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Premium Member Bonus: Get A Beautiful New Pre-Made Book Cover Design


When you become an Author Marketing Club Premium member for the year, you get a free pre-made book cover included with your membership. Browse our gallery and choose a beautiful book cover to customize with your own title and name. Great for upgrading a cover on an existing book, or for a new book you are writing.

  • Save your money and time finding a book cover designer
  • Choose from many beautiful, professionally designed covers
  • Perfect for your next book
  • Or improve your current cover
  • Access the Premium Membership here



“Oh my goodness, my AMC cover I got as a bonus for joining Premium is off the chain! I thought the review grabber made my membership worth the price. But seeing this cover, printing it and getting cold reactions (all said they were ready to buy the book – Yay), makes me ready to re-up my membership for next year.”

Liz Washington, AKA, Naughtie Scribe