Who Stole My Success?

Roberta Budvietas (Author)

Tales to Stop Your Success Thieves. It is a journey of discovery to regain my confidence and sense of self-worth. It is conversations with friends, colleagues and people along the way who have ICEd their thieves by identifying the thief, clarifying its effects and eliminating the thief/or thieves from their daily journey to their goals and objectives.

Every day thieves are stealing the success you deserve. Thieves that steal your purpose. Thieves that steal your resources. Thieves that steal your opportunities to grow.

Identity theft is more than someone stealing your credit card or name, it is what we do to ourselves when we give our power and control to others.
Who Stole My Success identifies over 30 thieves that everyday operate in your life. Thieves that prevent you from enjoying your magnificence and the success you deserve and desire.

Meet Maryann, a successful businesswoman, solo parent and conquered of several thieves like setting priorities, keeping your word,building and maintaining trust.

Meet Eva who learned to ask for help.

Learn Patricia’s tools to overcome sales phobia.

Meet Esther who shares how the Naughty-Not’s affect our lives, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
And the rest of the characters who made a difference during my journey of rediscovery of my worth.


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