The Far Corner of the Greenhouse

K.V. Case (Author)

At a Miami domestic abuse outreach, two seasoned counselors come up against their toughest challenge ever…each other.

Abigail Carmichael is the privileged widow of a respected minister, and the beloved only child of an iconic Christian leader, more sheltered than the cherished blooms in her father’s greenhouse. Stone Patrick is a child-abuse survivor, scarred by the kind of trauma that Abigail has only ever encountered in her father’s advice columns.

He’s a rough-edged social worker seeking redemption for his past by helping others break the cycle of dysfunction that once ensnared him. She’s out to lend female perspective to his ministry, if he’ll let her past the door.

But the last thing Stone figures he needs is some clueless do-gooder tripping over the battered wives of the men he is trying to rehabilitate, not to mention tangling up his emotions and taking him places he has no business being…

Stone is yet to learn that abuse knows no social barriers, that some wounds don’t leave bruises or scars. And that Abigail is as much in need of healing as the women she is bent on helping.

As antagonism gives way to compassion, Stone sees beyond Abigail’s prickly exterior to the core of a woman he knows he can trust with his heart…if only he can trust himself with hers.

It will take a love even greater than the one blossoming between them, an unexpected bond forged in the fire of their past, and a small miracle in the far corner of the greenhouse…


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