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Rosemary Christie, author of Knowing the Secret- Revealing the Truth


Knowing the Secret- Revealing the Truth

A Life Changing book!

Learn HOW we create our own reality.

Knowing the Secret explains how the Law of Attraction, featured in the ground breaking movie and book “The Secret” works. It is written for those searching for the missing pieces to the unfathomable TRUTH not mentioned in many “get rich quick” or positive thinking books.

If you suffer life’s consequences and/or desire to improve your life then this is the book for you. You’ll learn you’re not a human being, but a mighty powerful Spiritual Being living in a Spiritual Universe, and are not limited in any way. You can manifest health, wealth, happiness, wonderful relationships, and more!

˃˃˃ Some Reviews.

Love, Love Love this book I am getting ready to reread it … I would recommend this book to everyone, it is life changing. You will not be sorry. Don’t miss out reading this one.

Just what I have been looking for…..brought me to love, light & peace. She has a very down to earth approach and Truth leaps off the page.

Rosemary gives an excellent teaching on how to use the Secret. If you have any reservations about purchasing this book DON’T! I have read it several times as it is full of wonderful information. She proves that anyone has this power if you will only unlock it. I am anxious to see more writings from her.

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