Selling Non-Fiction Books on Fiverr

In last week’s AMC mastermind we talked about how non-fiction authors could use Fiverr to sell books. Well, one AMC Premium Member listened and is now selling a ton of books and making money this way. Check this out.

Here is how the author is promoting it.

I am building my Seller account on If you’ve never visited, it is a fun and fabulous site where you can get just about anything for $5!

I have as my first Fiverr listing my ebook “Make Your Own Homemade Gift Baskets” for just $5. AND I NEED YOUR HELP! To build my account on Fiverr, I am offering this deal to the FIRST 10 BUYERS OF MY EBOOK:

Pretty smart.

Want To Sell More Books Like The Best Sellers Do?

Use the tools they use to get it done.

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