Course – Running Your First Book Ad Campaign, Including BookBub

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3dSummary: Welcome to Running Your First Book Ad Campaign, a video course that details the basics behind advertising your book. There are dozens of websites that say they have thousands of readers primed and ready to read your books, for a fee.

This course will teach you how to submit to the top advertisers like BookBub and how to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Download the PDF guide here.

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: How Sales Rank & Popularity Lists Work

Video 3: How Ad Campaigns Give You A Boost

Video 4: Pros & Cons

Video 5: Determining Your Budget

Video 6: Preparing Your Book Listing

Video 7: Where To Apply

Video 8: Applying To BookBub

Video 9: If BookBub Accepts You

Video 10: If BookBub Rejects You

Video 11: Scheduling Your Campaign

Video 12: Optimizing Your Campaign

Video 13: Tracking Your Sales

Video 14: Supplementing Your Campaign

Video 15: Evaluating Your Return On Investment

Video 16: Integrating New Readers

Video 17: Planning Your Next Campaign

Video 18: Recap