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27 Effective Strategies to Stop Procrastination, Increase Productivity and Get Things Done in Less Time
By: Som Bathla
Procrastination- NO MORE! is written to comprehensively address the menace of procrastination. It goes on to explain the key reasons, mindset problems and the language, which causes one to procrastinate. The book focuses on mindset development and showers 27 effective strategies to stop procrastination.

This Book provides a detailed blueprint for mental reprogramming and mindset development to conquer your inner procrastinator. It’ll take you along, step by step, how to overcome your tendency to postpone your important projects and activities. It will help you learn the actionable strategies to consistently take action, which will help you get more done in less time.

In this holistic blueprint:
Ӣ You will learn what is Procrastination with real-life examples, you will resonate and relate with.
Ӣ How Procrastination is distinctively disastrous, as compared to other philosophies around like prioritization and Procrastination on Purpose (POP).
”¢ You will learn the Procrastinator’s code, which procrastinators use to justify procrastination and how to reprogram your mind.
”¢ 5 Mindset Bugs which rule the Procrastinator’s mind and how these differ from a non-procrastinator’s mindset with a focus on mindset development.
Ӣ 11 key Reasons why People Procrastinate (You will definitely find yours)
Ӣ Lastly, the most actionable portion of this book, 27 time-tested strategies, implemented by the productivity stars to beat procrastination and rock their performance to the next best level. And how can you learn these strategies?
”¢ Learn the less heard principles like “Step One-Clarity Rule” and how to quickly start anything despite feeling overwhelmed.
”¢ You will understand how “Just in Time” approach works wonder instead of “Just in Case”approach.
Ӣ You will learn how to mitigate digital distractions by 75% instantly by following practical strategies

Master Your Attention, Ignore Distractions, Make Better Decisions Faster and Accelerate Your Success
By: Som Bathla
Laser-sharp Your Concentration, Fast Track your Performance and Get Things done in Less Time by these Simple, But Proven Ways.

What if you manage to create few extra hours during your day? What if you could beat off distractions without struggling? How would your ability to laser-focus gets more done in less time?

Imagine having extra time you can spend as you want on travel, adventures or just chill out with friends and your loved ones. Imagine having the independence to follow things that matter most to you.

If you wonder why you feel like running around as a headless chicken, why distractions often keep swaying you away from work and why people around you always steal your attention, you need to unlearn dated tricks and adopt new principles to master your attention to accelerate your growth.

Focus Mastery is your key to boost your concentration, keep distractions at bay and create extra time for things that matter.

Download FOCUS MASTERY NOW to Master Your Attention, Make Better Decisions Faster and Skyrocket Your Productivity

In FOCUS MASTERY, you’ll discover:

Top 7 common reasons that are robbing off your ability to concentrate.
Learn How Bill Gates created an entire new industry through one of his one major skill.
How your existing TO-DO-LIST doesn’t help and learn the tweaks for better results.
How to develop an effective mechanism to handle emails and never get distracted by another email.
How super-stars and celebrities build their concentration by “Technology Shabbat”
How multi-tasking slows your cognitive skills and what to do about it.
Learn Effective ways to reset People (including your bosses) to not disturb your focus.
How Boredom can be used as a tool to build your focus muscle.
Learn How to be able to say NO to everything in the first place without burning the bridges.
Why Science tells that you and your smart phones need to be on Aeroplane mode daily.
Learn the research based facts about sleeping and how to create the best environment for build stronger connections amongst neural pathways for better concentration.
Learn Neuropsychological secrets about our brains react when you move your body regularly.
And Much More.
FOCUS MASTERY is for ANYONE who struggles to focus on important things and wants to get rid of all distractions to achieve more in life. Whether you’re a student, knowledge worker, small or medium sized entrepreneur, solopreneur or stay-at-home parent, the strategies described in this book are equally effective and transformational for everyone.

Grab your copy of FOCUS MASTERY today to finally master your focus, keep distractions at bay, and get more done in less time!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Robin Lythgoe
I am Crow, the best thief in all the glittering empire. Ask anyone. Ask Tanris, who’s hunted me all these years and never pinched so much as a tail feather.

Ask Baron Duzayan, the scheming wizard who convinced me to steal a myth.

I always said you couldn’t trust a wizard, and Duzayan is a stellar warning against the breed. I’ll fetch his silly trinket, then I’ll be back to ruin him””Or die trying”¦

By: Lee Isserow
Ana’s grandmother has died in a horrific fashion.
Soon, she finds herself under assault by the same supernatural forces.
But all is not as it seems with the entity that’s hunting Ana down.
Everyone has secrets, and some secrets are powerful enough to kill.
Emma Dawes, Elementalist, Book 0
By: T. Franklin Beck
Brenda has been separated from her friends in the woods, and fears she’ll never find her way home. Her only company is a curiously intelligent fox, who is beckoning her to follow it. She has no idea why, but she feels she can trust this creature implicitly…

Brenda and the Forest Nymph is a short story set in the same world as T. Franklin Beck’s first novel, Undergrad Elementalist..

The Chaos Shift Cycle Book 1
By: TR Cameron
A New Commander. A Deadly Mistake. An Alien Holy War.

Anderson Cross knows command is his destiny. But a seemingly victorious engagement turns deadly as his ship catapults through space into alien territory. As it escapes, an errant torpedo destroys a relic sacred to the aliens.

A holy war starts with one lit match, then explodes. Now Cross and his executive officer Kate Flynn face the might of an alien invasion bent on the destruction of all Earth’s children. Their solitary ship now bears the hatred of an entire species. Can they survive long enough to save humanity?

Trespassers is the first book in The Chaos Shift Cycle, a science fiction novel series. If you like fast-paced action, intrigue, and suspense, then you’ll love TR Cameron’s blistering military science fiction adventure series. Perfect for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Robin Storey
For 20 years, wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress.
When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time, and undo her crime as penance, she accepts ”” what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her.
But her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity, and she soon discovers she has even more to lose this time around.
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