The Loyalty Pact

J. W. Simak (Author)

Daytona (Tay) Morgan Harper Flaherty has had two best friends for thee past twenty-five years—Sydnee Lynn Devlin and Kara Beth Whitfield. The three had absolutely nothing in common, except cocktails and pigging out on pastry chef Kara’s scrumptious pastries. Yet their friendship grew and is still growing strong. They put the real back into relationship and the fun back in dysfunction.

Tay has been married for twenty years to a successful publisher, has two children, a teenage daughter and a son as good as a teenager.

As much as she loves her family, the highlight of her life is the first weekend of every month she spends with Sydnee and Kara. Together they are the loyalty pact.

But Tay is about to face the worst year of her life, losing almost everything. Everything except what is most important—her children and her besties. When she falls from riches to rags they all help her survive and flourish, and…find a new life?


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It Tay’s journey…her recovery. And, through the tears and laughter, they all take it together.

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