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By: Ani Right
This is a concise book on all aspects of air travel – from preparation for the trip, finding best deals,using best apps and sites, packing, tips to feel better onboard, useful hints for time in transit and more.


Sins of Odyssey Book 1
By: Kathy Kulig
Amazon Top 100 Literary Short Story.
A billionaire proposes an offer that’s so wrong, so risky and incredibly sexy. Yes, it’s a terrible idea, and she’s crazy to accept, but she’s desperate and can’t refuse. Can she survive the consequences?
When fate steps in…
By: Elizabeth Perry
Beckett McCallister broke my heart ten years ago. Well, actually, he ripped it right out of my chest… crushed it…stomped on it…you get the picture. I vowed to never see his face again, and for ten years, I have kept my word.
I left him in the dust and never looked back.
Until now, when I am forced to return home…
Forced to see him again…
One little word describes me…

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: E.S. Shankar
This non-fiction ebook is the A-Z of the 2006 murder by C4 plastic explosives of Mongolian national Altantuya who became embroiled in the Malaysian government’s US$2.3 billion Scorpene Stealth Submarines procurement contract with France. In the book’s final chapter modeled after the famous 1898 expose ‘J’accuse’ by Émile Zola, author E.S. Shankar lays firmly the blame for a massive cover-up right at the door-step of Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Tun Razak and what he has branded, as his government of thieves.

Christian Books & Bibles

A Lay Catholic’s Perspective
By: Frances A. Garcia
Catholics always strive with sexual and family issues. This book is a guide, not only for Catholics, but also for anyone in a relationship who seeks to do God’s will in their lives. This book may also be used as a guide to teach young people about the importance of marriage without preaching or lecturing them.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Learn the Science of Slim
By: Beran Parry
Do you want to be leaner? Do you want to be a whole lot healthier than you are right now?
Do you believe deep down that you can be so much fitter than you are right now? Are you ready to discover the secrets behind the amazing PALEO Epigenetic revolution that’s transforming the lives of millions of people every single day?
Now that knowledge and priceless information is available at the tips of your fingers in your very own copy of the Paleo Epigenetic Diet Bible.

Gay & Lesbian

By: Jamie Barker
Jamie was looking for men to take sexy photos of him which to use for a dating site. Read about the responses Jamie had from horny men, such as a mature man wanting to film Jamie having sex with men in a sauna, and a man trying to help Jamie find a job as a barman, go-go dancer, model, or masseur

Medical Books

By: Ani Right
This is a short, concise book on autism. It gives the main knowledge on what triggers it, how to prevent it, is it contagious, how to live with/next to autist, famous artists, etc. The book for everyone who needs to get basic knowledge.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Joshua Robertson
Branimir is a small, demonic looking creature, who is also the slave to the mighty, magical Highborn. When his masters create a dagger capable of destroying the World Tree, he is dragged along on a quest to remedy the mistake of his masters. Now, facing demons, centaurs, and skin-switchers, Branimir becomes the most unlikely of heroes in this unique, fantasy world.
By: B. Kristin McMichael
Whitney flew halfway across the country to start over. She was ready to be a normal human; one who didn’t have to worry about drinking blood or all the fighting that went on in that world. And she was pretty close to getting that, at least until she decided to take swim lessons. She was paired with the high school hottie, and she’s quickly thrown right back into the night human world she thought she was getting away from. The only question is: Can she survive going back?
By: T. R. Lester
Kastor Blackwood knows he’s a demon hunter trained by Lucifer Morningstar.
What he doesn’t know is his true origins are about to put him on the path of preventing the total obliteration of our world. A demon apocalypse is coming. Will he be able to prevent it before total destruction?

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