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“Being an Indie author is so daunting! Another author recommended Author Marketing Club as a sure way to get noticed and have a one place to go for many Indie needs. I could not wait to try it and I have to admit, it’s been an incredible experience! The premium subscription options are varied in breath and the AMC team is always coming up with new ways to get you noticed! I highly recommend AMC if you want to launch your book promotion to the next level!”

Elin Barnes, author of Justification for Murder

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“AMC Premium is a service that is well worth the price. My book got a five-star rating from an Amazon top-ranked reviewer thanks to the Reviewer Grabber Tool that AMC Premium provides. Not only do they offer very valuable marketing tools, but the knowledge and webinars that are offered are very informative.”

Sam Kuban, author of Beautiful Things and How to Ignore Them

“I was shocked at how many in-depth resources were available on AMC especially as part of the Book Baby trial offer. I fully intend to keep my membership as the resources are invaluable. You can do your own research but why waste time better spent on improving and promoting your writing when you’ll never scratch the surface of what AMC has available in one place. I highly recommend it to any author, new or experienced!”

Michiko Katsu, author of Burdened By Guilt

“I wished I had belonged to this club before I started the arduous task of putting my book on Kindle and Nook. Now I realize this is just the start, but it is a start in the right direction. I paid for the premium membership and with the reviewer grabber, the book description tool, the webinars $100 isn’t much. Now I know I need a web site and have already built it myself, from youtube videos. I can see a lot of work ahead, but I enjoy what I’m doing. So, kudos to AMC. Thanks!”

Richard Cliffton, author of Dying to Live … in the Antelope Hills

“The big advantage of using Author Marketing is the tools! Well worth the investment, it will help you to market your work and get unprecedented exposure!”

Seth Brown, author of The APE Protocol

“When I saw AMC, I instantly knew that I wanted to join. After all, writing and self-publishing can often feel like such lonely and mysterious pursuits, but here was AMC, a community of like-minded, creative people all gathered around and supported by world-class tools and resources. I am getting a lot from AMC, and it makes me feel like I can be successful as a writer, both creatively and professionally.”

Daniel P. Douglas, author of the upcoming conspiracy thriller Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project

“I simply love the easy to use tools for the description builder as well as the book bookalyzer. The tools are easy to use and understand. It’s been helpful in bring more traffic to my Amazon book pages. The bookalyzer lets me know how each of my books are doing and helps me identify problem areas early on so they can be corrected.

The Author Mastermind Workshops have been invaluable in delivering me the necessary tools and knowledge in becoming a full-time author.”

Brian K. Larson, author of Salvage-5

“Thank you for AMC Premium Membership! The tools that are mad available will help any author in any stage of marketing. you have thought of it all. Thank you again.”

Javon Bertrand, author of The Exposition of the Tabernacle

“Never has an author marketing package been so fully complemented as AMC’s flurry of out-of-the-box marketing strategies and resources for authors. Whether you are an indie author or a renowned author, all you’ll ever need is a good book and AMC.”

Albert Simon Mulles, author of Typhoon Haiyan the Untold Story

“Hi There – I’ve only been a Premium Member for a few weeks but can see how useful it can be. I’ve used the Amazon Description Maker to jazz up my Amazon description, used the Reviewer finder to locate reviewers and the Book widget creator and used it on my website. Has saved me many hours and I have got my money’s worth out of it already.”

Wesley Robert Lowe, author of Tiger (Shaolin Darkness Book 1)

“American Marketing Club Premium is a really excellent resource for authors. AMC Premium has terrific marketing tools for authors to promote their book, get reviews for their book, and much more. I highly recommend AMC Premium.”

Joel Turtel, author of I’m Not My Brother’s Keeper

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“AMC Premium is like a big encyclopedia for writers offering marketing support, instructional videos and information about using social media to promote your book. You feel as if you’re in a pastry shop – you must be patient and take your time checking out each headline so you don’t miss the treat that will answer a question or give you direction.”

M.G. Nash, author of Nothing Like Naked

“Wow! The review grabber tool saves so much time and money, it’s amazing.
Amazon reviews can be the springboard to a writing career. The ability to target niche reviews is without peer. Thanks!”

David Johnston, author of Just Hit The Damn Ball!

“AMC Premium has already more than paid for itself, as far as I’m concerned. Great opportunities to connect with others, and the Reviewer Grabber tool is just brilliant. I’ve more than doubled my Amazon reviews by making use of this service. Very glad I joined AMC Premium, and I heartily recommend it to others!”

Brian Cormack Carr, author of How To Find Your Vital Vocation

“There are many benefits to using the Author Marketing Club premium membership. I really love their tools that locates Amazon reviewers for my book and the membership also includes author training programs that I enjoy using and other opportunities to advertise my book to their growing audience. I Highly recommend.”

Rochelle Richey, author of A Black Rose Thrived

“Author Marketing Club is awesome! They provide all the tools you need to get the word out about you book. I look forward to using them even more. Again, they’re awesome!”

Patrick Tunis, author of How To Find Your Vital Vocation

“I’m delighted with the comprehensive marketing tools and help provided by the Author Marketing Club. I can’t write in html and found the book description tool to do this, fantastic.”

Christine Sherborne, author of Imogene’s Message

“AMC Premium has saved me a ton of work and heartache in just two weeks since joining. The new Amazon product description is boosting responses already, and I love the reviewer finding service for Premium members. Outstanding!”

Piers Alexander, author of The Bitter Trade

“AMC has really been great. As a debut author I never realized how difficult the marketing aspects of the industry are. Everything from finding out how to contact reviewers to the assistance on putting together a great sales pitch. Thanks to AMC I have been able to create a sharp looking and marketable sales pitch to grab reader’s attention and compliment my novel. Thank you AMC!”

Vincent Robert Annunziato, author of Status The Game

“AMC’s Reviewer Grabber has saved me tons of time and enabled me to make contact with many willing reviewers . just what I needed to jump-start sales!”

Jon Waskan, author of Cold Trap

“There are many benefits to using the Author Marketing Club premium membership. I really love their tools that locates Amazon reviewers for my book and the membership also includes author training programs that I enjoy using and other opportunities to advertise my book to their growing audience. I Highly recommend”

Rochelle Richey, author of A Black Rose Thrived

“AMC is full of helpful tips and useful tools to help you expand your readership and learn more about self-promotion. Definitely the best investment I’ve made as an author.”

Stom Tacey, author of Exile

“Marketing has been my biggest struggle as an indie author. Author Marketing has been a blessing, giving me new tools and information to build a readership. Tools that I would not begin to know how to find. With their help, Marketing has actually become doable for this author and I’ve actually enjoyed the process.”

Linda Kennedy, www.lkkennedy.com

“Kudos AMC! Love your marketing tools and tips. AMC is, by far the most effective and best value Author’s marketing hang-out.
Be it Amazon Enhanced Description Maker, Amazon Reviewer Grabber, Optimize Your Amazon Sales Rank & Sell More Book, or many other great tools that help every Premium Member Author to boost her/his books sales.
Thank you and keep on the great job!”

Doobie Shemer, author of Walking with Elijah

“I feel that the greatest benefit of AMC Premium Membership is the Author Secret Mastermind videos. These videos helped me to finalize my marketing strategy for my book “Quiet Phoenix”. Jim Kukral talks about marketing strategies that you will not find anywhere else on the internet (and definitely not on Amazon where you will otherwise find hundreds of books on how to market your book). Most of Jim’s strategies are eminently implementable by any Author, including those who do not have an Author Platform and have a zero fan base.”

Prasenjeet Kumar, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, www.publishwithprasen.com

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“In one day I’ve had 12,000 downloads of my first book, Before He Was Famous, (I even hit #1 in Coming of Age and #2 in New Adult & College) and I can thank AMC for that sweet-as Description Generator, plus all those great marketing tips! The best investment I made in my indie-journey by far… well, besides my laptop and coffee (OK and gin).”

Becky Wicks, author of Before He Was Famous: Starstruck Book 1

“I’m so grateful to the Author Marketing Club because they helped me connect with other authors and gave me great advice on how to self publish my ebook.”

Lisa Marie Wilson, Author, Traveling Daisy: A Generational Cancer Story of Disease and Dysfunction

“AMC Premium produces an amazing quick, targeted and fulfilling strategic marketing capability in numerous ways. The tools and tactics are truly practical and helpful beyond measure.”

Paul J. Krupin, Creator of Search Word Pro

“I used some of the tools available to Author Marketing Club members via a free membership and debated about subscribing to a Premium Membership. Am I delighted that I did! I began using the tools the very first day, have gained so much and haven’t even scratched the surface of everything available at such a reasonable price. Thank you Author Marketing Club Premium program for simplifying my life and maximizing my time and exposure. I visit the site at least once a day, often several times, to utilize the wealth of fantastic tools.”

Morgan St. James, author of A Corpse in the Soup

“I have been delighted with Author Marketing Club Premium. In particular the tool for gathering profiles which include email addresses and websites, for Amazon Reviewers who have reviewed books similar to my own, has proven invaluable. I have already managed to garner several promises of reviews from Top Reviewers. For this alone it is more than worth the monthly subscription, and there are many other great features to take advantage of.”

Hazel Butler, author of Chasing Azrael

“The premium features of Author Marketing Club are worth their weight in gold. In particular, the amazing Amazon HTML enhanced description generator has really helped my book stand out, appear totally professional and be on par with any traditionally published novel.”

Ian Sutherland, author of Invasion of Privacy: A Deep Web Thriller #1

“The Author Marketing Club has been an invaluable source of advice for me as a new author. I’ve learned how to promote myself in ways that my publisher doesn’t have the time to do. Thank you AMC!”

Amy Schisler

“My subscription to AMC has been well worth the small subscription price. There are so many tools available to indie writers. I go back to it week after week.”

Lew Sauder, author of Project Management 101

“AMC Premium is the author’s secret weapon for marketing success!”

Alexi Lawless, author of Complicated Creatures

“I cam across AMC quite by accident, but what a find! There are some great marketing tools on the site, especially useful was the Enhanced Description Generator. I also had a question and it was answered promptly. The yearly subscription is worth every cent.”

Gina Amos, author of Secrets & Lies

“The AMC Review Grabber tool was very useful to me in getting my book in front of the right people. “

Mitch Moldofsky, author of Braiming: How Computer Games Affect Kids’ Brains

“Very glad I found AMC Premium – lots of helpful advice and worth it for the great Amazon Descriptor Generator tool alone – a fantastic idea and very easy to use.”

Clare Flynn, author of A Greater World

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“After setting exploring many online options designed to help Authors market their wares, I was apprehensive. After reading the positive reviews, I read other reviews where the individual expressed a particular dissatisfaction or another–what put me over the edge towards purchasing the premium service was AMC’s direct interaction with the customer, addressing their dissatisfaction. Personally, I am using several of the tools available, finding the XML/Amazon format tool. I am pleased.”

EG Lee, author of Soul Tool

“I joined AMC a few months back and have already got great value for my membership. The tools available through the site have been put together by people who really understand the business of being a self-published author. From the Free Book Submission Tool to the review grabber, these are practical, applicable tools that save a colossal amount of time. The forums are excellent, demonstrating the wonderful willingness of so many authors to share their discoveries and support up and coming authors. A terrific site and in my time-strapped world, it’s right at the top of the list for marketing advice and support.”

Michael Cairns, author of Spirit Room Planets Book One

“Since becoming an Author Marketing Club Premium member a thousand doors have opened for me. Opportunities abound, and I’ve been running to keep up ever since.

There are tools, like training videos on how to use social media to sell your book. And there are outlets to feature your book for free and much, much more.

For anyone adventurous enough to step into the new (and a little confusing) world of the “Indie” writer/publisher, joining the AMC and becoming a Premium member is not only an intelligent move, but a necessary one. It isn’t just a catalyst, but a map of the region.”

Bob Ray, author of Semi-Decent

“Hi Jim – I posted a new blog today and would like you to take a look at it. http://williamhillman.blogspot.com – the blog is #5 FROM THE SECOND FLOOR – “MY WRITER TOOL BAG” – thanks to AMC I just received the 4th fabulous review on Ghosts and Phantoms 1 – I hope my blog brings attention your way.”

William Hillman, author of Ghosts and Phantoms I

“The tools that come with the Premium Membership at Author Marketing Club are a huge benefit. As a new author they are a tremendous value for helping me promote my first book. The Review Grabber, Enhanced Description Maker and Book Widget Creation Tool are outstanding!”

Jason Leonard, author of In Shadows

“I have really enjoyed exploring the benefits, marketing tips, and learning tools offered to Author Marketing Club Premium members. I am now applying these tips in improving my own marketing plan for my book “A Song of Africa: and the Roots of Boko Haram.” For example, using the tools provided in the program I created a really cool widget showing the availability of the book on Amazon, Audible.com, and at Barnes and Nobles. As far as I am concerned I have just begun to learn about marketing books and to apply the useful techniques.”

Ronald Wheatley, author of A Song of Africa: the Roots of Boko Haram

“I’ve been a premium member of Author Marketing Club for over a year. The Book Widget Creation Tool and the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker are two of several fanastic tools available to premium members. If you’re looking for a great return on your marketing investment, you can’t beat AMC.”

Katherine Lowry Logan, author of THE RUBY BROOCH

“AMC has many good features. I like the reviewer grabber system that helps you find reviewers for your genre on Amazon. I also like the enhanced Amazon book description feature. They also provide a list of websites that will advertise your book for free or paid services. I think all authors should give AMC a try so they too can explore all the things AMC has to offer.”

Kelvin Kettle, author of Darker Side Endings 1 and 2 and Journey To Imagination

“Upon finishing my first novel I was told one of three places to invest my time/energy/money for marketing. Number one on that list was AMC and it did not disappoint. The access to reviewers, book descriptions and countless other goodies that are crucial to getting exposure for your book is unparalleled with AMC. Could not recommended it any higher. I would say you need three things for self-publishing – A good cover, A good professionally edited book, and AMC premium.”

Haji Outlaw, author of The Kid Dies

“It’s easy to feel completely lost as an author these days. Writing the book is the easy part and now many of us need to wear the sales, marketing and promotion hat as well. It can be daunting. Author Marketing Club is an oasis for any author who needs a bit of help getting the word out about their book. It’s a great tool to end the overwhelm of trying to figure it all out alone, so we can get back to what we truly love to do—write and create!”

Carrie Jolie Dale, author of The 2 Choices

“I am so pleased I joined AMC Premium as it has helped tremendously with marketing my books. I particularly like the amcbuzz feature on twitter, it is a simple yet fantastic way to get your book out there and has resulted in direct sales. Being a writer is sometimes a lonely world and AMC Premium has opened me up to a world of other authors out there all trying to do the same thing everyday – the feeling of us all grouping together and helping promote each other is awesome.”

Rhiannon Faulkner, author of The Kid Dies

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“AMC have some seriously useful tools on hand for members, so get signed up today! I’ve found book bloggers, great advice, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. I’ll be a member for as long as I can keep coming up with book ideas. Hopefully that’ll be for a long time!”

Daley James Francis, author of Walking Up a Slide

“The Enhanced Description Maker has made that otherwise humdrum area really pop on my book’s page. The keyword optimizer is an incredible tool. I’ve got a lot of books in me and these features are going to be indispensable in the future. Thanks AMC!”

Allen Bagby, author of Blood & Soul: Creed of Kings Saga: Book One

“It’s a tough road publishing and getting your work noticed, and being a Premium member of the Author Marketing Club gives you excellent tools and a leg up in promoting your books. It’s also good to be part of their writing community. I consider it one of the best deals out there.”

Chris Impey, author of Shadow World

“This is my second year as a Premium Member. I became Life Time Member this year. As a Premium Member, we get some amazing benefits. One of my favorite features is, “Amazon Reviewer Grabber System”. I got many reviews using this tool. Another great feature is, AMC offers one FREE cover for Premium Members. This itself is worth $35. I couldn’t wait to benefit from all these tools and features.”

Anbu Rayappan, author of Speed Reading: Double Your Reading Speed in 20 Minutes

“The Author marketing club has proven to be a superb subscription for me. I mostly use the reviewer grabber tool and find it priceless. As an author I highly recommend AMC. I’ll be using it for a long time to come”

Tim Nicolai, author of Something In The Air | somethingintheairtimnicolai.com/

“I am a very satisfied Premium member. As a new author of fiction, I needed a place that could provide me with essential tools as well as inspiration for taking on the task of marketing my novel, In The Shadow of The Water Tower. It’s great to be a part of a group that is focused on the same issues and challenges that now face me. Well worth the small price of admission. “

Alan Kirby, author of the YA Fantasy Fiction series In The Shadow of The Water Tower

“Thank you AMC for this wonderful place you have created where authors like me, who have no publisher doing all of the promoting, can go for an array of resources. I have very little experience marketing anything, so I appreciate all of the work AMC has done in making my experience as turn-key as possible. I need to continue writing so I can finish my fantasy series; I have very little time I can afford on marketing. So again, thank you AMC!”

Bruce Maul, author of Portals, Passages & Pathway Book 1: In the Land of Magnanthia

“In the month since I became a Premium Member of the Author Marketing Club, I have used many features and shared tips with the community. Right away, after using some of the available tools, the sales of my novel and the benefit anthology which I edited have nearly doubled and so far, it doesn’t seem to be a fluke. Thanks, AMC!”

Pete Kahle, author of The Specimen: A Novel of Horror

“Can’t figure out why it took me so long to become an AMC Premium Member – given all the outstanding marketing tools membership provides.”

Tony Maxwell, author of ‘The Young Lions’ and soon to be released ‘The Brave Men’

“If you can only afford one promotional tool for marketing your books, AMC Premium is the one to choose. The resources available to debut authors seem endless! The Enhanced Description Maker makes for a great attention-grabber to reach new readers on Amazon, while the other resources on the site serve to garner reviews, enhance advertising, and increase book sales. Owner Jim Kukral has been responsive to all my inquiries and has proved to be a real friend to new authors. It’s the best promotional tool I have going for my books!”

Luana Ehrlich, author of One Night in Tehran: A Titus Ray Thriller

“AMC has resources for authors looking to explore their marketing options.”

Kendra Lawrence, author of Rising Star

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“AMC Premium is an essential tool for new, or experienced, self-published authors. The enhanced description maker provides invaluable help, which is knowledge that I wish I had years ago when I released my novel. The review grabber saves time and helps get you in touch with the right person to review your novel(s).”

Jeremy McLean, author of Blackbeard’s Freedom

“The benefits of becoming an Author Marketing Club Premium member clearly outweigh any reasons you might have for not signing up. As a new author, I’m on a pretty tight budget, but AMC makes it so easy with all of the wonderful tools that they supply, it’s a no-brainer for me. I’ve used the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker to create a professional description on my Amazon page that made an obvious difference in my sales. Not to mention the fantastic Amazon Reviewer Grabber System! Talk about saving me time and producing excellent results! You really can’t go wrong with the plethora of information and tools that they provide! From the multitude of workshops, training, tips, marketing help, plus all of the gadgets, information, and don’t forget the amazing FREE book cover – the fee is truly miniscule in comparison. I have learned so much from AMC that I can’t sing their praises loud enough!”

C. L. Clark, author of Survival of the Fittest

“I am simply astounded with the information and results I’ve seen with authormarketing.com. I will admit, I was hesitant to sign up for premium membership, but after all the research I have done, this group has the cutting edge on the publishing market! They will offer you tools that none other will offer you. As an indie author trying to compete with publishing houses, they helped me overcome that fear with their unmatched research and guides. I would recommend this group to everyone I know. I am in debt to their work and gifts they gave me.”

S.L. Morgan, Award winning author of the Ancient Guardians Novel Series

” I love Author Marketing Club. It has given me so many tools to promote my book, and as an indie author it’s invaluable. One of the things I love most is their Amazon enhanced description maker. After revamping my description, I was able to cut and paste into their wizard, click to see a preview, and upload it to Amazon. They inserted the html code to make the entire process seamless. Thank you Author Marketing Club, what a great tool, and what a great help!”

Kelly Thacker, author of Numberless Dreams

“AMC Premium is a great service to have if your wanting to market your book. I especially enjoy having access to the reviewers off of Amazon though AMC’s program Reviewer Grabber. It makes the hard job of getting book reviews a bit easier. You also have access to free book covers and all the help you need with marketing your book. You can’t go wrong with AMC Premium.”

Shirley McLain, author of Dobyns Chronicles

“I really love the Amazon Review Grabber tool, which lets you find email addresses for top Amazon reviewers, so you can email them directly with your review requests. There are lots of other features that I’ve found useful too – the free Friday promotion for books that are 0.99 cents, as well as the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker, which helps improve your author page. A great service overall!”

Ellen Allen, author of The Sham

“There are some amazing tools on Author Marketing Premium. The review grabber is fantastic and that’s just one of them. I got over 100 reviewers to contact and the requests for my book to review have since been flooding in. Author Marketing Premium takes the sweat out of book marketing.”

Amanda Williams, author of the Just Two Weeks

“AMC premium was recommended on an e-book about new author marketing. I have initiated a number of marketing strategies and I highly recommend AMC premium to new authors. In the first day of signing up, I learned at least 3 tips that were worth more than the price of admission.”

R.N. Shapiro, author and attorney

“The Author Marketing Club Premium Membership has been a life-saver for me. I was floundering in the sea of book promotions when a friend referred me to the club’s services. Author Marketing Club Premium Membership is a plethora of wonderful tools for any author, especially those who self-publish. “

Brenda B. Taylor, historicalheartbeats.com

“Since joining Author Marketing Club as a Premium Member I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how proactive AMC is at educating its members with emails, advice and freebies. In addition to their invaluable tools for promoting your titles, they provide a ton of educational material and tutorials. Regardless of your genre or audience, AMC Premium is a great value and worth every cent. I look forward to continuing to explore all they have to offer!”

David Albert, author of Tapping In

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“I love you guys. I used your review grabber for Amazon. It was marvelous. For months, I’d been trying get reviews for SAFE HAVEN. As a newbie writer, I’m sure everybody knows how difficult that can be. Well, guest what? After I used your review grabber and sent out a form letter based on the one you suggested, it worked. I got 3 reviews with more on the way.”

B.L. Wilson, author of Safe Haven

“I started out with the free membership of the Author’s Marketing Club because I liked the free kindle book submission tool. it wasn’t long before I discovered the many other author tools to help sell more books included with the Premium Membership and upgraded my account.

My favorite tools are The Amazon Reviewer Grabber System, which gives me the email addresses of reviewers on Amazon who have written a positive review on books in the same genre as mine. AMC also supplies the appropriate language to send in your email request.

Also, the Enhanced Description Maker provides the html code to make my descriptions stand out with color and enlarged fonts, which bring more attention to the books I have for sale.

Other wonderful tools include the BookWidget Creation Tool and the AMC Bookalyzer and various promotions.

The AMC workshops and educational videos and tutorials are enlightening and motivational to promote success.

I highly recommend the Premium Membership to anyone who is serious about becoming an Amazon best selling author.”

Billy Wells, author of Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Volume 1

“I LOVE having one place to go to get the training I need for specific things I need to learn as a newly self-published author. Author Marketing Club is just one way I invest in my business as a writer. I know I can’t be great at everything I need to be able to do but I love having a reliable resources to depend on when I need something. Having a Premium Membership has also focused me more on getting stuff done and less on where can I go to learn what I need. It’s my go-to place on the web!”

Jennifer Sparks Berthelot -AS, author of WTF to OMG

“I have only been a premium member for a month, but Author Marketing Club has been immensely helpful. I would have been lost without love the Amazon Reviewer Grabber and Description Maker tools. In a few hours on AMC Buzz, fellow authors tweeted about my book to over 40,000 followers. Now that AMC is giving access to their video courses, the site has everything I need. Marketing a book is a rather daunting task, but AMC Premium makes it so much simpler, faster, and, dare I say, even fun!

The only other bit I might add if it didn’t sound so Home Shopping Network slick is, “My only regret is that I didn’t immediately sign up for a Lifetime Membership.” That is true!”

R.N. Feldman, author of The Creator’s Eye

“I recently became a self-published author for the first time. AMC Premium guided me through the marketing process by offering tons of resources, promotional ideas, marketing insights, and more. A welcoming place for rookie authors. “

Kathy Harding, author of Rise: Girl on the run

“I’ve only been an AMC premium member for a fortnight and these have already been the rich rewards I’ve reaped:
– an author interview on the AMC blog, which gave me quite some exposure and nice comments;
– 8 requests for my book via the reviewer grabber system with one 5* review already received;
– many more RTs based on the Twitter tutorial how to compose a good tweet;
– the cool book widgets on my website;
– plenty of ideas on how to market my books buzzing through my head, slowly taking shape.”

Hannah Warren, author of Psychic Confessions

“I have found more useful information here than on any other book promotion website.”

John Regan, author of Author of A Singular Captain

“This site offers several valuable tools for authors, but most awesome of all would have to be the review grabber. You get in there, click this, click that, deeper and deeper, and the next thing you know you have all these contacts for possible reviews. It’s easy enough to spend 5 minutes on it and robust enough to spend a couple of hours. Extremely helpful!!”

Dale Martin, author of The Lineage

“The Author Marketing Club has helped me to effectively launch my books on to the international scene. It’s a wonderful new window. If I had this AMC platform in years past, I’d have been touching the clouds by now.”

Ema Erhe Emagbetere, author of The Wise Fool and The Inquisitive Monkey

“I think that being part of AMC is a profitable opportunity for authors, experts or beginners. Through different strategies enables you to promote your book in a simple and effective way. And you know … No promotion, no sales …”

Franco Folino, author of Discovering North of Chile by Car

“The Author Marketing Club really has inspired me to get out there and work at promoting my book Warrior King Legacy. The tools included in the premium membership are first rate, and some of the marketing advice I’ve received has been invaluable. I couldn’t recommend the Author Marketing Club highly enough if you are serious about improving the visibility and appearance of your book.”

Tony Hogger, author of Warrior King Legacy

“The Author Marketing Club premium membership service is a treasure. I get access to services that would cost me more than the membership plus resources, promotion and the list goes on. I’m glad I signed up and know I have yet to plumb the depths of what this offers.”

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, author of Easier Networking

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“AMC truly understands the needs of indie authors. My premium membership gives me access to tools that save me invaluable time. I’ve used a few and can’t wait to dig into the rest!”

Krista Grabowski, author of What Rose Saw

“What great services AMC offers! I’m so glad I joined. Not only did I get a free book cover and easy to follow assistance in improving my book description, but I have collected a ton of book reviewers and bloggers to contact. Instead of spending hours sifting through Amazon reviews, this process was quick and easy. I plan to use it again and again. Thank you, AMC!”

Carol March, author of The Way Home

“Author Marketing Club provides the Independent Author an anchor to hold on to as we look glossy-eyed into the computer screen saying to ourselves, ‘Now What’. The innate value of Author Marketing Club is as diverse as the Authors seeking knowledge. I highly recommend the tool used to discover the reviewers most likely to read your book’s niche”

Todd Yunker, author of Shackleton’s Folly

“Author Marketing Club is what your competition should be using. Get on it first, and pity them. If the review grabber tool doesn’t give you enough of an unfair advantage, the description tool and educational resources will.”

David G. Allen, author of Pool of Echoes

“As a debut author it was an abrupt dose of reality to learn that writing was the easy part. Writing “the end” is the beginning of a whole new learning curve for getting the word out to the right readers. The Authors Marketing Club Premium Membership has provided some excellent tools to help ease the pain of learning to be a marketer as well as a writer”

Leta McCurry, author of High Cotton Country

“I discovered Author Marketing Club quite by accident, but since becoming a Premium member I’ve been extremely happy, particularly with the Enhanced Description Maker (it really works). I’ve gotten a lot of Twitter notice from #amcbuzz and if the rest of the service works as well as these two pieces do, what a great boon it is for indie authors!”

Ron Herron, author of Reichold Street

“As a newbie to writing fiction, I wrote without thinking much about marketing. There I was with a final manuscript and needed help to market the book. I tried a number of so called “marketing experts” and then came across the Author Marketing Club. What a find! Not only are there the usual marketing pointers (you usually pay for those and they are free with normal membership), but more importantly direct practical assistance to make your book seen rather than a needle in a haystack. One of the suite of products available to premium members is the optimization of Amazon sales. Previously I had tried to get Amazon’s search engine to pick up my book but it wouldn’t unless I entered the full text “Stolen – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Perfect Crime.” After optimization the terms stolen + MH370 brings the book to the top of the list! It took me less than a minute to make this so using the tools provided by Author Marketing Club. I highly recommend the Author Marketing Club to anyone self publishing. This is not a shop front window. You will recover your costs of membership using just one of the many tools they provide. Get your book noticed using their sophisticated tools. At last there is a group that gives you true value. The fee? Well I am sure that you will be able to sell 30 books more than you are now if you use the tools they provide.I give this group a two thumbs up.”

Colin Rousseaux, author of http://stolen-mh370.com

“AMC Premium is seriously the cat’s pajamas. The reviewer grabber tool ALONE is definitely worth the price of admission. I found a top 100 reviewer who gave my book five stars, which really ramped up interest for the title. And the Enhanced Description Generator helped me craft my ho-hum book description into something fit for the movies! Seriously, there is SO much available to you once you become a member. I haven’t even used everything my membership has to offer yet. I’m in love!”

Rich Knight, author of The Darkness of the Womb

“Being a successful author on Amazon is HARD. You need to know how to get your book written, how to price it, how to write a title/description, book cover & promotions. These are just a few of the things you need to know. It’s been a long-time goal of mine to master these areas, but let me tell you it’s like shooting in the dark. I was just about to give up, when I found AMC. OMG! It has everything i’ve been needing in one place. After learning all the components that are needed to be a success on Amazon, the biggest value for me was having access to a community of people that were going through the same process. So, in short If you wanna be a successful Kindle author on Amazon, you NEED to get AMC Premium. The best investment I’ve even spent”

Veronica Wilder, author of Bound Obsession

“The Author Marketing Club is a really helpful site with many useful things for authors such as the enhanced description maker and reviewer grabber systems that make AMC Premium well worth the price. I recommend this site to my friends.

Drugs, Disorders and Deceit suggests an evolutionary rationale that explains the classical (and current) classification of emotional disorders. It not only suggests when and where drugs should and should not be used, but also encourages a search for the causes of madness.”

Wylie Jones-Jordan

“AMC’s Author Tools are worth far more than you pay for membership. I’ve learned so much since I joined. Definitely one of the best places to spend a limited marketing budget. Thanks for a great site.”

Kathrese McKee, author of Mardan’s Mark Book One

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“Author Marketing Club’s Premium Membership has given me tools that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, and that’s not all, Jim Kukral’s marketing advice and videos is giving me an edge in marketing my books!”

David Beers, author of The Devil’s Dream

“I love Author Marketing Club! I can’t recall seeing a cleaner, more easy to use site. The promotional tools, services, and training videos have not only helped me to sell more books, they really help me to take myself and my writing much more seriously. Thanks a million!”

J.C. Cummings, author of Come Aboard My Yacht

“AMC Premium.is an author’s best friend the tools are terrific.”

Carey Azzara, author of Uncommon Heroes & Cars

“I love my AMC Premium membership. The list of resources is long–new member book features, authors’ secrets, pre-made book covers–but the one I like best is the one that allows members to find potential reviewers for their book.”

David C. Edmonds, author of Lily of Peru

“I’ve struggled with how to get people to notice my books. It’s hard to know exactly what things work and what things don’t. I know that since I started using AMC and made use of the numerous tools there, my sales have increased. Along with that, I have been able to get a lot more reviews and helped to boost my rank on Amazon as well. The AMC buzz on Twitter has made a difference and the book widget for my web site has added a much more professional image to my landing site. I’m on track to selling more books thanks to AMC.”

William Howard, author of Whispers of Sage, Lessons of Time, The Birth of a Dream, and more

“As a self-published author you have to avail yourself of every resource you can and a stand-out resource is AMC. Nowhere else are there so many important and useful tools for promoting your books, all gathered into one convenient location. From the Buzz Teams to the Book Discovery Sundays, you’ll find all kinds of help from AMC, a rarity in this new and difficult terrain.”

Cy Wyss, author of Polygraph

“I heard about Author Marketing Club from an author that had a favorable experience with the service, so I decided to give it a try. It really has a lot of great tools for authors, and has been well worth the premium membership. I was especially pleased with the Reviewer Grabber service, as I was able to find quality Amazon reviewers to read and review my book!”

Diann Ducharme, author of The Outer Banks House novels and Chasing Eternity

“I am a writer. My talents do not necessarily translate to marketing. Author Marketing Club is my touchstone, the place I go when I want to make sure I am on track. It’s like having a good friend who understands both writing and marketing. I gain insight, motivation, and because I am a premium member, access to marketing tools that would have cost me a small fortune on the open market.”

Dana George-Berberich, author of Eight Days in August

“AMC was a great opportunity for me to gather information on self publishing. The tools that are available are great for me to use so I can concentrate on my writing, rather than where to look for advertising. Thank you!”

Stephen Andrew Salamon, author of Sugar Valley

“I have only been a member for a short time, but I have found two things so far I really like. I love the widget tool. I have put 10 of my books in it, have pasted the code into my blogs and websites to keep my books available for everyone who visits my sites to see. The really cool part of it is that it updates automatically, if I change the posting at all on Amazon, the widget updates all by itself.
The other really cool thing so far is the description tool. My book descriptions look better and look much more professional.”

Steven Pease, author of Bass Fishing Tips

“When I came across your site I was amazed at the depth of content and tools. We are offering author publishing services and you website will be an essential resource for us.
I loved your Amazon book description generator and immediately used it for all my books and my clients ones as well.”

John North, author of What Most Business Owners Don’t Know…And Will Never Know…About Internet Marketing

See Your Testimonial Here, Become A Premium Member Today

“The Author Marketing Club Premium membership is a fantastic service and has made a huge difference in my sales figures – since using their Amazon Description Maker, my sales have *literally* doubled, and I’m so happy with how my book’s Amazon page looks now. The AMC Buzz program has also been tremendously helpful – not only because it helped spread the word about my book, but because it made me feel like part of a community. These folks know what they are doing, and they genuinely want to help you succeed. Highly, highly recommended. Five stars!”

Callista Hunter, author of Goddess

“AMC premium is your one-stop-shop for becoming a better author.
It contains a lot of valuable services (like Enhanced Description Maker or book promotional tools) that help you stand out from the rest of the competitors.
Timo “Productive Superdad” Kiander, BooksOnProductivity.com

Timo Kiander, author of Overcoming Procrastination

“Many of the tools they give you are one-of-a-kind, and they save you lots of time. You also get an unlimited amount of information, knowledge and powerful video resources, to help launch your new career as an author. There are a few aspects of my Kindle launch I simple couldn’t have accomplished without AMC premium. Thank you so much!”

John Mickus, author of Meant for Greater Things

“I am a brand mew Author Marketing Club Premium member, so I am still exploring all of the marvelous tools available. The Amazon Reviewer Grabber is great for extracting links to reviewers that fit the author’s book. It even downloads the data associated with the reviewers onto your computer’s Excel program. A sample introductory letter on how to contact reviewers is also provided. The New Member Book Feature introduces your book through email and media channels. You should definitely look into getting the Premium membership.”

Gus Cileone, author of Out of The Picture

“At first I was reluctant to join Author Marketing Club, as it appeared to be just another group out there that wanted to take my money. As a self-published author, searching for the right tools and connections to get noticed can be a real challenge. I am thrilled to have found Author Marketing Club, and have already seen the return of my investment into Premium Membership. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those who are serious about getting their books noticed and breaking into the world of serious book marketing!”

Timothy Bond, author of The Watcher’s Keep

“I launched my book in early March, 2015 and one of the first things I did was sign up for Author Marketing Club. The main reason was for the Reviewer Grabber, which I have already been using and had success with, but I am also looking forward to using the teaching tools.”

David Sachs, author of The Flood

“It’s difficult to sift through all of the information out there for independent authors. That’s why I love Author Marketing Club. They’re a one-stop shop full of great advice, tutorials, and tools for authors. My favorite tool is the Amazon Review Grabber. I’ve emailed several top Amazon reviewers in the hopes that they would review my book, and I’m so pleased to find responses pouring into my inbox! AMC has been the best subscription I’ve signed up for. Thanks for all you do! “

Montgomery Mahaffey, author of Ella Bandita and the Wanderer

“I would have never gotten started in the promotion phase without AMC. I had books out there and even gave away free books, but the reviews just didn’t come. Soon after signing up with AMC as a premium member I discovered the awesomeness of Review Grabber. It wasn’t long before I had twenty reviews, and I’m on my way thanks to AMC!”

Mary Keith, author of Quicksand Paradise

“By far the best one stop source for everything Authors need to know concerning marketing their books and building their platform. Thank you for all the wisdom you have shared on your site Authors Marketing!”

Jeff Carter, author of Retirement Boom

“The Amazon Reviewer Grabber tool is fantastic! A very fast and efficient way to get contact information from Amazon reviewers who’ve reviewed books similar to yours. (It’s already helped me get my first 2 reviews.)”

Gilles DeCruyenaere, author of I Dreamt of Trees

“Writing and publishing a book is a tedious, detailed process, but is easy when compared to the marketing of a book. I had several conversations with Jim and had second thoughts about the AMC premium package. How wrong was I? The interface on all of the products is very user friendly. The various tools include options that I never dreamed were possible. My efforts are just scratching the surface and I can already see the value. If you are an author that wants a polished final product with effective marketing to increase sales, then purchase the premium package and don’t look back.”

James Ross, author of Shari’s Shot

“I haven’t been an AMC member for long, but already I love the enhanced description tool that makes my book descriptions stand out from the crowd of others on Amazon. I’m also looking forward to free promotions and shout-outs for my books, and to trying out other AMC features.”

Carol Ervin, author of Dell Zero

“AMC Premium gives new authors and publishers access to a wealth of knowledge and experience which I have found invaluable. There are hints and tips on all manner of subjects, as well as extended learning sessions. It also has some clever tricks and short cuts, like the web-site book widget and the reviewer finder, which help tremendously. I’m no a techie, but I’ve found AMC’s ‘gadgets’ easy to use and they make me look professional. It may not be absolutely everything there is to know about independent or self publishing, but it’s close. Julie (J.J.) Anderson, The Story Bazaar.”

Julie Anderson, author of The Village: A Year in Twelve Tales

“Everything about the AMC Premium membership is stellar. I love the Enhanced Description Generator, fabulous marketing tools, review grabber, and author education. So glad I made the decision to upgrade to Premium. Well worth it!”

Tracy J Thomas, author of Zen in the Garden

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“The AMC Premium Program offers informative and understandable tools. I found the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker very beneficial as well as the various tools and checklist. The upgrade to premium has provided a valuable source of knowledge for my entry into writing.”

Clint Browning, author of Whisper to the Soul

“AMC Premium provides me with the tools I need to build my platform quickly and accurately.”

Matthew Davenport, author of Self-Publish Without Spending Money

“As writers we pour ourselves into our books. They are our babies but like any child they require some tough work before they are ready to go out into the world. That is where the Author Marketing Club comes in – they help with the most critical aspects to selling your book that have nothing to do with your actual writing. Your cover, your title, and your description are the three things that will get a reader to give your book a chance. The tools AMC provide are irreplaceable and the community is wonderful. If you are a new author and you don’t take advantage of the tools available through AMC’s premium membership you are making a mistake and denying your book a chance to be shared with the world. Let everyone hear your words and let AMC get you there.”

Libbey Dunham, author of Airion

“As a new author, I had been struggling with much frustration trying to figure out all the ins and outs to publishing a book and getting it noticed. I cannot tell you how many kindle downloads on publishing and youtube videos I studied, most of them giving different information. Finding AMC was a godsend. Everything you need in one place, and organized in an easy-to-find manner- truly a great tool. AMC has simplified the process immensely. I recommend it wholeheartedly! “

Matthew S. Barnes, author of The Wisdom and Peace of the Teachings of the Tao Te Ching

“My membership in AMC has been a source of inspiration for me and given me the skills I’ve been needing to DO things to promote my books, Wedding Tales, Book One: Love’s Journey and The Butterfly &The Snail. One of the first thing I did was to listen to the video on how to create a BookLaunch page and following the instructions and using the easy template, I created this page in a matter of minutes.”

Mary Sullivan Esseff, Transformational Author

“AMC Premium is a lifesaver! I’m in the process of launching a 7-book series of thrillers and have been inundated with choices, scams, marketing ideas – it was making me dizzy. I became an AMC member and as soon as I realized how valuable it was, upgraded to premium. There are so many things I’ve utilized – from book landing pages, free book sites and checklists – and that’s only
the tip of the iceberg. AMC quickly became my main marketing tool and I never looked back. It’s designed for fast, easy applications, new ideas (that would never occur to me), educational videos, fresh ways of looking at book marketing . . . and the content is always changing, always new. Thank you AMC!”

Dr. Jeri Fink, Hybrid Author of 27 published books, www.hauntedfamilytrees.com

“News of the Author Marketing Club Premium Membership arrived just in time. With a new book released, AMC Premium has felt like a capable hand guiding me through a wonderful adventure. AMC Premium is giving me the training, the tips and the tools to help me navigate the challenging waters of book marketing and promotion. Video tutorials and webinars like “10 Killer Steps to Building Your Author Platform” or “How To use Social Media To Sell Your Book” have given me the confidence that I am doing all I can to attract the greatest number of readers. I’m very grateful for AMC Premium Membership.”

Kathy Kuczka, Author, “As Mama Used to Say,” http://www.stpauls.us/

“I’m new to AMC Premium but I’m thrilled to finally have a template for creating html descriptions on Amazon!”

Patricia Rice, author of Notorious Atherton, Book 3 of Rebellious Sons

“Thanks to AMC Premium’s Reviewer Grabber Tool, I was able to reach a lot more potential reviewers for my book in a lot less time. I also found the Amazon Description Generator extremely helpful for adding color and style to my novel’s online description. When you’re your own marketing team, you really appreciate every time-saving advantage.”

Jeff Deck, author of Player Choice

“The Author Marketing Club Premium membership has so many features I have not had an opportunity to use all the features. Those that I have used have been excellent. “

James G McMorris, author of “Fixing America” and other books

“As an AMC Premium member new to self publishing, I watched almost all of the training videos and used many of the tools. I used the reviewer grabber tool that helped me find hundreds of reviewers who had experience with books like mine. Without the sophistication of the reviewer grabber, it would have taken me months to discover reviewers. With AMC’s tool, it only took a day.”

Peggy Barton, author of Her Normal (Romance and dysfunction)

“As a new writer at a relatively old age (80), I need all the help I can get to market my works. When I discovered AMC Premium, I knew I’d found what I needed. I’m a good writer but marketing isn’t my forte. It takes the tools offered by AMC to get my web page out there and I am beyond grateful that we found each other.”

Ruth C. Howard, http://www.ruthchoward.com/

“A NEW MEMBER TO AMC – and the new kid/author on the block in the self-published world. Exploring this very user friendly site has given me lots of options for promos and marketing strategies, and so far all of my queries have been addressed immediately with helpful suggestions. Their tutorial videos are a must to see, as they guide me to helpful choices to promote my books – which is exactly what I require at this point in my writing career.”

Lindsy Boyd Dickenson, author of ‘THE FORTUNE VALLEY SERIES’ – Love In Fortune Valley and Return To Fortune Valley by Lindsy Boyd Dickenson

“The Reviewer Grabber is a truly inspired feature. It has saved countless time and effort. Just a few weeks into my membership, and I can already see tremendous value in the Author Marketing Club.”

Carl Alves, Reconquest: Mother Earth

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“Enrolling in the Author Marketing Club’s Premium membership program is one of the best moves I’ve made in promoting my book. I especially like the AMC Paid Promo Book List.”

Robin Barefield, author of Murder Over Kodiak

“The Author Marketing Club Premium membership has helped me in a number of ways to get my book discovered as well as in telling my story to the world. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi, author of The Modern Mughal Mentality

“I joined Author Marketing Club because it comes highly recommended by other well known self published authors. I wasn’t disappointed. The AMC is the only one that helps you sift through all of the reviews for your books and try to get in touch with reviewers to build relationships. This unique feature alone is one of many types that give you the boost you need to reach more readers.”

Mohana Rajakumar, author of The Migrant Report

“The book marketing aspect for any author can be a daunting challenge. Not only do you have to become an expert at writing, but at marketing as well. The first step to giving your book credibility is getting it some great reviews, a time consuming nightmare which involves searching out reviewers who not only read your genre, but actually write decent copy. The review grabber tool on AMC was like a godsend. Now, I spend more valuable time requesting reviews rather than searching for relevant reviewers. If you join AMC Premium for no other reason than this, rest assured you’ve made a wise investment.”

C.J. Anaya, author of The Healer Series and book reviewer for SDE Magazine

“Being an AMC Premium member has allowed access to so many tools in one place to help gain sales, insight, reviews, tools for writing and promoting, and so much more! Easy to navigate dashboard, and helpful hints and secrets whether your writing, editing, publishing, or selling your next book!”

Chris Ward, author of Gummy Bears In the Toilet

“I’ve only been a member for a short time, and have only used a few of the available tools, but I have already made my membership more than worth the cost. So much excellent and essential information here. I wish I found it sooner.”

Conrad Acosta, author of Dreams of Azenaria

“There are many websites promoting their services on how to assist the independent publisher, only one delivers.

The Author Marketing Club Premium membership has allowed me to contact Amazon reviewers, an impossible task to do manually. This has resulted in some good reviews for the three books that I have written plus some invaluable advice on how to improve future books that I will write.

AMC premium is money very well-spent.”

Phillip Strang, author of www.phillip-strang.com

“I signed up for premium membership thinking I would probably end up taking advantage of the refund policy. However, the tools are proving so valuable, it has quickly become the best value $24.95 a month that I spend. The review grabber and enhanced description maker are my main tools, but there are plenty others to explore.”

Antony Davies, author of The Dead and the Missing

“I have been struggling to get reviews for my book which has received mostly 5 stars from 7 reviewers so far. I signed up for AMC’s premium membership and used the Amazon reviewer grabber tool which provided over 100 potential reviewers and their email addresses in my book’s genre. I have already received a number of positive responses and one 5 star review. I also scheduled a 5-day free-book promotion in Kindle Direct for Aug. 1-5. With AMC’s list of free-book promotion sites, I have coordinated and scheduled announcements of my Kindle Direct promotion that will reach roughly 100k readers via postings and emails. That should generate some buzz and more reviews. Many thanks to AMC.”

Andrew Pace, author of Delightful Hands

“The Author Marketing Club Premium membership is a great toolbox with lots of features – especially for a ‘rookie’ like me. Well worth the investment!”

Doug Lapins, author of Sweet Success

“I have used Author Marketing Club and have had great results. I will be using them a lot more in the future. “

Zax Vagen, author of Finding The Soul Bridge

“I am an Author Marketing Club Premium member and I have to tell you, this membership is like “GOLD” to me. The tools they offer and useful marketing strategies they provide make it easy to promote my books. I can’t be without it! Thank you AMC!”

Tom Sill, author of Lesbian Romance: Something New

“As a Director of Marketing for a library software company, and a wanna be self-pub author, I am impressed with AMC’s marketing materials. They have done a fantastic job of laying out all they have to offer and making it so anyone can go in and in a matter of minutes start using it to help them market their novel. I will definitely be utilizing the tools myself. Thank you AMC!”

Mike Walters, author of www.mikewaltersnovels.com/index.html

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“AMC Premium has been amazing with their option to market my book via an Author Interview. I also enjoyed some of their online videos and articles relevant to writing and self-publishing. They always respond clearly and quickly to emails, and are a great resource for writers and self-publishers.”

Lucy Appadoo, author of Crystal Light

“As a new author, and someone new to the whole business of book marketing and promotion, I have found AMC Premium membership to be a great help in navigating my way through this strange new world. Lots of tools that really help. It’s well worth the cost.”

Art Martin, author of The Ranchers

“Once you get inside the premium version of Author Marketing Club, you start to see why so many people rave about it. I mean, as a self-publishing author, you have to do everything! You don’t have twenty people to delegate tasks to, so you need to find sure fire ways of cutting your time down — this premium club does just that… everything on here has been designed from the point of view of a busy author.”

Jack Simmonds, author of Avis Blackthorn: Is Not An Evil Wizard!

“Locating Amazon reviewers, the latest marketing tips, getting yourself noticed in the increasingly crowded world of publishing. AMC Prime Membership can help. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.”

Wendy Soliman, author of Heirs and Graces

“AMC PREMIUM is my channel, for learning the ropes in building my connection to the world of book marketing. It’s a lifesaver because I can pick and choose marketing tools, which fits my desire. I know nothing about marketing books; I live in the jungles of Thailand, near the Miramar border. Wi-Fi is rare, I have no connections in America except for distant family, and no interest in social media sites since I spend time focused on giving here in the wild. I am outside the box, and I am old school. A lifetime: a rebel, with rare words to share. I won’t leave my moments to sit behind a computer screen day after day; AMC premium covers a wide range of possibility for connection…it gives me perspective and choice, as I’m clowning around the internet, in hopes, someone wants my brilliance: I won’t hold my breath.”


“This is a wonderful site to gain publicity especially the review grabber and the various workshop on line, everything you need as an Indie in one place which saves time. The membership is very reasonable not many sites offer such value for money. Thank you AMC”

Maria Reid, author of A Strange Mother

“AMC as several super resources which help writers market books. I especially like the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker that can be used to write descriptions which grab customer’s attention. I have used it several times.”

Bill Johnson, author of Physician, Heal Thyself; The Oxygen Mask Principle

“The Author Marketing Club has many free features that writers will find useful. But the premium membership offers many more helpful and time saving facets, which authors should have in their toolbox.”

Waheed Rabbani, author of Doctor Margaret In Delhi

“As a newcomer to self-publishing, I was clueless when it came to promotion. Thankfully I found Author Marketing Club. Now I have a support system to help me find success as a published author. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Tess Morrison, author of Finding Lucy

“The Amazon Review Grabber tool that comes with my AMC Premium membership is awesome. How cool! It was so easy to use and in a matter of minutes I had a list of potential reviewers for my book nicely formatted in an Excel spreadsheet. Membership is worth it just for that.”

Nick Alverson, author of Insane-O-Tron

“I signed up for the monthly membership so that I could try the AMC features. I started using the things like getting the info to contact reviewers and some of the video lessons and in two days I changed my monthly membership to a Lifetime membership. The membership benefits are well worth the charge and I plan to put out several more books and make good use of the features. “

ScissorMan, author of Dress for SEXcess

“The Author Marketing Club is a wonderful resource for Authors, particularly first time novelists. There are so many excellent promotional tools available to members. Without club membership I wouldn’t have had a clue where to turn in order to promote my novel, Programmed To Kill. “

David J. Murray, author of Programmed To Kill

“I have been a writer most of my life, but not published. I am pleased to be a premium member of AMC. I am blessed having my first book published with the assistance of AMC. Joining Author Marketing club gives you access to a multiple set of resources, assisting in polishing your book and access to other authors and people that will read your book and give reviews so you can reach others.”

Rea Acal Ciasa, author of The Soft Light

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“In a highly competitive industry every writer, whether traditionally published or an indie author, needs all the help he or she can find. AMC provides a myriad of resources for writers to assist with exposure/promotion, finding reviewers, connecting with marketers, book creation and cover designs, just to name a few! An invaluable resource that every writer should invest in to launch his or her career.”

Felix Alexander, author of The Romantic

“I had left my 3 books on the shelf gathering dust until I signed up with AMC. In just 2 weeks I have been on Facebook and Twitter a number of times and am working on blogging for the first time. I have written 2 draft blogs but not ready to submit yet. AMC has provided the motivation for me.”

James G Lemonds, author of Timer: An American Story

“I recently joined the Author Marketing Club and I’m so happy with my premium membership. I’m in the process of using the review grabber tool and am looking forward to using the other great options that are available. I highly recommend becoming a premium member!”

Sandy Rosinbaum, author of Mansion Hill and The Lark Street Treasure Box Mystery

“I found the Author Marketing Club as a recommended site on Joanna Penn’s Blog. Glad I did. It is a no nonsense, practical and easy to use place for Authors to be. Author Marketing Club has a range of relevant tools for writers who face that awful and intimidating task of marketing their book. Particularly so for an old and newbie author like me.”

Laurie Smither, author of Journey from Donegal

“I joined Author Marketing Club just recently (within the last month) and have already received great benefit. I’ve been dipping into the reviewer grabber like crazy – and contacting people asking for amazon reviews – who are getting straight back to me saying YES YES YES they want to review my book! This is an untapped resource I would never have had the opportunity to access if I didn’t sign up for a premium account. I’m yet to use all the other tools and techniques available, but am looking forward to exploring them too.”

Kate Mathieson, author of Tea & Travels

“Signing up for the Premium Membership is by far the best move my co-authors and I have made in marketing our book. The premium option has given us a wide variety of marketing tools. Not only are these tools easy to use, we’ve found them to be highly effective.”

J.G. Maggio, member of “WE”, the collective authors of The (First) 4 Maxims of Social Conservatism (Non-Fiction)

“I’m a bit of a novice with social media so AMC really helped. The Reviewer Grabber is great as is the Amazon Enhanced Descriptor. Still stacks to go at that I haven’t yet used. A wonderful resource for understanding all the marketing options for any indie writer. Thank you AMC.”

Sandy Hogarth, author of The Glass Girl

“I was so impressed with all the features and tools available at Author Marketing Club when I first came across the site that I joined as a Premium Life Member. I know that AMC will keep developing and offering more unique marketing tools to new Indie Authors over time. AMC Premium is an excellent platform for me to market all my writings from my first novel, “Bound Free”, to future novels and novellas, which are in the pipeline.”

Warren Brown, author of TRAVELMAN

“Despite some unexpected downtime have gotten back in the game and making real progress. Finding the tools and tidbits offered by AMC very useful in organizing both the creative process, and the marketing process. The latter has undergone such dynamic changes in recent years that the tools and guidance offered are extremely important in keeping up with the times. Thanks”

John Waite, author of The Grand Turk File

“AMC Premium is best described as author’s helping authors be recognized. The review grabber is one of the best online tools I have ever used helping me link to other authors to get their help in reviewing my work. I’m so glad to have found this site. Thanks AMC Premium.”

Diane Davies, author of ‘Breast Cancer Saved My Life’ and ‘From There to Here’

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“AMC Premium has given me so many great ideas on how o effectively market my book. As a self-publishing author, it is difficult to wade through which marketing efforts will be most effective. When your time and money are finite, AMC Premium provides access to a wealth of resources to augment an author’s marketing efforts. I highly recommend the service to both new and established authors.”

Joseph Alfred, author of The Immortal

“The Internet is full of options when it comes to marketing your book. For indie writers, this can be a confusing time. Who do you trust? We can’t do it all and we certainly can’t afford to do it all. Some of the options out there are good, but let’s be honest – a lot of them are a complete waste of time. Fortunately the tools available to AMC’s Premium members are genuinely useful. And innovative too. The review grabber is particularly handy when it comes to securing those all important first reviews. But that’s just one of many options available. For the writer desperately seeking marketing solutions, AMC’s Premium Membership is well worth the investment.”

Mark Gillespie, author of FAB

“I started of with free membership of AMC. But after a short while I saw there where much more options to go for with premium. I signed up for a year, at least for now. That will be longer! The enhanced description maker and reviewer grabber system alone are already woth it! It helps me so much in an easy way to improve the marketing for my books. Thanks AMC, proud to be a member.”

Arley Loewen, author of Blood Stains

“The Amazon marketing options have increased my book sales eponentially. The Author Marketing Club will get you more exposure in one day than most literary agents will in months; and they don’t demand 15% of your book income.”

Jon R Horton, view AMAZON PAGE

“As a new member of the Author Marketing Club I have gained valuable knowledge from the training videos. The keen insight to the literary industry that the video instruction provides is eye opening education at its best. I strongly recommend AMC to all authors.”

S.E. Hicks, author of Charlie the Hat

“AMC took the smarminess out of marketing for me. The tools on the site are easy to use. The video courses/interviews not only gave me a different perspective on marketing, they also inspired me to keep moving forward. Putting the advice into action I was able to gain more reviews and new readers.”

Alison G. Bailey, author of Stop!

“There are so many new books released to the market every day, that the competition is razor sharp. As authors, the response has to be to learn from others in the same situation, and to build networks with other authors. Author Marketing Club is one of the best networks on the market, and I highly recommend joining the club!”

Kristian Hall, author of Rise from Darkness

“AMC Premium Membership has so many tools to use, you can’t go wrong with this! I am an author and a book promoter. Being both of those I am always looking for great ways to increase my reach, not only for myself but for authors everywhere! AMC is a great place to do that!”

Margaret Daly, author of Dùsgadh: Essence of Life

“Being an Author Marketing Club Premium member has provided me with a number of tools that have been invaluable in helping me promote my debut novel. The value of the resources available to a Premium member are beyond estimation, and they are very easy to utilize. Highly recommended!”

Kenneth Preston, author of The Passing of Each Perfect Moment

“So far, my Premium Membership in the Author Marketing Club has proven inspirational and very helpful! I’ve utilized the Review Grabber and learned a LOT about how reviews work on Amazon as a result. I also completely re-did my self published book descriptions with the help of the Amazon Enhanced Book Description Maker and was really happy with that process and how they turned out. I’m on the site every day discovering new ways to market Liz Crowe books!”

Liz Crowe, author of Love Garage Book 1

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“I’ve just published the English version of my first book on Amazon and other platforms and this was made effortless thanks to AMC! Thanks to Joanna Penn as well –as it was while reading her book “Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print” that I discovered AMC.

I’ve watched all the video training courses via the Author Marketing Academy and followed the step-by-step process. I’ve also used the Amazon Enhanced Description Generator, a great tool to make your book standout. But, there is much more! I am currently discovering all of the AMC Promotional Marketing Resources. Thank you AMC! And, thank you Jim Kukral, AMC founder, for being so responsive to emails!”

Stephanie Batailler, bilingual author of Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand

“The success of my books would not have been possible without the Author Marketing Club. Their tools and videos are invaluable. I love the people I have come into contact with, everyone is so kind and helpful. Thanks so much.”

Araya Evermore, author of Night Goddess

“As an extremely introvert and single-minded author I was about to learn HTML just to make my Amazon book descriptions better when I discovered AMC. That was a great reason for me to join AMC immediately as I was longing to go back to dance with words and ideas again. That was not the only time saving offer AMC had for authors; it was grabbing reviewers for my book, it was promising to connect an introvert person like me with fellow authors, educational webinars with experienced authors, professional help with my book cover design, book promotion tools and many more. What else could I ask for? I joined straight away and I am so happy that I did. “

Ka Sefika, author of The Little Virgin Whore

“As a new author, it was a shock to realize that writing my book was the easy part. The whole world of book promotion was bewildering and not a little daunting. Then I discovered Author Marketing Club and decided to try out AMC Premium. This is best money I have spent yet on book promotion. All the information, tools and resources I need, all in one place. Book promotion is hard work. AMC Premium means my hard work brings me a greater return.”

Terry Clayton, author of Free Yourself from Anger

“Before I used the enhanced description creator for my book description on Amazon, my click through was dismal. After I changed it using the bullets and suggestions in the training videos on Author Marketing Club premium my click through doubled.
I have not even begun to take advantage of all the training and bonus features available to me as a premium member, but I will be using them soon.
Thank You, Author Marketing Club! “

Aden Lewis, author of Fur, Lust & Magic Series: Book1

“We are experts in what we call “insurgent” or “play-offense” marketing, and AMC provides this capability to us—just now, we’ve launched our new book, The Leadership Campaign (Career Press), and the AMC networks us to key opinion leaders, experts, and business leaders. It’s the place to be seen, heard, and read in the thought leadership world.

At a time when we need more leadership, more thought leadership, in business, politics, government, everywhere, the AMC is an invaluable power center.”

David Morey, award-winning author of The Leadership Campaign

“This is a really helpful site with lots of helpful information – like the video tutorials, seeing how the book is doing and getting a free cover. I recommend this site to my friends and other authors.”

Angelina Kerner, author of Deity’s Soulmate

“Author Marketing Club provides a terrific and easy to use toolkit unmatched by any other service I know. This includes the Optimize Amazon Sales rank tool to help get your book on page one from a keyword search; the Enhanced Description Maker which makes you look like an HTML expert; and the Amazon Review Grabber which lets you target reviewers in your genre. AMC is a great value and an indispensable tool for indie authors.”

Elvo Fortunato Bucci, www.songsofthedeliverer.com”

“I have been a free member of the Author Marketing Club almost from the beginning. Not sure why I didn’t get the Premium Membership a long time ago. I should have for so many reasons: tools, tips, courses, promotions, rubbing shoulders with other authors, and so much more.

In addition to being an author myself, my focus and passion is working with people who know they have a non-fiction book in them, but do not know where or how to start.

One of the things I encourage my students to do is become an Author Marketing Club Premium member. It is a goldmine for authors at any stage of their writing careers – and a MUST HAVE for those who are just starting out. “

Nancy N. Wilson, author of The Healthy Diet Cookbook

“For introvert authors who don’t particularly enjoy marketing, an Author Marketing Club Premium membership is like having a genie in a bottle. All their tools are helpful, from a app that goes out and grabs potential reviewers just right for your book, to an extensive library of videos that teach you how to best promote your book. AMC is the perfect partner for indie author entrepreneurs intent on making it happen.”

Richard Freeland, author of “The 5” (richardfreeland.com)

“Being a new author is difficult as it’s hard to decide what the best tools are to market your book. I looked around for quite a bit before deciding AMC was the best option for me. Even though I’m still new to AMC, it has greatly exceeded my expectations. AMC has so many useful tools that can even help this small town Kentucky girl spread the word about her new novel! I can’t wait to see where AMC takes me and my novel!”

Camryn Burger, author of The Mantra of a Vagabond

“Since I have spent the vast majority of my time writing and editing–preparing my novel for its debut–I have had little time to think about or plan for marketing. The rich marketing content on AMC Premium is a godsend. Now that my Kindle edition is up and my Createspace edition is only a couple of weeks away, I can’t wait to jump into AMC Premium to learn and use all of the superb tools that my AMC Premium membership provides. It’s a book marketer’s gold mine!”

Richard Dwyer, author of The Demon Pool

“As an Independent Author, I am constantly trying to find new ways to promote and market myself so that I can get good honest reviews for my books. I came across a YouTube video not too long ago and on this video they mentioned Author Marketing Club and the review grabber tool. Well, I knew I had to check this out because getting reviews is probably one of the most difficult things as an author. I went to their website and I checked it out and then I decided that I wanted to join. Let me tell you the tools they have for authors are awesome but the review grabber tool has helped me tremendously in connecting with authentic reviewers, bloggers and just avid fans of reading. It takes the leg work out of having to hunt through amazon to find people who actually leave their contact info to be contacted for reviews. It does not cost much at all to have these great tools at the tip of fingers and I highly recommend any author to take advantage of this.”

Debbra Lynn, author of Beyond the Red Carpet

“The reviewer grabber tool has been a great help. I have picked up over ten honest 5 star reviews in the last week on my first novel, Lost Coast Rocket and three on its sequel Hatching the Phoenix Egg. The bad part is I now fear anything less than a 5 star review because it will break my perfect 5 star rating. Ha”

Joel Horn, author of Lost Coast Rocket

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“I recently joined the Author Marketing Club Premium Membership and I highly recommend it to any aspiring author.
It has many great features, but the Review Grabber alone, is worth the price. 5 STARS.”

Phil Philips, author of Mona Lisa’s Secret

“I signed up for Premium membership in order to take advantage of the Review Grabber tool. I’m just getting started, but I’ve had 30% of the reviewers I’ve contacted request to read my book, which I think is a fantastic return on my time and investment. The Enhanced Description Generator was just an extra bonus!”

Karen Sue Walker, author of Murder in White Lace

“WOW a whole new world has opened up to me as I use Author Marketing Club Premium tools and teaching. I am able to help my clients as I learn more and grow.”

Robin Bremer, Publishing Coach/Best-Selling Author of Raising the Dead, Angels, Supernatural Wine, & Other Normal Christian Experience

“Author Marketing Club has proven to be a valuable resource in researching how best to publish my work. From the training videos to the Amazon Reviewer Grabber, I’ve found enough resources to make my Premium Membership well worth it!”

Tony Faggioli, author of The Millionth Trilogy

“I am amazed how thorough the Author Marketing Club is. The Premium Member option offers many very useful tools for Indie authors. I did use the Amazon Reviewer Grabber tool and managed to get in touch with a dozen of motivated reviewers. Training videos are also highly relevant. A valuable go-to resource.”

Larisa Vetrova, author of How Lenin and Stalin Brainwashed Russians

“I’ve been an Indie author for over twenty years. There are hundreds of sites that offer services to make life easier for us. To date, Author Marketing Club offers by far the most benefits. They can hook you up with whatever you need to reach your potential. They have reach. I’m glad I found them. I look forward to a future with their help and support. Give them a look, and a try.”

Cary Allen Stone, author of After the Evil

“AMC has been an incredible help to me. Not only does it offer valuable tools for authors, but has opened up an entire community of writers and industry professionals. It offers a wealth of information for both new writers and those who have been around the block. I wish I had signed up long ago!”

Craig A. Hart, author of Serenity

“I originally joined Author Marketing Club Premium for the review grabber, which is a huge time saver. Since then I’ve had a cover created, used the application to free sites, used the description generator and have just started to watch the video training.
Author Marketing Club Premium is truly a one stop shop for all my author needs. I don’t have to go anywhere else!”

Shonah Stevens, author of Jayne Belmont Mysteries

“I came to Author Marketing Club with a problem. The problem was that I am an author and a psychotherapist, not a marketer. Just because I wrote two books, doesn’t mean I know how to market them. Author Marketing Club premium is helping me learn to become that marketer, and to be excited about it.! Marketing is no longer blind drudgery with no results.”

Trina M. Laughlin, author of Season of the Fallen Sun

“As a new author, marketing can be daunting. Becoming an AMC Premium member gave me access to helpful and practical tips and tools, which made the process much more approachable. The amazon reviewer grabber tool, for example, is easy to use and saved me countless hours.”

K.L. Kranes, author of The Travelers

“I signed up for the Premium Membership to get access to the Amazon Reviewer System as it seemed like a really helpful tool. It is – I successfully used it to get reviews for my first book, How to Love Yourself in Less Than 50 Years and I was thrilled to get some five star reviews! I hope to use the tool to create a reviewer team. I also studied and used the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker and feel that my book descriptions are now greatly improved. I requested the free pre-made book cover for the first in my new series of eBooks, The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results Vol. 1 Letting Go of the Past. I am delighted with the cover and it was automatically provided in a number of different sizes and formats which was great – no resizing needed. I am very pleased with the return on investment”

Marese Hickey, author of How to Love Yourself in Less Than 50 Years

“Author Marketing Club has a wealth of knowledge. As an author only a year into her career, I’m finding the workshop videos to be an invaluable resource. The Masterclass is awesome, but my favorites are the training videos. I’ve learned so much, and at my own pace. I also can’t say enough about the Reviewer Grabber Tool! I’ve been able to connect to so many reviewers, most of whom have agreed to review my boxed set, and some who have agreed to review anything I put out. That tool alone is worth the lifetime membership cost. Between that tool and the Amazon Enhanced Description Maker, I feel like every cent was money well spent.”

Jennifer Amriss, author of Kings of Kal’brath

“I absolutely love AMC Premium, particularly the reviewer grabber tool! I’m very excited as I begin to network, building awareness of my book.”

Adam S. Mednick, author of The Magic Calendar Chronicles

“As a brand new indie author, once I published my first book, the overwhelming nature of marketing hit me. It hit me hard. I felt like one of my characters, still trying to decide what to do next. There’s a ton of info and advice out there, but AMC is a great one stop shop to cover the most important areas to focus on. Premium Membership is completely worth every penny with its many time saving and one of a kind tools. The Review Grabber alone saves hundreds of hours. Hours I’ll be using to write my next book!”

Joseph Preacher, author of Jubilee: The Heist to Erase Debt

“I spent years trying to figure out how to make money doing what I love. I just want to write…to publish, to discover. But I still have to make money, which means I must market my books. Unfortunately, like most self published authors, I suck at it. There is so much bad book marketing scams out there, and I tried most of them. Luckily one of my good friends told me about Author Marketing Club’s Premium option. This is the first time I can say I found book marketing resources that actually helps authors sell more books. No BS, just good stuff that works!”

D.E. Boone, author of Sudoku Newbie