Book Widget Sidebar Tool

Ever wanted to display a really awesome looking widget in the sidebar of your website or blog of all of your books? Sure you have. The problem is (was) that you had to do a LOT of work (and know html) to make the widget look great. Not anymore! Introducing the AMC Book Widget Tool.

Here’s how it works. Grab your book ASIN number from Amazon. Pop it in below, and click the button to instantly create your very own beautiful widget. Our tool will reach out to Amazon and grab your cover, title, stars, current price and link and build you a widget instantly. Then you simply take that code and copy it and paste it into your site. Wow!!!!

Click here to watch the short video demo on YouTube of how to use this tool.

Note: AMC Premium members can add up to 10 books. Free members can only add one. Also, Premium members can insert their own Amazon Associate code as well. Upgrade today and get instant access.


Step 1: Choose a background color
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Step 2: Choose your widget width
Step 3: Display your books
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