Success Story from AMC Member Millys Altman

“Since I submitted to you for part of my advertising, I thought i would let you know that Innocent Strangers is right now #1 in the Kindle Historical and #249 in the 100 best free books.”

Millys Altman

Innocent Strangers

by Millys Altman (Author)

Travelers, Jenny and her lawyer father, Marcus, stop for a night at a country inn in a small town. Just as they prepare to journey on, they are arrested for the murder of a beautiful heiress to a coal mining fortune. Suddenly, they must escape the noose that is waiting to hang them.

How they do this in a parochial town that brands them as criminals and refuses to give up its dark secrets is a tale of dogged sleuthing. Probing uncovers shocking details of intrigue, double-dealing, blackmail, and adultery in the past life and loves of this charming passionate woman. The trail finally leads them close to exposing the identity of the real murderer, but time is running out.

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