The Forgotten Mission: The Return (1)

Jonathan Taylor (Author)

There are lots of what ifs out there, but what if everything you ever thought to be true, or had been told was right – wasn’t? What if all those conspiracy theories you’d frowned at, turned out to be true? The lies, the cover ups, the events marked throughout history, we’ve all believed them at one time or another. Here’s an example, take the simple theory Darwin had of evolution! But think of it this way, if humans did evolve from apes, then why are there still apes? If dinosaurs were the first animals to roam the Earth, why didn’t they evolve again after the ice ages?
Scott Salvador is a young man who’d just landed his dream job at NASA, he had all he could wish for, the finely tuned imagine, the cars and the money. But that all took a turn for the worst when his whole life followed a path he wasn’t expecting, a turn of events shattered his naivety.

Everything he’d ever believed in, or thought to be true, had suddenly been pulled out from under his feet, his unblemished youth, stolen by what was about to happen. The past he knew nothing about, had his future all mapped out without him even knowing. Scott couldn’t believe the things that had been going on under our noses throughout history, that was until he became part of it all. His suspicious nature had got him into a predicament he just couldn’t escape from. Whether he likes it or not, he’s now in so deep he can’t get out!!!


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