Nickie Cochran Testimonial

“I’ve been an Author Marketing Club Premium member for a few weeks now and am so glad that I signed up. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Amazon Enhanced Description Maker has made my book descriptions look so professional and pleasing to the eye, that I’ve used it with all my novels, except for the one that I made prior changes to via Author Central (once you make changes there, you’ll have to continue making all other book description changes at Author Central. In that case, I still used the same basic AMC description format, deleted the tags and used the buttons to bold & italicize text – real easy, though, sadly, the orange headline will no longer be there).

I’m also enjoying the premium member webinars and tutorials. They are so valuable – for beginners and pros alike. You’ll learn tips and tricks about how to promote and market your book and other interesting stuff that may enhance your success as an author.

This weekend, I will add the brand new – and very attractive – Book Widget to my website, which lists your books on your website’s side panel – yes, your star rating will show as well – really cool widget and super-easy to implement!

I’m just at the beginning of exploring all the AMC Premium features, and I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. So far, it’s been well worth the every penny of the membership fee and I’m looking forward to all the new gadgets that will be available in the near future.

I am the author of The Heidelberg Ghost, a lighthearted paranormal adventure and love story of the ‘Do you spook German?’ series. “

Nickie Cochran, author of the delightful paranormal love stories Human Circle and The Heidelberg Ghost


The Heidelberg Ghost

The Heidelberg Ghost Will Make You Want To Believe In Ghosts – Even If You Don’t.
Fall in love with the charming and quirky characters in this fun paranormal romance and adventure.

The Story

  • Life is good for Andrea – until that fateful night of the annual ball at the Heidelberg castle, when a muck-covered ring lands next to her foot in the courtyard. Attached to this antique ring appears to be a very handsome ghost. Good thing that she isn’t looking for love any time soon, because how ridiculous would it be of her to fall in love with a spirit, right?
  • After being accused of stealing the princess’ heirloom ring and jewelry box, Volker finds himself cursed by a witch and trapped on the castle grounds for over 400 years with no glimmer of hope for his miserable ghostly condition to improve. When he realizes that the pox-covered, yet beautiful, peasant woman standing in the courtyard can see him, he knows that she’s the one that can set him free. The only trouble is that he’s falling head over heels in love with the one that he can never be with.

Escape the stresses of everyday life and join Andi and her friends in their quest to set Volker free from his ghostly demise.

Other reasons why you will love this book:

  • Set in Germany with its rich history, traditions, and beliefs (yeah, Ireland is not the only place with cool castles, ya know!)
  • It’ll make you laugh… and it’ll make you cry…
  • A modern day fairy-tale that’ll make you forget, you had dinner cooking on the stove…

˃˃˃ Light, amusing, and thoroughly entertaining…
– Margaret (Literary Chanteuse) –

˃˃˃ A warm, fuzzy, fun type of story… I was thoroughly immersed… I definitely wanted to keep reading after the last page…
– Jonel Boyko –

˃˃˃ A fun, light and engaging read which was helped along by a good set of characters and a love story which was just a little out of the normal…
– Sara Wheeldon –

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