Kelvin Kettle Author Story

Your Book Title:
Darker Side Endings

What genre of books do you normally write?
horror, thriller, suspense

Tell us your author story:
I have been writing mostly short stories for many years. I took a writing course in the late 80’s with Writer’s Digest to help me further develop my writing skills. It was a wonderful experience.I learned a lot. Plot ideas, title ideas and how to hook the reader with the first few pages.
It has been a long hard struggle to try and get published. I self published my first book in soft cover with Diggy Pod. I only ordered 25 copies to see how they would sell. They sold out to family, friends and co workers in 5 days. I ordered 25 more and sold those in about two weeks.
I now have three books on Amazon in kindle editions only. Two are short story horror books for adults only and the other is fantasy short stories for young adults. I hope to be working on my first novel in the future. If not, then I may just continue writing another book of short stories. My genre is more so horror but I do like to write different things as well. I like to come up with unique ideas and possibly scare the hell out of my readers. I am always flattered when a readers says they enjoyed my book. It is a great feeling to entertain my readers.

Tell the reader about your latest book:
My book is 8 short horror stories in the tradition of Twilight Zone and Tales From The Dark Side.

Each story has a dark theme. Stories are about: A psychotic woman who dresses in black leather, A feared grizzly named Shanglin, A mysterious black egg, A blind date that turns into a fatal attraction, A mysterious girl in a bloody white dress, A teacher accused of murder, A musician who is afraid to fall in love and Five friends who are in for a night from hell.


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