Joss Landry Testimonial

“Well, not being very tech savvy, took me a while to get Google Chrome downloaded to my Mac. But, that’s just me, right?
Anyway, when I did, I was able to get the app to find reviewers for my new book, What About Barnum? This is available to Premium Members and is called: Amazon Reviewer Grabber System.
So far, I have sent out Mobi files, Ebook files and the printed version of the book to fifty readers who have agreed to review my book.
I already have 6 five-star reviews and all because of this application. This neat tool scans reviewers in the genre you wish and finds the available emails. You can then send them a note asking them to review your book.
It’s as simple as one, two, and three. Now, I’m not even mentioning the other tools like Master Classes in writing, help with publicity for your book, ongoing promotions. One of the best tools for authors I have come across in a long time!”

Joss Landry, author of What About Barnum?


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