You’ve got questions about the Bookalyzer? We’ve got answers! If you can’t find your answer or have a media request, please use our contact form.

Question: How do I improve my book score?
Answer: Our book score is calculated by many factors, some of them being book ranking, price and review quantity. Your best bet is to work on finding ways to increase the quantity and quality of things like that. Check the recommendations section on your book results page for tips and strategies.

Question: Your estimated sales per day data is wrong? I know I’ve sold more books than that!
Answer: Remember, the estimated sales per day is created by the current sales rank at the time of using the Bookalyzer. So, yes, you could have sold more books before (the day before, a week before, etc…), but at the exact time you ran your Bookalyzer report, your sales rank is what it says it was. It’s real-time.

Question: How do you get all this data?
Answer: Most of what we show is pulled safely from Amazon using their public api (a fancy term for database). The rest, like book score and estimate sales per day is generated by us using our own calculations. We do not show any information that isn’t already publicly available and we have no insider information. We will never ask for your Amazon login credentials.

Question: How will this help me sell more books?
Answer: By analyzing your book score and results (and your competitor’s books) you should see a more clear picture of what it takes to have a successful book. Now you can spend time working on the recommendations to improve your book sales and marketing efforts.