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Literature & Fiction

By: Alethea Robertson
It’s sort of funny in a sad way, Harry Speck going through is normal, boring life, oblivious to the fact that he’s in love…


By: Barbara Goss
Fiona jumps on a train heading west to escape her traumatic past. Through an exchange with a woman on the train she ends up in Hays explaining to Sam Jordan why his mail order bride isn’t going to arrive. She is invited to stay with his family where a plot develops in her mind: if she marries her name will change and the law wouldn’t find her. Which man should she try to marry, Sam or his minister brother Martin? Events occur that select the man for her. What if he discovers her past? Or, what if she discovers his?
By: Ryan A. Knightley

One night is all it takes…
“…tantalizing and juicy.” –P. R. Bunke, Editor.

When potions witch, Sarai Brenner, goes along with her husband’s idea of a little… experiment, what started out as a simple, one-time fantasy turns into unguarded lust, obsessive control, and power beyond rational thought.

*Contains explicit sexual content.

By: Agnes Diaz
Mae Williams is an expert at her job. At least she thought she was until she became the interim band manager for BAD BEAT ”” the heavy metal group that has been making headlines across America for the past eleven years. But an outdoor venue and a summer storm create a crisis she can’t control ”” and one over-confident lead guitarist seems set on turning her world upside down.
Ian McCafferty has worked hard to become the best. Money doesn’t matter when there’s fans to please and life to enjoy. Then one crazy concert changes everything. It turns out that this particular bad boy is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And when the lights go out, he’s got the boss lady in his arms and all the time in the world to make her his own.
But what happens when the storm blows over? Has anything truly changed? The fans are still there, and there still is the concert of a lifetime to perform. But for the king of power and flash a performance without electrical power, pyrotechnics and not even a single light means he’s going to have to change everything he’s used to define himself ”” including how he wins a lady’s heart.
This is the first story of a bad boy billionaire romance series.


By: Patti Roberts

The Craft meets Practical Magic. Short, episodic fiction.

On her arrival in Ferntree Falls, Alexandria knows something is amiss. Not only does Andrew, her new best friend disappear in the sunlight, but someone Alexandria thought she could trust is trying to kill her!

Humor & Entertainment

Mini Twisty Turner
By: Linda Ballou
Hawaiian holiday turns mysterious when long-time friend leads narrator on a downhill slide into Rainbow Valley.

Religion & Spirituality

By: Barbara Goss
Left on the steps of a church as in infant, Laura struggles with her decision to dedicate her life to God. On her way to a mission in Texas, a train robber snatches the novice nun and uses her as a hostage. Jesse Collins, her rescuer, not knowing what else to do with her, takes her home to his family. Never having experienced family life, Laura is touched by it and is confused by her building affection for Jesse. However, someone wants her gone and takes steps to make that happen.

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