expecting too much when I joined AMC, having tried nearly everything out there to improve my book sales. But just 4 days after joining and using AMC’s Enhanced Description Maker my book went from a high 200K+ ranking to a #1 Bestseller! AMC is now my marketing team!”
Dr. C.V.Conner, MS, Ph.D., #1 Bestselling Author of CompTIA A+ In 21 Days

“AMC Premium allows you to feature your book on their website every day it’s free for an entire year! That’s an amazing deal.”

Ramz Artso, author of Antonia Bells

“Plain and simple, it’s a great resource for authors.”

Roger Stelljes, author of First Deadly Conspiracy – Box Set

“AMC is a great resource for independent authors. The Premium Membership offers great tools for the independent author. The Reviewer Grabber System is a great way for new writers to connect with quality reviewers within their genre. Make your book description ‘Pop’ with the Enhanced Description Maker.”

Douglas Pershing, author of Shifters

“I initially signed up for a premium membership on Author Marketing Club for the enhanced description tool and the review grabber, but I ended up with so much more. AMC will give you all of the tools you need to make your book attractive to readers.”

Benjamin Ryan T, author of Deadly Colors (Cedar Ridge Crime Series)

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Heartfelt thanks for providing grabber review. I was in despair because I couldn’t attract reviews, and saw the review grabber. The first review is all I could have wished for: the reviewer has obviously read and understood my book (and enjoyed it!) and written an insightful review that seems to have encouraged another reader to review too. ”

Gwen Reekie, author of Drums (Southern Seas Series)

“Joining Author Marketing Club has been a great decision. We have upgraded our book descriptions on Amazon and pulled in several new 5-star reviews on Amazon for our books. Best $105 we’ve spent marketing our books. We are delighted to be part of the Club.”

Pamela Fagan Hutchins, author of Saving Grace

“Finding reviewers has become a task of Herculean proportions in a saturated market. The Amazon Reviewer Grabber System has helped me charter Oceanus and find the golden apples of the Garden of the Hesperides…or at least three people prepared to review my book!”

M.D. Hall, author of The Alpha Choice, first book of The Te’an Trilogy

“I wish I had discovered AMC Premium a long time ago. What a valuable time saver, full of useful tools to make any author’s marketing efforts far, far easier. Thank you, AMC Premium!”

Shannon Celebi, author of Small Town Ghosts

“When I published the first book in The Sheldon Beasley Series I joined several book promotion sites. The Author Marketing Club quickly rose to the top, head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, it is the only promotion service I use nowadays. I have gotten 5- and 4-star reviews from the review grabber, and the Enhanced Description Generator is a stroke of genius. And I have only begun to scratch the AMC surface!”

David Tish, author of Madame Charmaine, Part One of The Sheldon Beasley Series.

“There is nothing a new author needs more than help with marketing. I was happy to find Author Marketing Club because it provides a lot of good tools. My author website is www.nancy-morgan.com and the direct link to my ebook is http://goo.gl/COCzHC”

“Nancy Morgan, author of Pants on the Ground: A Modern Love Story

“Over the last year I’ve been delighted with the assistance given to me by AMC. Now I’ve subscribed to premium membership and I’m truly awestruck by the number and quality of add-ons they’ve made available. Amazing value for money”

Zach Abrams, author of Made a Killing and the Alex Warren murder mystery series

“I just signed up with AMC and have learned so much about marketing. Being new to the field and an independent author, educating myself on marketing and self promoting is the key. AMC does that for me all on one site. I cannot wait to see more of the perks and I am looking forward to the future with AMC.”

Dormaine G, dormaineg.com

“Although a new member I am already grateful to AMC! As a premium member I had the chance to use the Review Grabber Tool and I strongly recommend it as really effective! Reviewers started to read and comment about my children’s book and also the correspondence with them created a dialogue and exchange of ideas. AMC Premium membership is a very good choice for authors!”

Elina Stamatatou. Check out her books on Amazon.com

“I was hesitant to sign up for yet another paid service that promised to help me in marketing my books, but AMC’s premium membership has been a pleasant surprise. It has genuinely useful tools and insights, things that are the exception in today’s indie author environment.”

Jerry Hatchett, author of Seven Unholy Days

“Best move I did as an indie publisher. All the information I needed on a single site. I was tired browsing the internet night after night. Save yourself time and browse the AMC now.”

R. A. Lang, author of Andy’s Story

“I know that i’ve only touched the surface of the advantages of being an AMC Premium member with the Amazon reviewer tool (super cool!) I have yet to dive into the enhanced description for my books (that’s next!) I think being part of this club and taking advantage of it’s features is a great addition to the writer’s tool belt!”

Annie Wood, author of the five star romantic comedy novella Dandy Day

“If you are an author, the Author Marketing Club is a must! The site will help you to connect more easily to top Amazon reviewers, find new ways to promote your book and join thousands of authors!”
Monique Roy, www.monique-roy.com

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Joining AMC Premium has been a revelation. I was about to launch a new book on Createspace when I joined and the book description tool made it so easy to get a good looking book page on Amazon. The reviewer grabber tool is cool – I’ve just sent off my first batch of review requests and had two takers. I hope they enjoy the book! I have been watching all the training videos for tips for my next book launch – some sound advice there too. A great resource for writers that saves time and gets results.”

Emma Calinx, author of The Love in a Hopeless Place

“AMC Premium has really been a necessity for me. I am new to this publishing gig and the information I have been able to gain by joining AMC to move forward with self-publishing has been invaluable. This is probably the best money I have spent since I started this writing and publishing endeavor.”

Angie Washburn, TRIED (The Boy Hater’s Club)

“After much thought I took the plunge to become a premium member of AMC. It was well worth it, immediately I was able to utilize the tool that helped me find Amazon reviewers for my book. In addition, I was able to enjoy the various training programs, and even have the opportunity to acquire a new cover for one of my books for free. Any author would be foolish not to take advantage of AMC’s amazing resources.”

Donovan M. Neal, author of The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars

“Before AMC Premium I was clueless on how to move forward in promoting my 2 books on Amazon Kindle. Lucky break for me that I found them”

Ashley Elgindy, Free Gifts for an Open Eye

“This is a very useful and inspiring site with lots of fabulous free resources for authors to use. As a debut author I recommend this site to anyone who wants to get their book out there and noticed.”

Gabriele Martin , author of Flight of the Uberbites: No Time for an Epiphany

“Author Marketing Club premium has really helped me to learn more about economical but effective marketing and it also provides a fantastic service for discovering appropriate book reviewers. Highly recommend.”

Ingrid Persaud, If I Never Went Home

“I just started with AMC and wow! am I impressed! I love the little Description Maker Tool… it makes my stuff look so good! The covers look awesome (and I can’t wait to pick out my cover – free for joining!) And there is so much left to explore. You guys are amazing!”

Ashley Tetzlaff, author of Debra the Dove: Feeds the Hungry

“One of the most challenging parts of marketing a book seems to be to get high quality reviews posted by credible reviewers. Just finding them can be difficult, and the good ones are very busy. With the Reviewer Grabber tool in the Premium Membership area, the task becomes manageable, and can be accomplished in a matter of hours: finding hundreds of reviewers in your genre with their Amazon ranking, review history, books reviewed, and contact information. I contacted around 30 within a matter of a few hours, and have thus far heard from 3 that they will review my book. Without the tool, that could have taken full-time days.”

Lee Jackson, Curse The Moon

“As a first-time author, I had a lot to learn about independent publishing and the task of book promotion. The process was daunting. But the Author Marketing Club’s Premium membership really helped my cause. Their online resources are second-to-none. And the information they give helped my book find a path to some much needed relevance. Well worth the investment for any author who wants their book to get noticed.”

Pat Hester, author of Christmas Mall Follies

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Author Marketing Club made it much easier for me to coordinate my book marketing and promotion efforts. It’s saved me a lot of time and given me some new ideas as well.”

Elizabeth Benefiel, author of Make Money With Your iPhone

“Author Marketing Club is a great investment; the multi-site submission tool alone is worth the price of the membership. I joined last month and have watched one webinar so far, and it alone gave me three actionable ideas that I’d have never considered before for launching my next book. Jim obviously is ‘one of us’ and wants his members to succeed. It’s totally worth the money!”

Joshua Barsch, Confessions of a Scholarship Judge

“I signed up for Author Marketing Club when I released my first contemporary romance novel. I didn’t have a clue how to write a blurb or find reviewers. The time I saved by using the tools available with the premium package was worth the cost of membership in just the first day. I am so grateful that I found the service when I did or I’d probably still be trying to hunt down new reviewers.”

Charli Webb, author of Naked Edge

“As a new member and author, I am so pleased with not only the benefits of AMC, but the support from other members as well. The new “buzz” program is great and I not only picked out my free book cover, but found one that has inspired a whole new book! I can’t wait to use the other great options available to me as a premium member!”

Victoria LK Williams, author of Murder For Neptune’s Trident

“I joined AMC Premium within two weeks of publishing my debut novel. It gave me the marketing jump start I needed.”

Rex Owens, author of Murphy’s Troubles

“Book Marketing is hard work. I am always looking for additional ways to help with that huge task. After having been a free member of AMC for quite a while, I recently joined the Premium Membership to take advantage of all the cool marketing tools offered in order to gain more exposure for my books. If you are looking for quality reviews, AMC Premium has a great tool to get reviews from top Amazon reviewers. All you have to do is identify the reviewers with the help of the review grabber tool and then contact them.”

Karynne Summars, author of Desperate Pursuit in Venice

“AMC Premium membership has been a dream. I love the HTML generator! I actually saw immediate results once I used it on my books descriptions. If you are looking for a little extra help with your books AMC Premium is just the thing.”

Alaina Stanford, author of When Magic Fails

“Hello! Am here to tell you I made a smart move becoming an AMC Premium member. The more professional I can handle my new career, the better. Am fascinated by such clever tools as the Enhanced Description Generator and the Review Grabber…those two alone will be worth the premium membership fee.”

Marion McCan, author of On Jeems Bayou

“I think Author Marketing Club is great and I would recommend it to others. They have many widgets and tools on the website that are perfect for authors like me who are breaking into the industry. I used the Amazon Enhanced Description tool. Now the Amazon page for the book looks much better and I’ve already received a small order for the book. Lastly, because of the Reviewer Grabber Tool, I have already found a long list of book reviewers. Thanks a lot AMC!”

D. C. Cowan, dccowanauthors.com

“Seriously – non web savvy authors like myself are only too grateful for sites that will make social media marketing easier for them without too much tec knowledge. AMC does that! Thank you.”

Robin Hawdon, author of Survival of the Fittest

“I find Author Marketing Club Premium membership very useful. My book is being displayed professionally in places I’ve only dreamed about.”

Janice Gallen, janicegallen.com

“Author Marketing Club premier membership is packed with value added tools, strategies, webinars, help , tips and all the advice you need to take your book from inception to best seller. I don’t recommend many things but I do recommend this one thing; AMC premier membership – for authors who want to be ahead of the competition.”

Rose Chandler, Speaker, Accountant, Counsellor, Minster, Author of How to Turn your Pain into Power

“I joined AMC mostly to help launch my new book. I wanted to try the Amazon description tool and the tool for submitting your free book to all the right sites (both of which were excellent), but was blown away by the tool to pull emails from Amazon reviewers, the support and training, and several other useful tools. I tell all the authors I work with now, before you consider paying someone for book marketing, join AMC and save a lot of money.”

Derek Murphy, www.creativindie.com

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“I have recently joined the premium Author Marketing Club. As a new author of children’s stories I am finding many of the tools and features extremely helpful. I love the mastermind series and also the Amazon reviewer grabber system. I highly recommend this site to take you to the next level.”

Donald Jones, author of The Adventures of the Wizard and his Friends

“I wanted to thank AMC for helping me understand how to market and promote my book. As a big fan of writing and science fiction I find it exciting to see a straight path in a world that can feel to big. I am excited to see what I can do to reach more people.”

John E Sparks, author of Unearthly Tales From Space

“AMC truly does care about authors first and foremost. The many features available to non-paying members is proof enough of that. When it comes to AMC’s premium membership option, AMC is charging much LESS than what this option is actually worth, if you were to price all of its features out individually. AMC’s premium membership covers all the bases, from spiffing up your Amazon listings to locating sources for high-quality reviews, to expert advice from those who’ve gone before and succeeded, and it even includes a free book cover design. Members are absolutely getting a great value for their money.”

April Hamilton, aprillhamilton.com

“When one considers the ever-increasing cost and futility of chasing after agents and publishers today, AMC Premium is certainly a worthwhile investment at pennies a day for those who choose to self-publish.

As authors, full-time or part-time, we write. And, most likely, being authors, we are introverted, consumed, focused, or otherwise distanced from the inevitable and sordid business side of our craft.

AMC goes a long way in eradicating that mental blockage with a myriad of informative tutorials, tips, platforms, and a few complimentary promotions to the extent that one wishes to participate.

A practical investment.”

James T. Barrett, author of The Fatal Diners’ Club

“AMC provides the highest support for authors in a single place. I liked the one-click promotion and the get-reviews tools. They have saved me a great amount of time in promoting my books”

Eduard Lopez, author of How to cook authentic Valencian Paella

“When you are first starting out as a self published author there are so many tempting ‘silver bullets’ to spend one’s limited marketing dollars on. Becoming a Premium Member of AMC was not a choice I made lightly; I did my research and considered my alternatives. In my opinion, AMC is one of the indispensible cornerstones upon which to build a viable career in self publishing.”

Mike Smart, author of Max Thatcher Series

“Author Marketing Club has a good thing going. After I plunked down a reasonable amount for premium membership, I received several immediate results. My sales increased because of the Description Maker. I got more reviews from the Reviewer Grabber. The helpful mastermind chats also got me thinking of new, outside-the-box ways to market my work. And don’t forget the kickass free book cover for signing up.”

Bryan Cohen, author of 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, Volume 2

“Since joining Author Marketing Club as a Premium member, I have taken advantage of several of their offerings. I grabbed some great reviewer names with the Amazon Reviewer Grabber System and am in the process of sending review requests to the reviewers. So far, I am very pleased with my membership and plan to remain a member to take advantage of all of their services.”

Bethany Claire, author of Love Beyond Time

“I am a first time author with a first book and really needed a place to start. With the AMC Reviewer Grabber tool I had a list of 70 or 80 relevant reviewers in a matter of minutes. I now have 58 great reviews for my novel ‘Gangsters of Shanghai’ of which only 4 are in the 3 or 2 star category. That’s 54 positive reviews! I believe AMC helped hugely. I also got into the top 20 in my genre over Christmas and can now officially call myself ‘a best selling author’. What a change in only a few months. And that is only one of AMC’s features. “

Gerry O’Sullivan, author of Gangsters of Shanghai

“I have only just begun using the many great options. I was pleased to see the books show up as planned. I still have many other aspects to use with the membership, but I see many possibilities for the future. Thank you for offering such a plan to authors everywhere.”

Gwen E Campbell, author of Always Going

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“For years, I’ve been putting my toe in the marketing waters and then backing away because there are so many options and everything seemed so complicated. Author Marketing Club’s premium option is a great way to cut through the maze and get mobilized. They make great suggestions, and all you have to do is follow their clear instructions to connect with book buyers. Their initiative is turning my inertia into book sales!”

Candy Abbott, author of Gavin Goodfellow

“The Author Marketing Club resources are great, but I especially appreciate having quick access to twenty-four sites where you can post your free e-book promotions. Doesn?t get any more efficient than that!”

Florence Osmund, author of The Coach House

“I definitely recommend Author Marketing Club Premium membership to any author. I have learned a lot from all the videos and other free resources on the website. I have full confidence now in self-publishing because AMCP gives everything you need to know.”

Richmond Donkor, author of 3 Steps to Overcome Poverty

“As an emerging author, becoming an Author Marketing Club Premium member has become invaluable to me. The webinars are interesting and informative and the Amazon Reviewer Grabber System is the best. I also love the book widget which allows for professional advertising on my website. The AMC website is prescriptive and easy to navigate and I truly appreciate the short instruction videos.”

Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli, author of Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center

“I am a new member to Author Marketing Club and so far I have been very satisfied with their services. I haven’t tried all of their many useful tools yet, but I have used the HTML generator and my sales descriptions look amazing. I am sure that my book sales will increase the more I use the excellent features they have on offer to help Indie and self-published authors.”

Nikki McDonagh, author of Echoes from the Lost Ones

“As authors, we’re all compelled to publicize our books these days. Author Marketing Club makes it as painless as possible, and has saved me many hours of work. In particular, the premium features are well worth the relatively small investment.”

Cheryl Swanson, author of A Mug’s Game

“Within a week of purchasing a Premium Membership I have a review from a top 500 reviewer and a top 50 reviewer just agreed to review my book!”

Nathan Mercer

“Thank you so much! I have seen my sales increase due to taking advice on your site. Plus I got a top 10 reviewer to review my book using your review grabber tool! I have five more people agree to give my book a review, and I have only been using your site for one week! I am very impressed”

Brett Dupree, author of Joyous Expansion

“How do I feel about being an AMC Premium member? For one, like I’m not alone in this struggle to get my book out there. The site has helped me locate potential review writers with the review grabber system. I’m a recent member but so far feel good about every penny spent.”

Marty Babits, author of Power of the Middle Ground

“As a very new Premium member of AMC, I’m thanking my lucky stars for having access to all the wonderful tools you provide to help authors become successful. I especially love the quirky Amazon Description Maker and the Amazon Reviewer Grabber. The latter has brought me two great 5* reviews from high-ranked reviewers to date. Thanks a million, AMC!”

Pamela Glynn, author of Sam’s Story

“The tools and resources that AMC Premium provides helped to move my book into Amazon’s Top 100 Free eBooks during a recent promotion. I had 7 times more downloads over the 2-day promotion than I had in a previous 3-day promotion prior to joining AMC. Their user-friendly tools, in combination with my own diligence and social media engagement, have helped my indie book to gain visibility and momentum. As a result, I am beginning to reach the readers who will love–and pay for–my work.”

Ryan Parmenter, author of Hyperbole

“I spent hours upon hours pouring over way to advertise my first book. Being and independent publisher this task was a mountain to climb until I happened upon the Author Marketing Club. I have received the most helpful tips on ways to advertise and to drive up book reviews along with premium member offers for inexpensive advertising. Thank you AMC for providing exactly what was promised and so much more.”

Paula Donahue, author of Sins of the Daughter

“I have been so impressed with Author Marketing Club’s services since I began marketing my book, School of the Assassins, last May. The free promotion tool has been one of the most valuable features, and it’s my first go-to tool every time I’ve held a promotion. It’s so easy to contact and list my book on prominent websites through this service. In addition, I was able to quickly search for reviewers using the Reviewer Grabber Tool, saving me hours of frustration. When it comes to helping Indie authors, AMC is a frontrunner in professionalism and valuable information.”

Wendy Blais, author of School of the Assassins

“I recently joined, AMC’s premium program. As a new Author, the resources offered ease the transition into the market. The tools offered are priceless. My favorite is the Enhanced Description Generator, which I used on my new book, Fae Queen. The feedback was immediate, I will be using it to revise my other book descriptions and on my future books! Thanks so much!”

Lynn Landes, author of The Angel’s Covenant

“AMC premium membership is amazing value for money. It has all the tools to help you launch a successful writing career including wonderful book promotional activities. The technique for learing how to write an outstanding book description on Amazon is worth the cost alone. If you’re serious about writing then you can’t do any better than join AMC as a premium member.”

B R Tracey, author of It’s A Ruff Life

“Every author needs AMC Premium. The assortment of free tools and bonus features make finding the right reader easy. Jim Kukral is a pioneer in book marketing. Whether you need custom book widgets or the Amazon review grabber system, you’ll be amazed by the AMC Premium services.”

James Thorn, author of Reversion: The Inevitable Horror

“Writing a full length novel isn’t easy, writing a novel people will read to the end isn’t easy but writing a novel readers will discover amongst the many thousands out there is one of the hardest aspects of being a self-published author. A website which provides help and advices, tools and initiatives, training and support is a godsend: AKA the Author Marketing Club. To get the real benefit take the Premium subscription. I did and its working for me.”

James Minter, author of A Tunnel is Only a Hole on Its Side

“The Author Marketing Club premium membership has so many terrific promotional tools that it takes time and diligence to discover and utilize them all. The AMC reviewer grabber tool has been a great help, as has the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker. You also get some terrific tips from articles and interviews with authors. I’m almost finished with my third novel, so it’s nice to know AMC has free professional-looking Pre-made Book Covers.”

William Robert Carey, author of A Beautiful Killing

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“My publisher recommended the membership, but I was skeptical. After subscribing, I received immediate benefit from the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker and then a few days later was impressed with the Amazon Review Grabber System to identify and connect with Amazon Online Book Reviewers who may be interested in reviewing my book. I highly recommend the Author Marketing Club for it’s truly a valuable and trusted resource.”

Rob Peters, author of Standard of Trust Leadership

“Author Marketing Club Premium is a wonderful resource for book promotion. I especially like their Amazon enhanced description maker for easy html descriptions for your landing page and their book submission tool.”

Kenneth G. Eade, author of An Involuntary Spy

“Over the last several years, I’ve tried countless author marketing websites but none of them delivered what they promised. When I found Author Marketing Club, I closed all the other accounts and now I exclusively use Author
Marketing Club.”

Arthur M. Mills, Jr., author of The Empty Lot Next Door

“I have found that my Premium Membership of Author Marketing Club gives me access to a wealth of features and information that greatly assist me in promoting my novels online. This is a new world and AMC opens it up for you, saving you time that can be spent on writing rather than researching how to market your books online. There’s new information coming in all the time. Highly recommended.”

Christopher Sherlock, author of Call of the Lion

“AMC is a great place for Authors to get tools to promote and market their books”

Aant Umansky, author of children’s books

“I was somewhat skeptical about becoming an AMC Premium member, but now I regret not joining sooner. The helpful tools they provided have really helped boost the sales of my books. I highly recommend that you take advantage of all they have to offer and become a premium member. It’s well worth the cost.”

James M. Corkill, author of Dead Energy and Cold energy, the Alex Cave adventure series

“Ready…Fire…AIM…That’s how it went with my last book—but not the next one. Jim K. and the good folk at Author Marketing Club let me in on the secret of “priming the pump” ahead of putting pen to paper. This way, you broaden your potential audience and pick up momentum for your book as your launch date nears. EUREKA!”

M. Bancroft, author of Both Sides Now

“Author Marketing Club’s Premium Membership provides exactly the right tools to help the indie author better market and promote his/her book. The widget builder for websites and the Amazon enhanced description generator are essential tools. The Amazon reviewer grabber tool, though, is the most impressive of the tools offered with the Premium Membership; and it is the tool that I have used to find Amazon reviewers for my debut novel. Together with all the valuable tips and insights provided to authors, the AMC Premium Membership is well worth the minimal cost.”

Paul Bibbins, guitar player, song writer, and author of Rock & Roll, Sex, and Fools …The Slow Fade to Black of Mr. Joe Kool Jack

“I became a Premium member a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad I did. Who nowadays has the time to spend hours and hours marketing their books all alone sitting in front of the computer. The Author Marketing Club does exactly what it says on the tin! It gives you good, solid, helpful advice and tips on how to make your book stand out from the crowd. Why not join in the fun?”

Phyllis Burton, author of Fifteen brushes with LOVE!

“Finding reviewers through similar works on Amazon is a great idea, but have you ever tried to do it by hand? Scrolling reviews on my own, it took me four hours to find 3 people with publicly listed email address. With the ‘Reviewer Grabber’ tool from AMC Premium, I found 1,023 people in the same amount of time. Every week I get a few more reviews.”

James Gawley, author of Exiles of Arcadia: Legionnaire

“As a new entrepreneurial novelist, I was pleased to discover AMC premium membership which offered a variety of useful tools. I particularly liked “The Reviewer Grabber System,” “The Enhanced Description Maker’” and “The Bookalyzer.” I see a lot of potential with this site.”

Claudette Alexander, author of SUNRISE FROM AN ICY HEART

“I joined AMC Premium after being a free member for a while in January 2014 and I have had a fantastic experience with it. The Amazon review grabber is brilliant and the free book cover when you join was worth a third of the yearly membership. There is tonnes more involved as a Premium member and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Rory McNeill, author of Michelin

“AMC is a great resource for new authors! Wonderful tools to help self-published authors get started. So glad that I found your site!”

Suzanne M. Wind, author of The SMART Playbook

“Author Marketing Club premium offers a number of tools that I have found indispensable in promoting my work. I am traditionally published with HarperCollins, with three published works, but have still found that I have to work my butt off to get a buzz going to turn my books from “highly acclaimed” to “best selling.” The reviewer harvester feature has been particularly useful in getting top reviewers to read and review my work.”

Greg Barron, author of Rotten Gods, Savage Tide and Voodoo Dawn

“The first thing I did when I joined the American Marketing Club was to go in search of Amazon reviewers using the review grabber tool. It’s a huge time saving. The very next day I had a reply from a top Amazon reviewer. I’m all set up to continue my queries. I feel organized, something I never say no to.”

Wayne Clark, author of he & She

“Author Marketing Club has been a great resource for me. I have been able to use the Amazon Reviewer Grabber tool to dramatically increase the number of reviews on Amazon. Reaching out to reviewers could not be easier. With the tool you can target similar titles within your genre. Having to manually go through reviews of other books and check to see if the reviewers have contact information would take forever. They have several other tools that are handy for the self-published author. Their book widget tool is a great resource for authors with their own website, but not necessarily the web programming skills to get their own books marketed on their own websites.”

David Van Zummeren, author of Betrayed

“There are so few resources for indie authors which really offer the breadth and scope of help that the AMC club has for Premium members, and at such a reasonable price. I’m a new member and I am already benefitting from it.”

Sid Goodman, author of Zylan’s Messengers

“I recently became a Author Marketing Club premium member. From what I have seen so far I have been extremely impressed. I especially like the enhanced book description. It is an investment well made”

Chett Vosloo, author of Breaking Free – A Journey of Self Discovery

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“Finally! A company that works! Author Marketing Club is a fantastic tool for me as a first-time author. They have really assisted me with understanding how to market my book correctly. Plus, they make the process so easy to use and they assist every step of the way. Thank you AMC, you continue to be so helpful to me in every way!”

Deirdre van Loggerenberg, author of Artificial Morning

“Subscribing to the Author Marketing Club’s Premium Membership is like giving yourself the gift of a treasure chest full of golden tools. From the Review Grabber to the Enhanced Description Generator, there are endless opportunities for authors to up their game. The reasonable subscription fee is well worth the price to have access to such helpful, easy-to-use marketing tools. Thank you, so much, AMC!”

Shanna Hatfield, author of Love at the 20-Yard Line

“Author marketing club help me get a great start on marketing my first novel. Within days my book already had five star reviews from the reviewers I invited using the Amazon Reviewer Grabber. Authormarketingclub.com is a great website with fantastic tools for self-publishing authors.”

Odal Madsen, author of Saint Nellie

“As a new author, I’m so grateful for the tools AMC provides to its authors – from book covers to enhanced descriptions to locating reviewers! I wish I had known about AMC before I launched my book because I would have been ahead of the game. AMC continues to add more promotional tools allowing us to spend more time writing with all the marketing tools in one place! The membership fee is worth it!”

Zaheen Nanji, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Attract Your Ideal Weight

“I joined AMC Premium less than a month ago, but it has already paid for itself many times over. The premium member tools (the book description maker, the review grabber and the book sidebar tool) are all first class and very easy to use. I have also picked up lots of good tips on book marketing from the podcasts. A brilliant service!”

Alison Brook, author of I Choose Life

“Author Marketing Club is the most powerful tool I’ve seen. They are laser focused on helping authors and every time I turn around there’s another new and creative tool to help me. It’s 100% worth the cost, but more importantly, it’s worth your time.”

Bryant Cornett, author of A Rooster Once Crowed

“I recently joined AMC and already have found resources that are going to put me miles ahead of the pack. The book Review Grabber and Enhanced Description Generator tools are beyond awesome. I highly recommend authors sign up with AMC – the cost of membership is reasonable, but the benefits of the services are outstanding!”

Laurel Downing Bill, author of Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history series

“I became a AMC Premium member warily, not expecting much, to be honest. However, the Review Grabber System is many times worth the price of membership. For an indie author, it is indispensable.”

Gary Bullock, author of Elsewhen

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Anthony Navarro, founder and CEO of Liven It Up Events, and author of The Business of Being a Wedding Planner

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Rachael Isaacson, author of Stolen Daisy

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Peggy M. McAloon, author of Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

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Al Bargen, author of Hard Core Soft Cover

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Thomas de Kooning, author of the detective books The Corsican Dove and The Beijing Duck

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Nicole Lin, author of TUH

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Peter Rimmer, author of Cry of the Fish Eagle

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Anoop Judge, author of The Rummy Club

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Chris Niebauer, Ph.D., author of The Neurotic’s Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment

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Joy E Karp, thepowerofservicebyjekarp.com

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Jenny Harper, author of Face the Wind and Fly

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Brandon Zenner, author of The Experiment of Dreams