James Minter Author Story

What genre of books do you normally write?

Tell us your author story:
I commenced writing fiction in 2009. It was a part-time hobby and started as a result of taking a three week holiday. In that time I produced 40,000. I had so much fun with my characters I had to do more. Although these words were just a stream of consciousness a further 60,000 followed. After judicious edits and rewrites an off the wall, engaging story emerged – “The Hole Opportunity.” The characters had so much fun they wanted more and a second volume followed – “A Tunnel is Only a Hole on it’s Side”. Of course the inevitable happened and they demanded a third volume. The Hole Trilogy was born. Book three – Marmite makes a Sandwich, Dynamite Makes a Hole.’ Will see the light of day around January 2015.

However, I had a driver to create a series of books for coming of age children. They face a range of issues growing up in a modern complex world. Having identified eight major issues I set about creating great stories which would allow parents with children to discuss the topic. The story’s act as icebreakers. So much can be resolved by talking and these books provide the catalyst.

Tell the reader about your latest book:
Billy is a child entering young adulthood. He has to make sense of his environment. Like all children, he is confronted with a complex, diverse, fast changing, exciting world full of opportunities, contradictions and dangers In this story Billy, like any other child, is looking forward to a big birthday. However, the local bullies hear he’s been given a twenty pound note and challenge him to hand it over. Billy realises he can’t fight the gang so has to agree to their demands.


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