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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Robert Thornhill
Ox and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along.
Their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two fellow passengers.
The murders appear to be linked to a century-old legend involving a cache of gold stolen from a prospector and buried by two thieves.
Their seven day cruise is spent hunting for the gold and eluding the modern day thieves intent on possessing it at any cost.
Another nail-biting mystery

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

By: Kane Lee
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment. It literally translates into wind and water. Feng Shui is often defined as the art of placement because much of it revolves around determining the positive or negative directions for the people, their dwellings and the relationship between them.

Author Kane Lee offers insightful advice on how to apply the ancient teachings of Feng Shui to take the stresses away from modern living and create a unique and harmonious

Children’s Books

By: L. Snow
Full of color illustrations and comics, this series about the adventures of a brother and sister with magical powers will delight readers of all ages! Walter and Florrie are welcomed to the elemental headquarters: Fire Island, the Wind Valleys, Earth Camp, and Seastead. Can they help the Community of Four and face the plots of the Unnatural Forces?

Professional & Technical

By: S. A. Wilson
For some time now, identity theft has been almost universally acknowledged as the fastest-growing crime in the nation, if not the world. So much personal information is now available about the Average Joe that criminals have turned identity theft into an all-you-eat buffet. They drape themselves in your good name and reputation, and – like some evil twin – create havoc in the guise of your person, for which you are wrongfully blamed. However, there are still things you can do to avoid


By: S M Mala
Coming to terms of what happened when ”˜Hurricane Hatty’ took Hatty away six years later, unexpected twists take place for Murray, Delores and Jake, each one carrying their own guilt after Hatty was cruelly swept away”¦ but was she? Is someone hiding a secret? Life’s twists and turns continue in this tale of desire and lust set against the backdrop of tropical heat. The mystery and sexually charged relationships continues until the secret life of Hatty Ha Ha ”¦ ends.
By: Lorraine Margaret
Can one funny, idealistic, loving little Princess really negotiate a relationship with a wild, highly sexual alpha male from the slums?
‘Garden of Lilies’ is a uniquely sensual fantasy romance that follows the struggles of Princess Irisa as she desperately attempts to forge a true and lasting love with Johnny, the leader of her people’s greatest enemies. ‘Garden of Lilies’ will thrill and enchant you with the raw intimacy of sexual and spiritual love.
By: Colette Fry
Erotica Cornucopia 6 is a Bundle of 8 sensual books, including a long novel from Colette Fry. You will love the fascinating people in these sensual stories as they cope with lust, desire, BDSM, bondage, wandering hands and other mischievous actions.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Facts, Methods, The Best Weight Loss Diets and Top 7 The Best Fat Burning Recipes
By: Eyvaz Green
Are you willing to change your own future? Are you willing to do everything in your power to free yourself from negative thinking and unhealthy habits? If you are, you have come to the right place.“The healthy life: It is not just about losing the weight; it is about losing the lifestyle and mindset that you got there.” Losing weight does not happen overnight, and it is far from being an easy process. Losing weight means persistence, determination, and self-control. So, unless you want to stay o

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book One of the Nightpath Trilogy
By: M. S. Farzan
2076 is not a good year to be a special agent. A botched mission turns out to be the least of Eskander’s troubles, when he unearths a plot that threatens the uneasy truce between the aurics and humans of San Francisco, and centers on a form of magic that toys with the very fabric of the universe: Entromancy.
By: John Rhea
In The Rat’s Eye a warp gate exploded knocking out intergalactic travel. A young public defender assigned to one of the defendants searches for the truth.

In Reckoning a man comes face-to-face with grotesque, debilitating, beauty.

The narrator of Elision wrestles with her choices and the choices thrust upon her as she shares her mind with an alien conscience.

And finally in Confessions a wife on her deathbed reveals a secret life to her husband.


Cleaning Up Your Life in Early Recovery
By: Ken Montrose
This 160 page workbook helps newcomers explore their denial, deal with early recovery, and work the first five steps of AA/NA. It offers practical advice and thought-provoking exercises, while telling the story of a young couple in early recovery.

Religion & Spirituality

By: Therese Heckenkamp
“Don’t trust anyone…”
Uprooted from all she’s ever known, Robin Finley is on the verge of turning 18 when she is forced to her mother’s old hometown to live with an uncle she’s never met. The town is small, but it shelters big secrets. Robin encounters two mysterious young men, a tragic mansion, and disturbing questions about the past. Her determination to discover the truth ensnares her in a tangled web that spans the years and threatens to destroy her future.

Arts & Photography

By: Dan Eitreim
Whether you’re a complete novice – or an old pro using the best photo equipment money can buy – when you’re taking pictures of people, EVERY photograph involves posing your subjects! Now you can learn to do them right – and have people saying things like…”WOW! You did that?”

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