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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Rosalind Minett
A Sci Fi Spy Adventure Thriller
By: David Avoura King
Norton Blake is one of MI9’s top secret agents.

When a fellow secret agent disappears in Rome while investigating a leak of British secrets to an enemy, Norton is sent to investigate.

Now Norton is fighting modern-day Nazis to recover those secrets from them, even though they are trying to kill him. And from far away some Nazis with high-tech are also trying to make Norton disappear.

A Shig Sato Novella
By: Joseph Mark Brewer
Setsuko Usami, the wife of a top Bank of Japan economist, is found dead in her bathroom. The police report points to an accidental drug overdose. Government officials want to keep the death under wraps to avoid scandal. But when the toxicology report arrives, it points to murder.
Despite his independent streak and reputation for turning down promotions, the bureaucrats in government and at the Tokyo Police headquarters know there’s only one man for the job: Inspector Shig Sato. He re-opens the case and follows the clues. What he discovers is more shocking than any official can imagine.
Will Sato bend to the will of his superiors and keep the case quiet, or will Sato go the distance to catch a killer?
Because someone just might get away with murder.
By: Robin Storey
For 20 years, wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy has borne the guilt of murdering her first husband Charlie, who was planning to leave her for his mistress.
When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time, and undo her crime as penance, she accepts ”” what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her.
But her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity, and she soon discovers she has even more to lose this time around.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Robin Lythgoe
I am Crow, the best thief in all the glittering empire. Ask anyone. Ask Tanris, who’s hunted me all these years and never pinched so much as a tail feather.

Ask Baron Duzayan, the scheming wizard who convinced me to steal a myth.

I always said you couldn’t trust a wizard, and Duzayan is a stellar warning against the breed. I’ll fetch his silly trinket, then I’ll be back to ruin him””Or die trying”¦

By: Lee Isserow
This clinical trial isn’t going to win any ethics awards…

Sarah wants a revolution in her life.
Ever since her parents were murdered, she’s been directionless, and finds herself joining a clinical trial – but all is not as it seems once they go underground…

By: Lee Isserow
Blood will be spilt – but this blood bites back!

Ben Graham dreams of monsters.
He has done ever since he witnessed his mother’s murder as a child.

But Ben will discover that not only are there real monsters out there…
They’re in his blood.

By: Lee Isserow
Ana’s grandmother has died in a horrific fashion.
Soon, she finds herself under assault by the same supernatural forces.
But all is not as it seems with the entity that’s hunting Ana down.
Everyone has secrets, and some secrets are powerful enough to kill.
By: Mary Liwhinky
An adventurous fantasy tale of growth and childhood, The Messenger Pigeons is a novel that follows three close friends that are forced to take part in a trip that they didn’t quite want ””which proves to become more and more extensive as the story progresses. However, you should not expect an epic fantasy of massive proportions from this, because that is not what you’re going to get. From beginning to end, the story is solely about its three main characters, and, after all, they aren’t epic or strong or fearless: they are just kids.
Emma Dawes, Elementalist, Book 0
By: T. Franklin Beck
Brenda has been separated from her friends in the woods, and fears she’ll never find her way home. Her only company is a curiously intelligent fox, who is beckoning her to follow it. She has no idea why, but she feels she can trust this creature implicitly…

Brenda and the Forest Nymph is a short story set in the same world as T. Franklin Beck’s first novel, Undergrad Elementalist..

The Chaos Shift Cycle Book 1
By: TR Cameron
A New Commander. A Deadly Mistake. An Alien Holy War.

Anderson Cross knows command is his destiny. But a seemingly victorious engagement turns deadly as his ship catapults through space into alien territory. As it escapes, an errant torpedo destroys a relic sacred to the aliens.

A holy war starts with one lit match, then explodes. Now Cross and his executive officer Kate Flynn face the might of an alien invasion bent on the destruction of all Earth’s children. Their solitary ship now bears the hatred of an entire species. Can they survive long enough to save humanity?

Trespassers is the first book in The Chaos Shift Cycle, a science fiction novel series. If you like fast-paced action, intrigue, and suspense, then you’ll love TR Cameron’s blistering military science fiction adventure series. Perfect for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica.

Religion & Spirituality

By: Barbara Goss
Left on the steps of a church as in infant, Laura struggles with her decision to dedicate her life to God. On her way to a mission in Texas, a train robber snatches the novice nun and uses her as a hostage. Jesse Collins, her rescuer, not knowing what else to do with her, takes her home to his family. Never having experienced family life, Laura is touched by it and is confused by her building affection for Jesse. However, someone wants her gone and takes steps to make that happen.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Master Your Attention, Ignore Distractions, Make Better Decisions Faster and Accelerate Your Success
By: Som Bathla
Laser-sharp Your Concentration, Fast Track your Performance and Get Things done in Less Time by these Simple, But Proven Ways.

What if you manage to create few extra hours during your day? What if you could beat off distractions without struggling? How would your ability to laser-focus gets more done in less time?

Imagine having extra time you can spend as you want on travel, adventures or just chill out with friends and your loved ones. Imagine having the independence to follow things that matter most to you.

If you wonder why you feel like running around as a headless chicken, why distractions often keep swaying you away from work and why people around you always steal your attention, you need to unlearn dated tricks and adopt new principles to master your attention to accelerate your growth.

Focus Mastery is your key to boost your concentration, keep distractions at bay and create extra time for things that matter.

Download FOCUS MASTERY NOW to Master Your Attention, Make Better Decisions Faster and Skyrocket Your Productivity

In FOCUS MASTERY, you’ll discover:

Top 7 common reasons that are robbing off your ability to concentrate.
Learn How Bill Gates created an entire new industry through one of his one major skill.
How your existing TO-DO-LIST doesn’t help and learn the tweaks for better results.
How to develop an effective mechanism to handle emails and never get distracted by another email.
How super-stars and celebrities build their concentration by “Technology Shabbat”
How multi-tasking slows your cognitive skills and what to do about it.
Learn Effective ways to reset People (including your bosses) to not disturb your focus.
How Boredom can be used as a tool to build your focus muscle.
Learn How to be able to say NO to everything in the first place without burning the bridges.
Why Science tells that you and your smart phones need to be on Aeroplane mode daily.
Learn the research based facts about sleeping and how to create the best environment for build stronger connections amongst neural pathways for better concentration.
Learn Neuropsychological secrets about our brains react when you move your body regularly.
And Much More.
FOCUS MASTERY is for ANYONE who struggles to focus on important things and wants to get rid of all distractions to achieve more in life. Whether you’re a student, knowledge worker, small or medium sized entrepreneur, solopreneur or stay-at-home parent, the strategies described in this book are equally effective and transformational for everyone.

Grab your copy of FOCUS MASTERY today to finally master your focus, keep distractions at bay, and get more done in less time!


By: L Rita St Claire
His blue eyes are stunning. She can’t help but fall for him. But he hides an incredible secret”¦

Five years after her divorce, Pamela Brandon wasn’t looking for love. When she meets a mysterious stranger, Hunter Reese, she’s entranced by his blue eyes. His eye color is rare for an African-American and identical to her own. While he’s cold to her at first, Hunter opens up, and the two fall madly in love.

As their whirlwind romance spins into a marriage proposal, Pamela can’t believe her luck. But there’s more to Hunter than meets the eye, and she has no idea just how far he’s traveled to bring their lives together.

Blue Diamond Love is the first book in a contemporary romance series. If you like riveting suspense, page-turning plots, and love that seeks to conquer all odds, then you’ll love L Rita St. Claire’s surprising and compelling debut.

By: S.J. Mullins
Luke Cassidy is a billionaire playboy who loved living fast. Fast cars, fast women and no responsibilities.

Even though he is the owner of a multi-million dollar company in Texas, Luke still has a very carefree attitude. His family, and best friend is worried about his reckless behavior and is convinced that he will never change, calm down and settle down.

This does however change when Luke finds a woman beaten in an alley on the wrong side of town.
Playing the hero to a woman he has never met is unlike him, and everyone is surprised by this, even Luke.

Aria Torres had the world at her feet. She had just graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in psychology, and was ready to take on the world. What she didn’t expect was to be brutally attacked one night and left for dead. She wakes up in hospital with no memory of what happened to her, or of her life before the assault.

When no-one comes forward to claim Aria at the hospital, Luke’s family urges him to step up and be responsible for once. He reluctantly agrees, knowing this was going to be a mistake.
And it was, as Luke soon realizes there is more to life than partying as he helps Aria fill in the blanks of her life before him.

By: Kathy Kulig
In a blistering story of raw emotions and desire, a tormented women exiled on a savage planet teaches 2 alpha males that duty and courage can’t save worlds…but love can.
By: Barbara Goss
Fiona jumps on a train heading west to escape her traumatic past. Through an exchange with a woman on the train she ends up in Hays explaining to Sam Jordan why his mail order bride isn’t going to arrive. She is invited to stay with his family where a plot develops in her mind: if she marries her name will change and the law wouldn’t find her. Which man should she try to marry, Sam or his minister brother Martin? Events occur that select the man for her. What if he discovers her past? Or, what if she discovers his?
A 3-Book Box Set of Mail Order Bride Western Romances
By: Jenny Creek Tanner
This brand new 3-book box set by top-selling mail order bride western romance author Jenny Creek Tanner is on sale now for just $0.99!

The box set includes:
Book 1 – An Honest Crook
Book 2 – A Thief’s Treasure
Book 3 – The Captor’s Heart

All three books tell the stories of young women whose plans to marry upstanding men are jeopardized when they realize the men may not have been what they were expecting…they were scoundrels!

By: Agnes Diaz
Mae Williams is an expert at her job. At least she thought she was until she became the interim band manager for BAD BEAT ”” the heavy metal group that has been making headlines across America for the past eleven years. But an outdoor venue and a summer storm create a crisis she can’t control ”” and one over-confident lead guitarist seems set on turning her world upside down.
Ian McCafferty has worked hard to become the best. Money doesn’t matter when there’s fans to please and life to enjoy. Then one crazy concert changes everything. It turns out that this particular bad boy is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And when the lights go out, he’s got the boss lady in his arms and all the time in the world to make her his own.
But what happens when the storm blows over? Has anything truly changed? The fans are still there, and there still is the concert of a lifetime to perform. But for the king of power and flash a performance without electrical power, pyrotechnics and not even a single light means he’s going to have to change everything he’s used to define himself ”” including how he wins a lady’s heart.
This is the first story of a bad boy billionaire romance series.

Education & Reference

A diary of the ups and downs of being a doctoral student
By: Nilam A. McGrath
What’s it really like to do a PhD? There are lots of books of the ”˜how to’ variety for organising yourself, dealing with supervisors, and writing your thesis. But what about the emotional journey, and the changes to your health, social life, and your relationships with those closest to you? What about all the mistakes you make while trying to figure things out? And what if you’re not sure about life as an academic, what then?

Read about the tears, tantrums and TV habits that led to Nilam passing with no corrections and taking a leap of faith at the end of her PhD rollercoaster.

Literature & Fiction

By: Lucinda Elliot
When Clarissa Greendale inherits the fortune of disreputable uncle she hardly knows, she does not expect to find herself forced into marriage with an aristocratic fortune hunter and wild, brawling, debauched social outcast. Not only that, but her name featured some way down on the list of eligible heiresses he planned to court. Still,Clarinda has always found Harley Venn set off the most unmaidenly tinglings in her; that is one consolation…

Yet neither did Clarinda expect to inherit the legacy of a wrongdoing from half a century before. For the wicked if beguiling Lord Venn seems to have inherited a family curse, which, having dispatched the main perpetrators of the old crime, now moves on to their heirs, who are just as wild a set of rakes as their elders. There are rumours of violent deaths preceded by appearances from an inexorable hooded spectre, of inexplicable strikes of lightning, and of haunted mirrors.

The light-hearted Harley Venn dismisses all these as conjuring tricks. He even hires a drunken charlatan of a professional magician to prove it.

Clarinda is far from sure that there is any rational explanation. Still, it would take more than an enforced marriage to an incorrigible pugilistic libertine or persecution from malevolent spectres to damage her steely nerves and sense of the ridiculous.

This lively Gothic comedy, written as a good natured satire of the cliches of classical Gothic, gives the reader a warm-hearted and courageous heroine, a rascally but beguiling anti-hero and an authentic historical background to the delightfully over-the-top adventures, a cast of wholly believable characters, an engaging love story and many chills on its way to its tumultuous conclusion.

By: M.E.Skeel
This is a survival story based on a historical character. Richard is transported to Australia at eight years old and sentenced to hang at 15 for a crime he did not commit. He runs away into the unknown and has to fight to survive.
The Coming Home Series
By: Jennifer Sivec
Special Preorder Price!
Maggie Whitaker had always dreamed about the same boy even though she’d never met him.

A loner, with an overly critical mother and a head full of self-doubt, she has spent most of her life isolated. That is, until she meets Trip. He becomes her only friend until he cruelly betrays her, making her feel even more alone.

Sam has endured far more than anyone has ever realized. When he meets Maggie, he feels as though he knows her immediately. They fall for each other hard and fast and Maggie feels as though she’s been waiting for him her entire life.

Their life together is beautiful as they make plans for a future together, until Sam is in a horrible accident and suddenly everything changes.

When Maggie finds herself alone with no explanation, she does her best to move on with her life. She realizes that erasing Sam from her heart is close to impossible, until Dylan.

As she’s finally about to have her chance at love, the unexpected happens and Maggie must decide if love is ever just enough, or if she needs more to be complete.

Caution: This story contains themes of sexual assault, addiction, and mild sexual situations.

Christian Books & Bibles

The Untold Story
By: Linda Chappo
Finally, the untold story of Noah’s animals, and what “they” experienced on the ark. In this charming adventure story, a clever and wise elephant saves the day by healing stormy relationships. Also in Italian, Spanish, German and French.

Humor & Entertainment

Mini Twisty Turner
By: Linda Ballou
Hawaiian holiday turns mysterious when long-time friend leads narrator on a downhill slide into Rainbow Valley.

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Picky Eating
By: Mary DiTosto
How To Get Your Dog To Eat is a how-to guide that addresses the eating habits of dogs. It provides a wealth of tips, tricks, games and advice to make mealtimes fun and easy. It delves into the possible causes of mealtime problems, such as illness, unfamiliar locations, proximity of other animals, disruption of routines, etc. And it provides practical solutions to make dog owners’ lives easier and allows dogs to live happier, healthier lives.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

By: Ani Right
Do you like Chinese food? Are you planning to go to China or just visit a new Chinese restaurant? Do you enjoy Chinese tea, but have no idea which is the best one to buy?

Ani Right can help you with her crash-course in Chinese cuisine and tea.

In this book you will find information on:

– The main ingredients in Chinese cooking
– Regional particularities of Chinese cuisine
– Meals to order in Sichuan or Shandong
– What not to do with Chinese chopsticks
– Best Chinese snacks and deserts
– Most popular Chinese alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
– Chinese eating etiquette
– Types of Chinese tea
– Best types of Chinese tea
– Regions where the best tea is grown
– Tea houses
– The Tea street in Beijing
– Tea scams in China
– And much more

If you need information on this important part of Chinese culture without getting into detail or reading volumes, download this book. While relocating to China, Ani Right researched to find this information, and has now produced a condensed crash-course to help others to be well informed on Chinese cuisine.

Business & Investing

By: Julie Sylvia Kalungi
A Dynamic, Game-changing Guide to Pinterest Marketing and Pinterest for Business for Profit. Did you know that Pinterest is an Art form and that 80% of Pinterest users are targeted Buyers? You can use Pinterest for your content marketing, brand building and make awesome profit$ to boot! Uncover the Secrets to boosting your marketing, business, and Making Money with Pinterest! Pinterest is one of the most ignored yet most interesting and exciting ways to attract a great deal of traffic to your offers for free! Well its time you got in on the party!

Children’s Books

An Astronomy Story
By: Karl Beckstrand
“Guides readers into a world that is eye-opening and page-turning!” – UP Authors cover design award, Amazon’s top 5 Hot New children’s books Feb. 2014. A picture book introduction to the night sky through the eyes of an American Indian girl. STEM activities include finding constellations, stars, and other heavenly bodies (ages 4 – 9). Space science book comes with online astronomy GLOSSARY, 30 illustrations (hard, soft cover, ebook), ISBN: 978-0985398880
By: Pete Davies
Recently Number 2 in Amazon USA Kindle edition mystery/ thriller & suspense!
When the bank stops her money, a law abiding granny decides to take the law into her own hands!


By: Patti Roberts
The Craft meets Practical Magic. Short, episodic fiction.

On her arrival in Ferntree Falls, Alexandria knows something is amiss. Not only does Andrew, her new best friend disappear in the sunlight, but someone Alexandria thought she could trust is trying to kill her!

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