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Literature & Fiction

By: Lilly Adam
The year is eighteen sixty and at seventeen, May Huntley has lived all of her life in the quiet hamlet of Ashley Green, Cheshire, with her loving ma. One November night, a terrible tragedy occurs which is set to change her life forever. Taken in by the kind and elderly Mrs Weaver, who feels she must disclose some shocking family secrets, and warn her of the impending danger, May is left distraught. Finding herself in the evil hands of the ruthless Bill Haines, from the East End slums of London, May’s life is in grave danger. While Jack Turrell and his father Bart go in search of May, her family secrets continue to unravel, bringing more shocks and surprises, and a blossoming romance between her and Jack.


A Writer’s Guide to Creating Abundance
By: Honoree Corder
You work hard on your writing. Get the earnings and the life you deserve!
Writers don’t get paid much. At least, that’s what you’ve convinced yourself. You believe that you’ve taken up the mantle of the starving artist, and that means you have to struggle for every cent you earn. But what if a simple change in beliefs and tactics could lead you to abundance and success? Your time would be better spent and your bank account would finally be full from your creative efforts. Author Honorée Corder is here to help you transform your life.

Most books on writing touch on craft or marketing. Prosperity for Writers goes in a different direction entirely, providing you with the techniques, tools, and ideas you need to revolutionize your writing business and beliefs. Based on her innovative course, Honorée and a laundry list of forward-thinking writers will change your mindset for good into one of abundance. Once you’ve transformed your inner world, you’ll be able to boost your bank account with proven action steps that will help you live off your writing.

With Honorée’s invaluable 100-day plan and daily practices by your side, you’ll go from struggling to prosperous faster than you ever thought possible. By sharing her money-changing beliefs, affirmations, and proven success stories, Honorée has elevated writers from every area of the profession to financial success. Don’t suffer any longer. Read this book to finally become the person you knew you could be: a financially-successful career writer.


The Daughters of Charity Work as Civil War Nurses
By: James Rada, Jr.
Get Battlefield Angels at its lowest price ever!

“Rada describes women religious who selflessly performed life-saving work in often miserable conditions and thereby gained the admiration and respect of countless contemporaries. In so doing, Rada offers an appealing narrative and an entry point into the wealth of sources kept by the sisters.”-Catholic News Service.

“Battlefield Angels is not a scholarly examination of war nurses. Rada tells the stories of the sisters who served from early 1861 the war’s end. You will find the stories of their service on battlefields like Antietam and Gettysburg, on troop transports on the James River, POW prisons like Point Lookout in Maryland and hospitals like Satterlee in Philadelphia. The stories are told in a compelling narrative, though the story tends to jump around because it is told chronologically.”-The Camp Chase Gazette

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Joshua Robertson
Branimir is a small, demonic looking creature, who is also the slave to the mighty, magical Highborn. When his masters create a dagger capable of destroying the World Tree, he is dragged along on a quest to remedy the mistake of his masters. Now, facing demons, centaurs, and skin-switchers, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes in this unique, fantasy world.
By: Ann Riley
Southern Zombies Five Book Box Set. Featuring A Story of Survival, Southern Hospitality, Southern Blood, Southern Revenge, and South of Hell.

The world we live in now is one where you have to fight or die. There are no exceptions. Sometimes, fighting against the people who want to take what you have is harder than dealing with the walkers. The world may never be the same again. I’m thinking it won’t. How could it be? We have lost 75% or more of the human population. Since there are no communications, that number doesn’t even include the whole world. No one knows how it is in other countries. We have always said the government was incompetent, well they finally proved it with the zombie outbreak.

By: B. Kristin McMichael
Whitney flew halfway across the country to start over. She was ready to be a normal human; one who didn’t have to worry about drinking blood or all the fighting that went on in that world. And she was pretty close to getting that, at least until she decided to take swim lessons. She was paired with the high school hottie, and she’s quickly thrown right back into the night human world she thought she was getting away from. The only question is: Can she survive going back?
By: T. R. Lester
Kastor Blackwood knows he’s a demon hunter trained by Lucifer Morningstar.
What he doesn’t know is his true origins are about to put him on the path of preventing the total obliteration of our world. A demon apocalypse is coming. Will he be able to prevent it before total destruction?

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