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Science Fiction & Fantasy

(Earth’s End Book 2)
By: Sandy Nathan
Lady Grace holds its own with the best of today’s sci-fi page-turners while accomplishing much more. … as much a spiritual and psychological exploration as it is science fiction/fantasy thriller. …without rival in the canon of contemporary fiction.
Nathan Fisher, MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business

A gripping original sci-fi tale that brings politics, spirituality, and personal responsibility into the mix. … the trip is super enjoyable and will keep you clicking for the next page.
Consuelo Saar Baehr, author of Daughters

I LOVED Lady Grace! I could not put it down. Sandy Nathan has done it again. Within her believable, gripping tale …, Sandy explores … personal relationships, social experimentation, dehumanization, and … love. The twists of Jeremy’s evolution with Eliana and his mother, Veronica Edgarton, are breathtaking.
Ilene Dillon, MSW, Host, Full Power Living Internet Radio,

A Thrilling Dark Fantasy (The Bloodsong Series)
By: Sandy Nathan
Three stories about a witch you’ll want on your side. Vanessa battles vampires, other witches, zombies, trolls, and those really scary and dangerous creatures the press and Internet trolls.
All for the sake of her personal freedom and the man she loves! And her family and friends! What a witch!
By: N. K. Blazevic
A Fresh Take on the Battle Between Good and Evil

Originally created for and inspired by the author’s younger sister, this fairy-tale style fantasy and artwork enchants readers of all ages.


“Blazevic’s Grimenna is a sparkling touchstone, full of old magic and new wisdom. A story for the ages.” – award-winning author Kathleen Winter

“A new-fangled fairy tale, with the feel of a well-loved, cherished fable. Gently brings the reader to a land of magical imagination. Artistry blends beautifully with this whimsical tale.” – Lori Leonard, Ste. Anne des Lacs, Québec

About Grimenna:

When Courage finds Hope”¦

It was in the great forest Grimenna that the first spirits were born, created from the beliefs of men and nourished by thoughts both good and evil. As time unfolded men began to shun these spirits, he turned away from their guidance and plundered the forest for his own means without giving thanks. It was then dark creatures rose from the earth, conjured from the depths of nightmares, and began to drive him out. He found refuge across the great river that divided the land and it was there he settled. No one dared cross the river again; only the wicked, the unclean and criminal were thrown back across to be punished.

Everyone thought the great river would keep them safe, even Paiva Ibbie. A mere peasant living below the river, she suddenly discovers the waters cannot keep the forest at bay any longer as shadows come creeping to her home in both human and spirit form. As these spirits wrestle for dominion over the hearts of men and the forest itself, she realizes that there is only one true thing she possesses that she could possibly wield against them. Her own powerful force of hope. Something the dark spirits will go to extremes to banish.

She turns to a mysterious outcast from the far side of the river for help, but is her hope blind enough to trust someone like him? What truly divides an outcast from a hero, a nightmare from a dream? Perhaps her hope is more dangerous than any outcast criminal, for it can easily lead the wrong way in the dark of the forest. Perhaps evil and good cannot be so easily separated, just as a river cannot so easily separate mankind from the forest.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: George Alexandru
Explore What Is Behind Your Pain and Suffering. Find Out How To Experience Healing and Happiness. Born Out of Author’s Personal Experience, This Book Will Empower you to Rebuild Yourself and Thrive.
By: George Alexandru
Free Yourself from Pain, Anxiety, and Depression, and Heal CFS and PTSD with this Life-Changing Guide. Born Out of Author’s Personal Experience, This Book Will Empower you to Rebuild Yourself and Thrive.

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