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By: Elizabeth Foster
Esme’s Wish is a warm-hearted, whimsical fantasy tale, with lashings of mystery, magic, and mythology, and prose that ‘flows like water.’

When fifteen-year-old Esme Silver objects at her father’s wedding, her protest is dismissed as the action of a stubborn, selfish teenager. Everyone else has accepted the loss of Esme’s mother, Ariane – so why can’t she?

But Esme is suspicious. She is sure that others are covering up the real reason for her mother’s disappearance – that ‘lost at sea’ is code for something more terrible, something she has a right to know.

After Esme is accidentally swept into the enchanted world of Aeolia, the truth begins to unfold. With her newfound friends, Daniel and Lillian, Esme retraces her mother’s steps in the glittering canal city of Esperance, untangling the threads of Ariane’s double life. But the more Esme discovers about Ariane, the more she questions whether she really knew her at all.

Perfect for fans of Cornelia Funke or Rick Riordan.

Discounted to 99c over Christmas/New Year!

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: BL Burke
A Child Trafficking ring in the Brew City.

A Conspiracy of silence that pervades the MPD. 

Perry Jefferson returned to civilian life to join SWAT.  He’s first through the door.  What he finds on the other side shakes him as much as war.  Children being used in ways unimaginable to him.  As he tries to adjust he finds himself in another battle, this one could be for his life.  Will Perry be able to escape this mission?

Detective Barkley has been after a ring of pedophiles for years with few breaks.  Everywhere he turns he hits dead ends.  No one will touch it, no colleague will help him look for the criminals.  An encounter with a hard headed SWAT officer and a flamboyant sergeant gives him an opportunity he’d never had before.  To cut the head off the ring.  But can he stop them without being destroyed in the process?  

In the spirit of Stephen Cannell, Michael Connelly and James Patterson.  The Jones Island Playhouse will make you want keep turning the pages.   

Pick up The Jones Island Playhouse today!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Robin Lythgoe
I am Crow, the best thief in all the empire. Ask anyone. Ask Tanris, who’s hunted me all these years and never pinched so much as a tail feather. Ask Baron Duzayan, the scheming wizard who convinced me to steal a myth.

I always said you couldn’t trust a wizard”¦

By: Lucinda Elliot
Two males are in love with aspiring model Natalie Nicholson, and she is not even sure that one of them is human. These are the best selling writer Alex Sager, and the anti hero from his novels, the wicked but beguiling Ivan Ostrowski from early nineteenth century Tsarist Russia.
The jaded rake Ivan Ostrowski has broken through the barrier from his own reality, seeking revenge on the writer who has imposed a series of unhappy love affairs on him.
Besides, Ostrowski has seen Natalie from afar, and now wildly infatuated with her, schemes to draw her back with him into his own world.
Natalie is unwillingly drawn into a nightmare situation which few can credit. Alex himself cannot believe – as his closest friend insists – that he has brought this situation about through insulting a sinister being known as ‘The Magus’ at an Ouija board session many years ago. He also refuses to credit the increasing parallels between his own life and that of his idol Pushkin, the great poet of Tsarist Russia, whose life was tragically cut short through a duel over his wife.
But even Alex has to admit, Natalie strongly resembles Pushkin’s Natalya, and Ivan Ostrowski certainly wants a battle to the death.
Natalie enlists the help of two New Age gurus, only to realise that the handsome and unscrupulous Ivan Ostrowski is enticing the woman into becoming his dupe.
Meanwhile, she senses that Alex is hurtling towards destruction, and dreads that Ostrowski will draw her into his own world.
A Grace Bishop Novel
By: Denise Bossarte
A serial killer preys on homeless girls. Only her powers can stop him.

Grace is a survivor.

Haunted by the memories of the car accident that killed her brother and brought her police career to an end, she’s determined to bring wrongdoers to justice as a PI.

Little do her clients know that the accident gave her more than nightmares; it gave her paranormal abilities she can’t explain.

When she agrees to help a friend solve a mystery involving missing homeless girls, Grace is drawn into a secret world of Paranorms and The Family that rules them. It’s a supernatural haven for potential friends and deadly evil, and this discovery alters her reality forever.

With the killer still at large, Grace must use her powers to put an end to his murder spree, even if she ends up being the one in the cross-hairs.

Glamorous is the first book in a series of urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. If you enjoy intriguing mystery, new and distinctive paranormal worlds, and a riveting plot, then you’ll love this new series starter.

Literature & Fiction

The Sacred Symbol
By: Mike Dickenson
A young outcast followed by crows finds a flower in the forest one night – it is the Dreamer’s Lotus, a powerful hallucinogen that opens the mind to the meanings of the symbols. This can be helpful, especially when you live in a world where everything is symbolic.

The crow is a dangerous sign that is helping Corvus to transform dreams into reality, though everyone knows that manifestation will get you banished. There is an old lunatic named Obiticus who lives in the forest. He wants to manifest a new world, and Corvus is the key to his plan. Obiticus speaks of things that are forbidden – he knows secrets that only the awakened will understand. Corvus is desperate to know the truth, but even enlightenment has its price.

The Dreamer’s Lotus, book one of the epic Lucidity Series, is a parable for our times. The Dreamer’s Lotus examines the concept of what it means to “awaken,” and reveals the perils of sharing a vision of a better world with those who think you are crazy. A book for lovers of adventure, wilderness, fantasy and philosophy, The Dreamer’s Lotus will make you question everything you believe.

A Very Short Story
By: Gary Paul Bryant
A grandmother’s tragic childhood comes roaring back to life with unexpected consequences while telling bedtime stories to her adopted granddaughter in this very short story by Gary Paul Bryant.
By: Donna Walo Clancy
Grab your tissues – this heartwarming tale of struggle and hope will have you believing in the magic of Christmas. A woman wracked by grief over the tragic loss of her unborn children learns some poignant truths about life, love and motherhood.

Humor & Entertainment

By: David Kempf
The Horror Of It All is a collection of interviews spanning all facets of the horror genre, including novels, film, horror hosts, dark fiction, cover art, and special effects. With a forward by the incomparable Jonathan Maberry, this book is sure to engage, inform, and enlighten every true-blue, horror enthusiast.

100% of every book sold will be donated to benefit those suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

By: Jessamyn Violet
Junkfood Sexlife is a genre-stretching fun house featuring loosely-connected characters living in Venice Beach in the not-too-distant future, 2029. After a devastating, growth-crushing term with celebrity-turned-President George F*ckwad, the United States people voted to appoint a robot as Commander-in-Chief.

The book switches POV each chapter, rotating four times through the seven characters: A Moroccan drummer full of psychic and sexual mojo (Odessa Messa), a theremin-playing witch with a spell to get almost anything she wants (Stevia Wonder), an ex-military hippie-ish party bus driver (Auggie Breakmirrors), a singer who has befriended a canal creature (Cassandra Panda), a psychotherapist who needs therapy more than his patients (Dr. Philip K. Parker), an almost-famous actor with an almost-unquenchable sexual appetite (Gerard Vice), and the self-loathing host of the podcast “I Slept With Them First” (Matt Bogart).

A Very Short Story
By: Gary Paul Bryant
It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to the most protected man on the planet, but when White House staff discover that the President is missing, his closest ally is not surprised.


By: Tanita Rose
Do You LOVE HOT STEAMY Romance? ”Sweet Desire” Will Awaken Your Senses and Satisfy Your Every Fantasy

This Deeply Moving Erotic tale Will make You Laugh and Cry and Hope for More ’till the last page

Noah was everything she ever wanted, everything she ever dreamed about, and yet he was the one she could never allow herself to have. Her best friend’s brother.

She was too sweet, too innocent, too fragile for someone like him. Someone whose tastes ran on the darker side. Someone broken and cynical, steeped in shadows of his past. Someone who exuded control in every aspect of his life, craved and needed it more than he needed to breathe. She could never handle all he would demand of her.
Or so he thought.

Sophie fought so hard to establish control over her life, to diminish the damage her messed-up childhood left behind. The scars that no one could see, and yet they held so much power, contained so much pain. She struggled for years to defeat the shadows choking her from the inside out. To distance herself from the dysfunctional life she was forced to live. And she promised herself she would never give anyone else control over her life. She would never allow anyone else the chance to break her.
And then he came back into her life.

Will these two broken hearts find a path to happiness or will dark secrets of the past tear them apart forever? Will the shadows surrounding them be too much for them to overcome? Will those who wish them torn apart succeed? Or will they find a way to be together after all?

This HOT & STEAMY Erotic tale will Move You, Amuse You and Capture Your Attention ’till the very end. Sweet Desire Will Stay with You long after the last page is read.

Biographies & Memoirs

By: Millys Altman
Here is what one reviewer on Amazon wrote:
“This is a short non-fiction book. I’ve read a couple of books that incorporate the “Spanish Flu.” I never learned as much as in this book. The flu started in the US and not in Spain. I recommend it.”

Children’s Books

By: Haley Belinda
This book was written with the excitement of Christmas in mind. The family preparations such as writing lists, getting the tree ready and visiting Santa are all included in the build-up. There is a twist when a freak Hail storm interrupts the usual happenings. They have to do things differently this year. It is a cozy read for parent and child at Christmastime. The Nativity gets a mention too.

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