How to Make Connections & Sell More Books

Summary: There are some really important things in this course that all authors whether you’re self published, or your books are published by a small press, or you’ve got a big traditionally published book deal, these are the things you need to know to succeed. The people who are having the most success in this publishing industry, they know how to network. Networking is one of those skills that some people have naturally. This course is meant to tell you the steps that you need to take to make sure that you’re connecting with the kind of people that you need to connect with who will make your career more successful.

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What You’ll Learn:

The benefits of networking – First, you’re going to learn the benefit’s of networking and there are many especially when you’re a self-published author. It’s very important for you to know why we would do all of this before you learn it. There are tons of ways that networking can turn directly and indirectly to book sales, deals, and all sorts of other stuff down the line. If you make networking a part of your marketing, something that you do often then you can end up with big long-term results.

What works better than pitching – But that doesn’t mean you’re going around pitching people. You’re not just sending posts, emails, and pitching them. That has a very low percentage chance of working especially on social media like Facebook or Twitter. What we’re going to go into with this course is how to make that first contact with people in such a way that you can ask for something further on down the line but that isn’t your primary focus.

How to get direct and indirect sales – I already mentioned direct and indirect sales but we’re going into exactly how to get them. We’re going to go into a step-by-step process that you can use to network that will actually have results. It isn’t just posting around on Facebook or sending a few emails to an author friend. This is something that you can actually use to get results.

How to grow your influence – We’ll go in to how you can take things a step further when you become an influencer in your market and in your genre. Not only will you’ve an easier path to network with other authors, but also other authors will start to network with you. They’ll want to network with you because you’re someone making waves in your industry and that is a big deal of just having a chance to get a leg up on many other people in your genre. If people look to you, if they think of you when they think of the genre, when they think of the market that you’re in, then you’re going to have a much better chance of success from that area.

A 7-step networking plan – We’re going into a detailed step by step networking plan that will be 7 steps that you can personally take to get yourself from where you are now to being someone that people talk about and people want to connect with and someone that actually get sales from your efforts.