Lew Sauder

What genre of books do you normally write?
Business Parable (business fiction)

Tell us your author story:
I’ve been a consultant and a project manager for most of my career. I began seeing young consultants who had trouble understanding how to deal with clients and manage their careers. As a result, I wrote “Consulting 101” in 2010. I collaborated with Jeff Porter in 2013 to write the business parable “The Reluctant Mentor”, about baby boomers and millennials mentoring each other. This year, I combined the 101 theme with the business parable to write Project Management 101, a business novel about a young woman who manages a large project and learns 101 tips for project management.

Tell the reader about your latest book:
Project Management 101 is an entertaining business novel to help project managers develop management expertise. The main character, Holly Hewitt, faces the biggest challenge of her career. She has been assigned to manage the merger of two large food products companies. As she faces setbacks and challenges, she learns a few things about project management, and even mentors others on some of her own management and leadership knowledge.


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