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Ready to sell more books? Make your Amazon descriptions stand out with colors and styles using our tool below. It’s fast, easy and powerful!

Download The Guide Book First…

Download our short guidebook (pdf) on how to create awesome Amazon descriptions before you use the tool below. It will teach you how to write better descriptions and help you sell more books.

Watch Tutorial Video…

The Opportunity…

The facts are that robust Amazon descriptions increase book sales because they get a potential reader to engage more with your book listing. Let your reader learn more about you and your book so they can make an easier decision to purchase it.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This?

The problem is that the process of creating the special html code needed to use on Amazon is very difficult. But we’ve solved that problem for you. Use the form below to input your current Amazon description. Then watch as we magically turn it into the html code needed for you to simply paste into your Amazon KDP account description (doesn’t work in Author Central). It’s that easy! And, before you ask, no, this is not against the Amazon rules. You won’t get in any trouble.


All fields below are optional. You can choose to use some, or all, it’s up to you. To test it, click the big blue button below to see how it will look on Amazon (scroll down for preview). You’ll notice we put in some content for you to get started. Just replace what we have with your own.

Continue to edit and click the blue button as much as you like until you have it formatted to your satisfaction (it will look just like it does in our preview). Then, grab the code and proceed to Step 2 to learn how to use it.

Want To Make Your Description Even Fancier? Do You Know HTML?

The approved HTML tags that Amazon allows are: “b”, “br”, “em”, “font”, “h1”, “h2”, “h3”, “h4”, “h5”, “h6”, “hr”, “i”, “li”, “ol”, “p”, “pre”, “s”, “strike”, “strong”, “sub”, “sup”, “u” and “ul”. Feel free to manually insert any of those tags in each text box below and click the blue button and see how it looks. This is only recommended for people who understand how to use html. You won’t break anything, don’t worry.



Your Amazon Description Code Is Below. Copy It Completely and follow the directions here.

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