Valerie Davisson Testimonial

“What a relief! Amazon’s Author Marketing Club is exactly as advertised. When I discovered Author’s Marketing Club, I was excited to see valuable, authentic tools I could use right away.
Indie and Small-Press Authors are inundated with less-than honest offers of marketing services, but AMC delivers the real thing. Most valuable to me was the Review Grabber tool I received with the Premium membership. Several reviewers contacted me the first day I used it. I love the specificity with which I can find reviewers who enjoyed books similar to mine.
In exploring the other classes and tools that come with Premium, I see the practical knowledge base it took me over two years to learn, all in one place! If you are a new author or publisher, Amazon’s Author Marketing Club is a fantastic value!”

Valerie Davisson, author of Shattered: Logan Book 1


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