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Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: PP Corcoran
A lost civilization, a trove of underground secrets, and a daring mission outside the solar system make this novel a riveting journey for fans of military sci-fi. In their efforts to survive the Saiph have left a library, to tell their story and tell other beings how to survive what they could not… war with ”˜The Others’.
By: J. Rutger Madison
NOW AVAILABLE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED. For eight years the two major religions of Seluku’s Expanse fought a brutal holy war. With one on the cusp of victory, a race of goat-like slavers attacked in hopes of conquering a divided human race. The two warring faiths were forced to unite to confront a common enemy. Now a war-weary soldier, his idealistic sister, and a devoted father must put their religious differences aside to prevent the enslavement of humanity.
A Cursed Book
By: Amy Braun
Wanted by law enforcement. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons…

Constance Ramirez has more than her share of problems when it comes to protecting her adopted sister, Andromeda. Especially since Andromeda isn’t fully human, and her strange powers are dangerous and out of control.

But Constance will do anything to keep her safe, which won’t be easy with bounty hunters hired by the drug cartel she betrayed looking to capture her, and savage monsters seeking to take Andromeda for their own dark purposes.

Being a big sister has never been so hard… Or so deadly.

By: Donna Glee Williams
“This new book is a fantasy-without-magic, novel, set in a desert land of olive trees and garlic fields, where an entire society is oriented around a cult of wells and dreaming. Like The Braided Path, Dreamers straddles the fence between Young Adult and Adult literature. (That fence has always seemed a little artificial to me.) There’s some romance and some action–does anyone really know what “swashbuckling” means?–along with a slimy bad guy.” — Donna Glee Williams
A Dark Sky Novel
By: Amy Braun
They’re always watching. They’re always waiting.
They’re always starving…
Ten years ago, the sky shattered and the Hellions emerged. No one was able to keep them from destroying the city of Westraven. Now that the bloodthirsty monsters rule the skies and have forced the few remaining humans underground, Claire Abernathy lives in a nightmare. She survives by using her skills as an engineer for a ruthless tyrant connected to her mother and father’s past failure.

Then Claire’s world is torn apart when her sister Abby is kidnapped by the Hellions, and Claire herself is taken by dangerous sky pirates known as marauders. But Claire will not be intimidated by them while her sister’s life hangs by a thread, and so she strikes a deal with them: If they help rescue Abby, she will fix their ship and give them the chance to take the revenge they desperately seek.

As Claire fights for her sister’s life, she begins to realize that the Hellions are not the only dangers she’ll face. Burdensome secrets and devastating betrayals threaten her at every turn, and if she loses herself to them, it won’t just be her life that is destroyed…

By: Mark Shainblum and Claude Lalumière
Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

Superheroes! Supervillains! Superpowered antiheroes. Mad scientists. Adventurers into the unknown. Detectives of the dark night. Costumed crimefighters. Steampunk armoured avengers. Brave and bold supergroups. Crusading aliens in a strange land. Secret histories. Pulp action. Tesseracts Nineteen features all of these permutations of the superhero genre and many others besides!

Edited by Claude Lalumière and Mark Shainblum, Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen) features twenty-four stories (and one poem) by some of Canada’s best fantasy and science fiction writers:

John Bell, P. E. Bolivar, Kevin Cockle, Evelyn Deshane, Marcelle Dubé, Chadwick Ginther, Patrick T. Goddard, Kim Goldberg, Geoff Hart, Sacha Howells, Arun Jiwa, D. K. Latta, Michael Matheson, Bernard E. Mireault, Luke Murphy, Brent Nichols, David Perlmutter, Mary Pletsch & Dylan Blacquiere, Jennifer Rahn, Corey Redekop, Alex C. Renwick, Jason Sharp, Bevan Thomas, Leigh Wallace, and A. C.Wise.

The Tesseracts anthology series is Canada’s longest running anthology. It was first edited by the late Judith Merril in 1985, and has published more than 529 original Canadian speculative fiction (Science fiction, fantasy and horror) stories and poems by 315 Canadian authors, editors, translators and special guests.

Some of Canada’s best known writers have been published within the pages of these volumes – including Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Robert J. Sawyer, and Spider Robinson (to name a few).

By: Jordan Zuniga
If you truly love fantasy to its roots with swords and sorcery, demons, gods, angels, mushroom men and wolf people, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Order “The Guardians of Xegarath,” today!

International best selling author Greg Reid from the Napoleon Hill foundation, is a huge fan and supporter who gave “The Guardians of Xegarath,” a four star rating! Why aren’t you? Remember, FOR XEGARATH!

Waiting for an eternity never halted the hatred of the demon god Xemarath from hating his home land of Xargarath.

The Harbinger of all evil’s chains rot and decay! Soon, his rage will consume the land of Xargarath and devour all of its denizens as it did once before. However Xemaraths brother, Xegarath, the god of all that is righteous and just, has sensed the upcoming conflict and is preparing accordingly. Xegarath has secretly chosen beings to uphold of the two brothers father, Xargarath- guardians to safeguard the land and secure the peace! The Guardians of Xegarath will rise to glory and power!

By: Tyler Bumpus
“The writing – crisp and elegant – is arresting…. The drama is intense and constant.” – Readers’ Favorite

“It is terrifying in its realism and specificity, heartbreaking in its losses and cruelties, and breathtaking in its scope…. This may be the best indie novel I’ve yet read.” – A. M. Manay, author of SHE DIES AT THE END

“This reads like a classic sci-fi, ala Asimov’s Foundation series…. Excellent, excellent, yeah, this is one the best books I’ve read this year.” – Jeffrey Goff, author of Hope 239

By: Coral Walker
Blistering New YA Fantasy Series Embroils Readers in Otherworldly Search for Kidnapped Parents. Masterfully crafted by Coral Walker, the three volumes in the ”˜Children of Swan’ trilogy whisk readers off to a strange and unsettling world where parents are missing, siblings can’t be found and any kind of intimate relationship is strictly forbidden life is held cheap. Already raking in five-star reviews, volume one, ”˜The Land of Taron’, kicks things off to a chilling and rollicking start.
By: Justin Gustainis
“Justin Gustainis is one of my favorite writers of thrillers and horror stories, and this tasty collection is a dark treat. From the evil men do to the evil done unto them, this is a set of stories you’ll want to read with the lights on. All of them.”
(Rachel Caine, NYT bestselling author of the Morganville Vampires)

“Justin Gustainis’ new collection is devilishly entertaining, infernally infectious and diabolically clever. The devil and his henchmen have been out in the world and walking up and down in it, and Justin has been right there on their heels, taking notes. Some say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to get the best writers to tell his stories.”
(Simon R. Green, author of the Nightside series)

By: Aviva Bel’Harold
Danay is an outsider on the water planet of Uma’Three. She’s too tall, too thin, she doesn’t have second lungs, and the water dries out her skin to the point she has to wear a reversed wet’skn just to survive.

When her best(and only)friend is selected by the Emperor to be his new bride (a fate that none before have survived), Danay must make a choice of finally having an opportunity to leave the planet, or to stay and try to save her friend from certain death.

By: James M. Corkill
What if the color of your eyes will determine whether you live or die?
Geologist Alex Cave had discovered four alien artifacts that seemed designed to destroy all life on our planet. He thought they were locked up at a secret facility in Nevada, away from unscrupulous industrialists and scientists, but two of the devices have gone missing, and one of them is in orbit over our planet.
By: Derek Ailes
Superheroes battle the living dead in this hilarious spoof on the comic book universe!

The Undead Pool is a humorous and demented origin story of former mercenary Mace Murdock, who after being subjected to an experiment from the evil clown Zarathustra that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and the hunger for human brains, adopts the alter ego The Undead Pool.

An Astin Fell Novel
By: H.C. Cavall
Astin Fell lives a normal life as a struggling barista until, one night, he suddenly sprouts wings and horns. Astin has “expressed” as an Other, a mythological creature trapped in a human shell. The problem is, no one seems to know just what kind of creature he is. To make matters worse, he’s drawn the attention of the Taint, an ancient horror devouring the universe one tiny piece at a time. Whatever it consumes, it adds to its army… permanently.
By: Ike Hamill
Since we’re all going to be dead in a week, I might as well tell you””this planet is doomed. Even if we survive the impact, or somehow manage to avoid it, humans only have a few generations left on Earth. Our habitat collapses down to an inevitable end.

And that’s the good news.

Children’s Books

from the city to the outback
By: Michael Mardel
Paul is 10 and moves 4000 km from Melbourne to Broome in far north Western Australia. He goes to the local primary school and plays similar games with the other boys. There are few tress to climb so he can’t fall out like he did in Melbourne.
By: G. G. Fulton
Youngtimer is a time travel adventure series about two friends. Carly is a brainiac; sure of herself; fiercely protective of those she cares about; brave and adventurous. Patti is funny; sassy; loyal; self-critical; not-so-brave and not-so-adventurous.

In Book 1, Carly & Patti, in between middle-school, bullies and drama queens, carry out Carly’s big plans: Flip the Skip; Adventure Down Under; One True Direction; Greek Sisters; and 1989 Rewind.

Book 2””Youngtimer: Time Flies now available.

A Funny Illustrated Rhyming Book For 3-7 Year Olds
By: Sophia J. Ferguson
Reginald Stinkbottom’s love of baked beans leads to a wind problem which threatens to ruin his life. Abandoned by his loved ones, poor Reggie faces a lonely future until one day a trip to the shop opens the door to a wonderful new world.

This heartwarming tale, teaches us that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. With its quirky illustrations, this humorous rhyming picture book will amuse children and parents alike.

By: G. G. Fulton
SASHA, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is missing and her humans want her found!

Sam Jones (part Beagle/part Bassett Hound) has a secret in his blood line.

This secret helps him and his 11 yr old human/assistant Bella track down Sasha.
If your pet is missing, contact: Sam Jones – Pet Detective, or his assistant Bella.

Sam tracks down pets and reunites them with their humans.
100% Customer Satisfaction Rating.
Very reasonable fees.
References upon request.

By: PT Evans

LOL with your favorite emojis as they come to life in this fun, new series. Follow Annie with the constant smile; Kevin, her devilish brother; Billy, poop head and BFF; and Dot, the love-struck jock as they make their way through Emoji Elementary.

In Book #1, Annie desperately wants to get invited to the popular kids’ party – will she get an invitation to the horse-themed birthday? And what about her BFF’s?

By: PT Evans
Does your child like Minecraft?
Do they laugh at Fart Jokes?

Brace your self for the next big thing to happen to Minecraft….farts! Thanks to that new bean Mod Steve discovered, he now has nothing to eat but beans. And you know what that means! YIKES!!

See what happens in the wonderful world of Minecraft when Steve can’t stop farting. Are the Creepers and Zombies terrified ”” or attracted ”” to Steve’s toxic smell? Can Steve find a way to overcome his flatulence issues, or will they get him in the end?

By: PT Evans

Minecraft Steve learns to harness his flatulence problem to help other Steves in their fight against zombies, Creepers, and spider jockeys, turning Stinky Steve into Super Steve! The first Minecraft Superhero! But is there a new arch-villain right around the corner?


By: W H Johnson
”˜Three years ago I’d never have given a thought to visiting the Philippines. It wouldn’t have appeared in even my top hundred places to visit. Come to that, I’d never thought of re-marrying.’

So begins my travelogue, more a diary than a guide book, describing my marriage to a Filipina (by the way, we met neither through a dating agency nor ebay!) and my visits to the country. Lest there should be any doubt, I am the virgin in question though only in a figurative sense. In fact I’m 80++ years of age Englishman and I don’t feel a day over 75!

The book is an account of the greenest green of the rice fields; of nightmarish criss-crossing traffic, managed it would seem by some master choreographer; of traditional family reunions; of my being refused entry to a Subic Bay hotel room on moral grounds along with my 65-year-old nephew-by-marriage; of advertising hoardings the size of tennis courts; of the eventual sale, after much peasant dealing, of one of my wife’s rice fields; of my election as life President of the Husbands’ Escape Committee; of life in a country town; of being inveigled into having a tooth extracted; of visits to the family mausoleum; of the most charming and pleasant people you’d ever meet and that’s just for starters. I love the Philippines, the place and the people and I hope it shows though my writing.

I have won writing awards and prizes from several bodies including NAWG for ”˜best novel’, South East Arts, Torfaen Writers and the Society of Sussex Authors. I was a finalist in the Fenner Brockway Peace Prize for Literature Competition and second in the Alpha to Omega Competition which attracted many contestants from beyond Britain.

Hope you enjoy the read!

A Roving Poetry Collection
By: Jay Artale
Travel Memoirs can transport you to a destination, and enable you to visualise people, cultures & experiences from another person’s perspective. I’ve created this collection of travel inspired poetry to draw you into Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula. After writing travel guides about the area, I wanted to show the personal side of the location I now call home.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A FLAGSHIP! Thriller
By: Mike J. Krentz
Bold warrior. Single mom. Dual battles.

Men and women warriors stand a watch st sea that will forever change their lives. Not every foe wears a foreign uniform. Not all enemies attack from outside the ship.

Kate Mahoney, navy captain and single mom, engages military and personal cross-fire. She directs fleet operations to interdict a North Korean assault on the South. A sexist superior, an enigmatic yet alluring colleague, and a rebellious teenage son in the US challenge her resolve. When the risen specter of a past toxic marriage threatens to steal her son, Kate calls upon combat-honed will and personal courage to wage war on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

RIVEN DAWN is the first of four novels in the FLAGSHIP! Series of military thrillers from the human side. If you like fast-moving action, kick-ass heroines, complex characters, and realistic international intrigue, you’ll love Mike J. Krentz’s tale of one woman’s fight against enemies both foreign and domestic.

A Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery Series V 1
From the Award Winning Georgia Author Of The Year Finalist comes the first in the Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery series.
When the top prospect for the Atlanta Peaches is killed, two weeks after being called up to the Majors, the city mourns a future star. But when someone suggest it was no accident, Private Investigator and former professional baseball player Jake Eliam is hired to find out the truth. But digging out the truth turns out to be harder than hitting a 90 MPH fastball and just as dangerous.
By: Andrea Waltz
Onyx Webb is an addictive new paranormal series with the flavor of t.v. series like American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Dexter. Book One received ”˜Finalist’ from the National Indie Excellence Awards in Cross Genre. The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times. Onyx Webb is dead. Hot young billionaire Koda Mulvaney sees a ghost in mirror, and Juniper Cole has gone missing from the prom. How these stories are all connected is what the web is all about.
A Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery V2
Silver Medal Winner as Finalist in The Georgia Writer Of The Year Award for 2016.
After a long season of making baseball bats all Jake Eliam wants to do is relax and watch the World Series. But when his friend Catfish calls with what he says is easy money, his other job as a Private Investigator intervenes. Catfish’s former fraternity brother is looking for his own payday if can reunite all the original players in his ”˜One Hit Wonder’ college band and is willing to pay big bucks to track down the one missing member, the lead guitar player. The search ends up on a snake farm run by a fellow named Sweet Thang who has a penchant for old TV shows and speaking in rhymes. As secrets come crawling out like copperheads, Jake Eliam begins to think he just might end up a ”˜One Hit Wonder’ himself.
By: Dwight Holing
San Francisco’s favorite con artist Jack McCoul is trying to go legit by launching a startup business for an app. But then his past comes roaring back. A former partner-in-crime’s scheme to snatch a priceless statue drags Jack into a murder mystery and a sexy suspect’s life hangs in the balance. When hired killers come gunning for him, Jack must resort to his old skills to turn the tables. He rounds up a gang of characters as quirky as the City by the Bay itself and it’s game on.

“Filled with dishy one liners. A proficient detective story that keeps the plot turning. Should earn the series a bevy of new fans.” ”” Kirkus Reviews

A FLAGSHIP! Thriller
By: Mike J. Krentz
What if a vengeful despot unleashes a silent yet deadly attack on the world’s most powerful navy?

Conventional warriors need not apply.

COMMANDER CRICKET SQUIRE and the men and women of the fleet brainthrust face an unthinkable threat aimed to behead the forward deployed naval force in the western Pacific. Newly promoted and decorated with combat awards after her escape from the oppressive regime’s prison camp, Cricket returns to the flagship for another round of international skirmishes. Too soon after her recent capture and torture? Her doctors and shipmates think so. She determines to prove them wrong, not knowing how the vectors of the enemy’s next attack all point directly at her.

This novella is the first part of VECTORS, the sequel to THE FLAGSHIP! SERIES of military thrillers told from the human side.

The story of a girl whose race is not recognized, who is a foreigner in her own homeland…
By: Ka Sefika
Zaza Zilda is based on a true story of a girl whose race is not recognized.That is not the only odd she faces in such a multi-faced misogynistic Islamic society that is ruled by a ruthlessly corrupt government.Having a loveless family causes her to experience a constant inner chaos before she becomes aware of her outer world.

However her soul forces her to find her true self in the midst of all that darkness, violence, ignorance and madness.

How is she going to do that? Is she going to ignore her soul? What will be the price for both?

A Charlotte Ross Mystery
By: Evelyn Cullet
Charlotte Ross’s world is about to crumble. The man she loves has become engaged to another woman. Charlotte’s best friend, dubious globe-trotter and mystery author, Jane Marshall, arrives back in town only to stumble across the gruesome corpse of the town’s millionaire industrialist. When Jane becomes determined to find the killer, Charlotte joins forces with her friend to ease her heartbreak. In the process, the two self-appointed sleuths turn their small town upside down as they discover that people are not always who they seem and a single error in judgment can prove fatal.
By: Ike Hamill
What do you call someone who is a practiced liar, grew up in an abusive house, has a penchant for torturing small animals, and enjoys setting fires?
Forty years ago, I called him my friend. Now, I’m not so sure.
I think he’s killing again, and I think that I’m responsible.
By: Dracula Lives
A man who worked on the 1931 Dracula still lives. Haunted by the experience ever since, he has built an exact replica of Castle Dracula and become obsessed with bringing the movie vampire to life. Can digital technology free Dracula from his celluloid grave to prey upon the living?
By: P.D. Workman
Matt Malloy knew there was something wrong with the Buffalo Head infection cluster as soon as it hit his desk. But knowing it instinctively and proving it were two completely different things, especially when his boss and coworkers already suspected that, battling sleep deprivation, he’d already gone around the bend.

Matt knew that solving the mysteries of the Buffalo Head cluster was a matter of life and death. He just didn’t know that it could be a matter of his life and death.

By: Ike Hamill
As a species, people have tamed the Earth. Individually, in the face of a superior predator, we’re all just as helpless as the day we were born.
And a superior predator is out there.
Humans may be the Apex predator, but there’s something even more deadly. It’s the Super Apex.

Business & Investing

Create business success
By: Magnus Unemyr
Mastering Online Marketing is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available on advanced web marketing. It reveals the secrets that can help take your Internet marketing to a new level.

This book describes the latest developments in Internet marketing and provides detailed and practical knowledge that can help you improve your campaigns to get more visitors, leads, and customers. By using these tools and techniques, you can quickly outperform your competition.

How to Skyrocket Your Leads, Sales, and Reputation with the Most Trusted Form of Marketing.
By: Tom Kenemore
Lead Your Market with the Best Marketing Money Can’t Buy. Learn How Entrepreneurs Become Rock Stars, Skyrocket Leads and Sales, and Win Awards with Authentic Online Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and More! Most businesses are missing a HUGE opportunity to leverage their existing happy customer’s goodwill into FREE marketing! This book will show you how!
38 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn to Get More Done and Make More Money
By: Matthew Paulson
Want to start or grow a business, but aren’t getting any traction? Worried that you chose the wrong business idea? Entrepreneurship is a hard game to play, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as many people make it out to be. Matthew Paulson outlines the business growth hacking and personal development shortcuts that multi-millionaires use to get ahead of the game in Business Growth Day by Day.
274 Money-Saving Tips That Will Help You Save $1,000 or More Every Month
By: Matthew Paulson
Are you tired of having too much month left at the end of your money? Do you feel like there’s just never enough money to go around? Would having $100.00, $200.00 or $500.00 extra per month make a big difference in your life? Do you want to save money, but aren’t sure where to start? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Simple Savings: 274 Money Saving Tips That Will Help You Save $1,000 or More Every Month is the book for you. Simple Savings is chock-full of little-known, but highly-effective money saving strategies that will allow you to live the same lifestyle you are living today while leaving more money in your pocketbook.


Agents Under Fire Book 1
By: Dana Marton
Jasmine Tekla might be just a geek at heart, but she would do anything for her family””even turn into a kick-ass heroine and go up against the Navy SEAL tasked with bringing in her AWOL brother. Gabe Cannon””a man on a mission and the type of guy who gets the job done””is determined not to fall for Jasmine’s dubious story. Or the blazing attraction that crackles between them and makes it difficult to remember just why he shouldn’t trust her.
By: Lucinda Elliot
Sophie de Courcy, the sometimes over romantic companion to the elderly Countess of Ruthin and living on the remote Famau Mountain in North Wales, UK, dreams of adventure. When she meets the Countesses’ nephew, the dashing eponymous scoundrel Emile Dubois, she is drawn into more adventure than she wishes, with man vampires and time warps. Packed with humour, vivid characters and adventure and set during the French Revolution, this darkly humourous tale will captivate lovers of the Historical Gothic genre.
By: Amie Nichols
Aubrey Jackson ran, and ran far after a horrible tragedy that happened in Texas as a teenager. Moving to London to attend school she returns to the states after her father dies. Taking over his company, she’s committed to succeeding. She isn’t interested in a relationship, wanting to settle into her new life before even dating.
But Ian Bradson saw her, and he had to have her. Unable to control the chemistry between them, Aubrey gives in to the one thing she swore not to do.
Their chemistry keeps them coming back to each other, and Ian is on cloud nine.
When Aubrey’s past is thrown at them in the most unexpected way. Aubrey shuts down, and Ian is afraid he will lose her. And that is simply not an option.
By: Isabella Louise Anderson
Interior designer Carrie Newman could not have envisioned a more perfect life for herself. She had a great job doing what she loved, wonderful friends, and a close relationship with her sister and brother-in-law. Add in an amazing man who she’d hoped would soon become her husband, and her life was perfect. Until one devastating decision ruins her relationship and changes the course of her life.

Determined to make a new start, Carrie leaves Texas and heads to Palm Beach to pick up the pieces of her shattered and broken life. The last thing she expects is to find herself attracted to her first client at her new job–Brad Larson, who has proven himself time and time again to be caddish.

But there’s something beneath the surface of Brad’s arrogant exterior that keeps her craving more of him–something almost sweet that Carrie can’t seem to resist.

Is Carrie ready to take another chance on romance? And will this new design of her life prove to be the right one?

By: Lucinda Elliot
For those who love a satire which at the same time draws them into the adventure.

When the group of highwaymen, headed by the disgraced Earl Ravensdale hold up the hoydenish Isabella Murray’s coach, she knocks one of them down and lectures them all on following Robin Hood’s example.

The rascally Reynaud Ravensdale ”” otherwise known as the dashing highwayman Mr Fox ”” is fascinated by her spirit.

He escaped abroad three years back when he fell under suspicion of shooting a friend dead after a quarrel. Rumour has it that his far more respectable cousin was involved. Now, having come back during his father’s last illness, the young Earl has largely lost hope of clearing his name of murder, living as an outlaw as he is, and having sworn to protect someone else who was involved in the quarrel.

Isabella’s ambitious parents are eager to marry her off to Ravensdale’s cousin, the next in line to his title. The totally unromantic Isabella is even ready to elope with her outlaw admirer to escape this fate ”” on condition that he teaches her how to be a highwaywoman herself.

This hilarious spoof uses vivid characters and lively comedy to bring new life to a theme traditionally favoured by historical novelists ”” that of the wild young Earl, who, falsely accused of murder by the machinations of a conniving cousin and prejudged by his reputation, takes up life as an outlaw.

”˜Ravensdale’ is a fast paced, funny and light hearted read from the writer of ”˜That Scoundrel Émile Dubois’, and follows the adventures of Émile Dubois’ equally roguish cousin just prior to the outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars. It can be read as an independent novel.

Highland Gargoyles 3
By: Lisa Carlisle
fter a bloody and divisive battle twenty-five years ago, the inhabitants of the Isle of Stone””namely, gargoyles, tree witches, and wolf shifters””have lived apart, divided by borders none are permitted to cross. But when Kayla, a tree witch, hears about the unconventional rock concerts that are the talk of gargoyle territory, she sneaks away from her coven to see for herself. Night after night, she returns, not just for the music, but for one particular gargoyle who shifts into human form to play guitar at these avant-garde shows.

Her attention has not gone unnoticed. For several nights, Mason has kept watch for the pixie-like female. He plans to seduce her, unaware she’s not just a visitor from another island. But when he discovers she’s one of the tree witches, he knows that no matter how strong the temptation, anything between them would be forbidden.

Despite everything that should keep them apart, Kayla and Mason can’t resist their dark attraction and plan to meet in secret, but other elements on the isle command their attention. The magical cloak created by the three clans on the island is thinning, leading to repercussions for all. Kayla and Mason are soon caught in the middle of it, and their actions may change the fate of the isle forever.

A STAFF PICK at All Romance!

“Kayla and Mason fall in love despite their differences, despite being different. It is a new way of telling Romeo and Juliet. You cannot be with them because of something their ancestors did, and the kids saying I do not care about that, I want to be with them regardless. A lesson many of us need to learn. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting something a little different from their normal.”
~ 5* from Books and Beyond Fifty Shades

A Good Woman An Adult Romance
By: R I Heslop
Aged 22, Rebecca Grenville, is given her first big interview ”” William King, 25 year old internet billionaire. Haunted by an episode from her Amish childhood, Rebecca battles to make her relationship with Will King work only for happiness to be snatched away from her by a series of unforeseen events that threaten her very existence.
By: Bridget S. Smith
Alexis Morgan thought she had everything wanted: A budding career as a college instructor, her own house in an up-and-coming Detroit suburb, and a close-knit group of friends. She wasn’t looking for love when she met former boy band front man, Craig Harris, her childhood crush. Yet, their flirtation evolves into a long-distance romance that is challenged by Alexis’s independence and hesitation to get involved with someone at the mercy of the paparazzi. Still pained by the dissolution of her only serious relationship, can she handle a love affair with a man she has to share with the public without losing herself in the process? To Detroit, With Love is a story about growth and trust in love set amongst the backdrop of a city is on the cusp of revival that’s echoed in Alexis’s hope and tenacity.
By: Camellia Hart
Beautiful, confident, Eva is owner of an interior design firm at brink of collapse. And she has one man to blame for this turmoil, Clive Stanton. Notorious playboy, powerful businessman, Clive doesn’t do love, at least not until he meets her again, fifteen years after he saw her last. And he’s determined to make her his. Will passion and lust bring them together or conflict and the unforgettable scars from their pasts forever tear them apart?
By: Jenny Creek Tanner
Ada Beal inherited her father’s passion for practicing medicine, and Jack Hauser was a prairie preacher with an equal passion for God’s word.

When Jack advertises for a mail-order bride to marry and join him in ministering to the gold miners in California, Ada answers.

Will they learn to marry their passions for medicine and ministry?

By: Calista Skye
Can a BBW pilot and a sexy alien warrior find love in the midst of war?
Gamma Raiders continues with a second standalone novel packed with action, adventure, humor, and romance!
A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge
By: Anne Carey
This novel isn’t about one woman’s revenge on a man who done her wrong. This novel is her revenge. Drama as big & bold as Texas. Lies, deceit, adultery, addiction, racism, and murder…this book has it all
By: Shanice B.
What’s done in the dark will always be brought to the light. Some secrets can never be kept hidden.

Hazel and Jamal have been together for six years and are just now getting married. Just after the wedding Hazel soon starts regretting saying the words I Do. Hazel eventually begins to realize that Jamal isn’t the perfect husband that she thought she married.

Jamal has never really been faithful to Hazel but marries her anyway. He has been cheating on her for over two years. He loves Hazel but Hazel doesn’t know how to sexually satisfy him, which puts Jamal in a complicated situation.

Xavier has been with Jet for four years and they have one daughter together. Jet wants her freedom to drink and party all night without hearing Xavier breathing down her neck. Xavier wants Jet to be responsible and stay out the clubs, but she isn’t hearing any of that. Jet soon starts sleeping with someone else and when Xavier finds out Jets secret all hell breaks loose, he dismisses her and decides to raise their daughter on his own.

Who’s between the sheets tells a story of different couples who just aren’t satisfied with their partners sexually. You will be amazed when you find out WHO IS actually BETWEEN THE SHEETS.

By: Jennifer Bennett
ake McClendon thought he needed to leave the only home he’d ever known. Briar Fields thought she needed to save her family. Neither thought they needed each other.

Jake left the Double Ace Ranch with one thing in mind: to put as many miles between himself and his best friend’s wife as possible. Ending up in the Deep South almost broke was not what he had in mind, but when he finds a job and a place to stay almost instantly he doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea. That is until he sees the one woman who makes him crazy: Briar Fields.

When a ghost from her past shows up right on her doorstep, Briar has no clue what to do to get rid of him even as she wants to be in his arms again. Her body craves him even though her mind tells her to do what’s sensible. How is she supposed to take care of her family when he haunts her every thought?

Together, they may just burn each other down or create something that will last forever.

By: Gail Olmsted
Contemporary Romance: Driving on the Left is a whirlwind journey through Ireland. When Jackie and her daughter Becca set out to explore the Emerald Isle, neither is looking for romance, but that is exactly what they both find.
By: Denise Alicea
After Sarah’s grandfather passes away, it’s up to Sarah to pack up a lifetime’s worth of his possessions as she comes to terms with her grief. As she goes through his possessions, she finds a picture. The faded black and white picture seems innocuous at first, but something draws her towards it. As she studies the picture and the man inside it, she forgets her grief momentarily.

However, there’s more to the faded picture of a soldier in 1940s New York than she realizes, and soon she unexpectedly meets him””but he hasn’t aged a day. As they get to know each other, Sarah’s feelings begin to grow”¦

Or The Curse Of The Venns
By: Lucinda Elliot
An appreciative satire of the cliches of traditional Gothic romance.
When Clarissa Greendale inherits the fortune of disreputable uncle she hardly knows, she does not expect to find herself forced into marriage with an aristocratic fortune hunter and wild, brawling, debauched social outcast.

Neither does she expect to inherit too the legacy of a wrongdoing from half a century before…

For the wicked Lord Venn is rumoured to have inherited a family curse, which, having dispatched the main perpetrators of the old crime, now moves on to their heirs, who are just as wild a set of rakes as their elders. There are rumours of violent deaths preceded by appearances from an inexorable Hooded Spectre, of inexplicable strikes of lightning, and of haunted mirrors.

The light hearted Harley Venn dismisses all these as conjuring tricks. He even hires a drunken charlatan of a professional magician to prove it.

Clarinda is far from sure that there is any rational explanation. Still, it would take more than an enforced marriage to a pugilistic libertine or persecution from malevolent spectres to damage her steely nerves and sense of the ridiculous.

This lively Gothic comedy, written as a good natured satire of the cliches of Gothic romance, gives the reader a warm hearted and courageous heroine, a wicked but beguiling anti-hero and an authentic historical background to the delightfully over-the-top adventures, plus a host of vivid supporting characters and many chills on its way to its tumultuous conclusion.

Sins of Odyssey Book 1
By: Kathy Kulig
Sexy. Seductive. Wickedly Delightful.

Desperate and on the verge of financial disaster, Destiny Noir accepts a sexy offer from the mysterious billionaire manager of an adult club. Dark Odyssey is a mansion along the SouthFlorida coast and caters to the rich and powerful, providing a particular service that satisfies their clients’ sinful requests.

Biographies & Memoirs

By: Lindsay Fischer
*99 cents from 8/1 – 8/3*

Lindsay Fischer was once a high school English teacher with dreams stretching far outside the classroom. When her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half cheated on her, Lindsay found herself alone, looking online for a replacement. His name was Mike. That’s where the nightmare started. The House on Sunset is a memoir, a collection of reminiscences, scattering the ashes of two broken homes and putting them to rest. Each chapter offers a different glimpse inside the cycle of intimate partner violence, where honeymoon phases and traumas coexist. Everyone could fall victim to abusers. This book bravely displays the reasons a quirky, twenty-something teacher would, and did.


By: Ken Montrose
“Today I will combine skepticism with optimism in my search for a happier truth.”

Home Groupies is a ”˜thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. Rather than being spoken by a disembodied voice, the daily messages arise from the lives of flesh and blood characters. They struggle with their own issues as they deal with their friend Sharon’s struggle with cancer.

“Today I will accept sometimes I am powerless over that which is most precious and painful.”

By: Ken Montrose
Like its predecessor, Home Groupies II is a ”˜thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. The lives of the core characters give rise to the daily messages.
Also like its predecessor, Home Groupies II has a message, characters, and a plot. I know you will enjoy all three again.
The first workbook written by your Addiction
By: Ken Montrose
My Plan To Ruin Your Life is a workbook geared to help people struggling to see how their addiction controls them. The voice of the workbook is the reader’s addiction.
The next workbook written by your Addiction
By: Ken Montrose
My Favorite Character Defects is the second book written by Addiction. Addiction describes character defects he uses to keep addicted people addicted. He challenges the reader to recognize his tricks and stop abusing whatever it is they abuse:
A decision making guide for people in recovery
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook outlines five steps for taking medications. It provides exercises to explore the need for medications, and asks the reader to take stock of his or her recovery. A brief outline of the steps follows.

The first step is to stop taking anything not prescribed for you. This includes alcohol and other drugs, over-the-counter medications, and anything prescribed for your spouse or significant other. Although you may share your love, life, and soul, with this person, do not share his or her medications.
The second step, which should be done at the same time as the first, is finding a doctor familiar with addiction and recovery. Just because your doctor or dentist has been to medical or dental school, does not mean he or she understands addiction.
The third step involves working with your doctor to eliminate all unnecessary medications. Sometimes that means stopping a medication right away, sometimes it means tapering off medication.
The fourth step is treating whatever still needs treatment. Treatments other than medications are considered first. Medications that are not habit-forming are considered next. Anything that might be addictive is considered only as a last resort.
The fifth step is to take stock and reevaluate the need for prescribed medications. We suggest taking stock frequently.

A guide for agnostics/atheists in early recovery
By: Ken Montrose
Choosing A Higher Purpose is a brief guide for agnostics/atheists struggling with religious and spiritual issues inherent to Twelve Step programs. Choosing A Higher Purpose advises agnostics and atheists to substitute a higher purpose for a Higher Power.

This guide asks agnostics/atheists to stay clean and sober while they sort through what they believe and why they believe or disbelieve as they do. Further, Choosing a Higher Purpose suggests practicing the daily disciplines others in recovery practice. These disciplines include taking stock, writing a gratitude list, and going to Twelve Step meetings.

By: Ken Montrose
Home Groupies III is the third novella in this ‘thought for the day’ series. HG3 continues the story of a friends from the same home group who both struggle with and savor life. Like it’s predecessors, HG3 has been described as funny, quirky, and often insightful. A sampling of HG3’s daily messages follow.

“Today I will remember I can’t chase an addiction without leaving a loved one in the dust.”

“Today I will be grateful as I remember the old adage: Wasted not, wanted not,” (at least not by law enforcement.)

“Today I will be grateful I’m not stark, craving, mad.”

“Today I will take heart. While evil may be deliberately hidden, a lot of good goes unnoticed.”

“Today I will remember confidence often comes from doing things despite not feeling confident.”

“Today I will try to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Today I will not feel obligated by social obligations.”

By: Ken Montrose
Written for people new to recovery, this workbook helps the reader develop a realistic outlook on forgiveness. Basic, and sometimes difficult, truths discussed in Forgiveness include:
â–¸ The people we hope will forgive us don’t have to.
â–¸ Seeing the other person’s point of view isn’t always easy, our point of view may not be easy for them to see.
â–¸ We do well to practice the AA slogan clean your side of the street.
â–¸ Forgiveness is a wonderful gift, but one we may have to give judiciously.
â–¸ Part of recovery is learning to forgive ourselves.
Breaking your addiction to them
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook looks at the carrot and the stick of opiate addiction. The exercises are geared to helping the reader recognize what motivates him to continue using these drugs. It also discusses common-sense approaches to recovering from addiction.
How not to become roadkill on the highway to recovery
By: Ken Montrose
Many meditation books lift us above the din of our daily existence. This isn’t one of them. Topics covered include learning from people you don’t like, squeezing the joy out of life, not judging people by their appearances, finding peace in noisy places, and never picking up the first drink or drug, no matter what. All thirty lessons have a page for writing a daily inventory and a gratitude list.
Starting recovery young
By: Ken Montrose
This workbook addresses questions frequently asked by young people new to recovery: What will I do? Who will I spend time with? How will I get through life without drugs? Why are drugs so hard to quit? The text underscores how the resilience of youth is eventually overwhelmed by the progressive nature of addiction. Contains a parable about burning down houses infested with singing rats.
How to write a best seller, self-publish, and then keep selling it …
By: Debrah Martin
“The only self-publishing guide you’ll need.” Derek Murphy – CreativIndie

Write and launch your book to best seller status!
WRITE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE is the complete guide to building a successful indie publishing career, whether you write fiction or non-fiction.
In WRITE see how a best seller is written.
In PUBLISH find out how to get published.
In PROMOTE, learn the techniques of effective book marketing.

By: Kristina Dawn
This book has actionable effective communication strategies that will help you to improve your social intelligence, public speaking, confidence and persuasion skills that will ultimately help you to succeed in business and personal life.
The secret to excelling in your personal and professional life boils down to one simple thing: Effective communication. To ascertain this, examine successful individuals in the business world, and anyone else you consider personally successful in one way or the other; you shall notice one thing: successful people are effective communicators who clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas. When you are an effective communicator, you effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to your audience and addressees and easily influence others, which eventually strengthens your personal and professional relationships.
Unfortunately, a majority of us are ineffective communicators whose minds cannot form comprehensive thoughts leave alone orally articulate well thought out ideas. This does not have to be the case, and you do not need to conform to the status quo especially when you have this book. If you act on the information contained in this guide, you will improve your communication skills and become immensely successful.
Created as the complete communication blueprint, the information contained in this book aims to strengthen and enhance your social intelligence, improve your self-confidence, and perk up your public speaking and persuasion skills so you can make the best use of your social networks to influence your success as well as keep your loved ones content and happy.
If you are ready, let us commence the wondrous journey towards a better self; a ”˜self’ adept at effective communication: the core skills set you need to achieve success in business and personal life.
By: Kristina Dawn
This book will serve as your step-by-step guide to becoming a remarkable person who is capable of remarkable achievements by implementing the strategies I’m about to share with you. Use them consistently, and you will acquire superhuman willpower, extraordinary self-discipline, and the ability to get anything done on command.
In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, willpower, motivation self-discipline, and self-belief. Exercising self-discipline can make the difference between an averagely talented person doing something amazing with their lives and a naturally talented person realizing very little of their potential. This book is written for ambitious, determined men and women who want to achieve everything that is possible for them in life. Perhaps the most important insight of all with regard to success is that the development of self-discipline is the high road that makes everything possible for you.
By: Kristina Dawn
Over this book your life will undergo an amazing transformation as you are about to implement the world’s best execution strategy for driving radical results. Stop settling for things as they currently are and opt for progress and change.

You will never achieve your highest potential or your dreams if you don’t consistently make a conscious choice to step up and swing confidently at life’s curveballs. Decide today that no matter what problem arises in your life, you are always bigger than that problem. Commit to dealing with all your responsibilities and fears with everything you’ve got. From here on out for the rest of your life, refuse to shrink from anyone or anything. You are never as small or weak or helpless as you may think. You are a force of nature, a being of unlimited power and potential.

Choose to stand up in life. Make your presence known. Declare what you want. Be strong and fight for what you deserve. If you choose to strive for your best, for high performance in all you do and in all you ARE, then EVERYTHING changes. The struggle to the next level will be worth it.

My aim is to introduce you to the change, challenge and work and prepare you for the great adventure you are about to undertake. In this book I will give you some deep-dive motivation and high-performance strategies.
Keep working, keep at it, believe!

By: Kristina Dawn
It ѕееmÑ• inеvitаblе – lifе gets сluttеrеd. AÑ• уоu move thrоugh уоur dаilу rоutinе, your hоmе ассumulаtеѕ mоrе Ñ•tuff. Whеthеr itÑ• bills, сlоthing, dесоr, еԛuiÑ€mеnt оr еvеn fооd, it аll makes itÑ• way into уоur hоmе, but rаrеlу seems tо lеаvе. It slowly leeches in tо уоur сluttеr-frее spaces; frustrating уоu and making уоu fееl likе this idеа оf a tidy, unсluttеrеd ѕрасе is a hореlеѕѕ prospect. It hарреnÑ• tо еvеrуоnе: wе leave оnе dirtу diÑ•h in the Ñ•ink, аnd ten more seem to арреаr. That small Ñ€ilе оf laundry in оur closets Ô›uiсklу Ñ•nоwbаllÑ• intо a mеѕѕу mountain. And bеfоrе уоu know it, оur homes are a сrаzу diѕаrrау of Ñ•tасkеd mаil and сluttеrеd shelves. A home should be an еѕсаре frоm thе сhаоѕ of wоrk and ѕсhооl, not аn overwhelming reminder оf all thаt уоu have gоing оn in уоur busy life. MоundÑ• оf dirty lаundrу, hungrу kidÑ•, ѕсhооl hоmеwоrk аnd dinnеr уеt tо bе made dо nоt mаkе fоr a happy rеturn to hоmеlу warmth аftеr a tiring dау in the оffiсе.
However, mаintаining a clutter frее home iÑ• nоt аlwауѕ easy, especially when уоu work оutÑ•idе home. Thе wоrk becomes аll thе mоrе demanding whеn уоu hаvе a full-timе jоb thаt соnÑ•umеѕ уоur several hоurÑ• еасh wееk. Evеrу wоrking mоthеr fасеѕ hеr own set of uniÔ›uе сhаllеngеѕ аnd сirсumÑ•tаnсеѕ. Yоu will have to work out a Ñ€lаn that Ñ•uitÑ• уоu bеѕt, and hеlрѕ уоu manage your fаmilу аnd саrееr better. Regardless of whether you’re a busy wоrking mоm оr a stay аt hоmе mоm, if уоu hаvе kids, уоu probably hаvе ѕоmе clutter in уоur home. While a littlе bit оf сluttеr isn’t thе еnd of thе wоrld, it can Ô›uiсklу turn into сhаоѕ if you don’t stay on tор оf it. Initially, I found it difficult to de-clutter mу hоmе. ClоѕеtÑ• wеrе full, drаwеrÑ• wouldn’t Ñ•hut, things weren’t Ñ€ut аwау, аnd unfiniÑ•hеd Ñ€rоjесtÑ• соuld bе fоund in mоѕt rооmÑ• unless somebody wаѕ coming over… Thеn, thе entire fаmilу would pitch in tо mаkе Ñ•urе the house wаѕ presentable. The problem wаѕ not because thе whole fаmilу did nоt саrе; inÑ•tеаd it was because wе never ѕееm to dеvеlор a ѕуѕtеm thаt would kеер our hоmе сluttеr-frее. But thаt is nо lоngеr thе case. Tоdау, аlmоѕt еvеrу rооm in оur hоmе is frее from physical сluttеr.
Over thе раѕt several years, i have fоund a ѕуѕtеm thаt wоrkÑ• еffiсiеntlу fоr mу family. And I am реrfесtlу соnfidеnt уоu саn do the same”¦ no mаttеr how far аwау frоm сluttеr-frее your home mау seem. After аll, it will be imроѕѕiblе tо rеlаx if уоur lifе is Ñ•trеwn across уоur bedroom flооr. Everyone will аdmit that they’re hаррiеr whеn living in a mоrе organized environment. If уоu Ñ•trugglе with too much сluttеr, not еnоugh storage ѕрасе, or trоublе keeping it уоur living ѕрасе all organized, this book will provide hеlÑ€ful tips оn hоw tо permanently rid уоur life of сluttеr! Utilizе thеѕе tiрѕ in уоur dаilу routine аnd tаkе соntrоl оf уоur hоmе (аnd уоur lifе).
The Cause, The Cure, Your Road to Success
By: Don MacDonald
Everyone loves an underdog, but what happens when you stay stuck in that mindset?
It can become a curse that causes you to sabotage your own success, be brought down by old habits and held back from genuine happiness. After spending most of his life trying to kick his own underdog curse, chiropractor and success coach Dr. Don MacDonald now spends most of his time trying to help others with the cure to this purpose-destroying pattern.
Success with Life, Relationships and Money
By: Beau Henderson
If you have been frustrated in the past with your finances, if you have failed when trying to get out of debt, start a business, create a budget, or save for retirement, then this book is designed for you.

Being rich does not just happen. It requires planning and focus, decisions and guiding principles. What can you do to recover from big mistakes or loss, and what should you be focused on when trying to save and reduce debt? The RichLife philosophy is about more than just the money in the bank. It embraces the people, ideas, and values important to you. This book is designed to help you put together not just a sound financial plan, but your own version of a RichLife Plan.

Christian Books & Bibles

A narrative about aquest for Ithaca
By: Els Boot
The emotional struggles of a gay Christian – An inner journey of self-discovery

Paul van den Berg is an accomplished sixty-year-old man. He grew up in a strict reformed family and has been struggling with his homosexuality ever since he can remember. By being hard on himself, never allowing any emotions and always maintaining a firm order throughout his life, true happiness has eluded him thus far.

One day, he receives a phone call from Greece. A friend from his past has passed away and has named Paul as one of the beneficiaries in his will. Chaos strikes in his usually carefully structured life.

Confused and anxious, he decides to travel to Greece. Once he arrives, Paul is subjected to an omnium gatherum of emotions, sadness and regret.

A Practical Guide To Christ-centered Victorious Living
By: Sheldon D. Newton
Can I be sure that I am saved? I am having struggles. How can I live for Christ victoriously? How can I study and understand the Bible and how can I pray and get results? These questions and much more are answered in this timely christian resource.

Education & Reference

By: Janina Klimas
Learn Spanish from real conversations in this immersive guide for learning everyday Spanish for advanced beginners. Each episode contains transcripts, exercise and vocabulary. Downloadable free audio accompanies each lesson as well.
Building Relationships in the Classroom
By: Chris Bowen
What if there was a way to engage a greater number of students? What if there was a better vision for improving classroom management? What if you could feel better about teaching again? You are invited to take a thirty-six-story journey into the classroom of award winning teacher and speaker, Chris Bowen. Teach like a mentor. Teach as your better self. Teaching is all about building relationships, and consider this book to be relationship advice worth taking. As Mr. Bowen states in his book, “Anybody can be tough with a nine year old. But it takes the strength of patience, empathy, and honesty to build the more effective, lasting relationship.” Through funny classroom stories and truly inspirational moments, come fall in love with teaching all over again.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Healthy, Easy and Delicious Singapore Recipes
By: Chew Long
The Easy to Read and Follow Recipes of authentic Food Delights from the Nation’s Various ethnic Groups will allow anyone, Even those with Zero Cooking Knowledge and Experience, to Produce Healthy and Delicious Singapore Meals to Share with Loved Ones.

Dive into the Fascinating History and interesting Facts behind each of these Delights, and Learn How to Cook them in a Healthy Way from the Comfort of your Home, Wherever you are.

Religion & Spirituality

A Seeker’s Journey
By: Chris Bowen
Wanted and Welcomed. Seekers of all kinds. Come take a little comfort and refuge from the Great Age of Sound. Discover what the ancient bell makers knew. Find what all people once knew. Travel yourself for a few hours and you may find it to be still true today.

Sadly, the bell makers, over time, were replaced by noisemakers. They peddled work with little purpose and great distractions to fill what they called the emptiness inside. No one before then knew it was called empty. Folks then, saw it more as the vast endlessness of possibility. But soon, the people were so filled with noise, they could no longer hear themselves. They could no longer hear the voice within. The people became so filled with noise and distraction they had no room left inside for even one more clear, radiant note from a bell. This began The Great Age of Sound. But, before The Great Age of Sound, there were bell makers. And they were magic. This is the story of one such man.

By: G.R. Jordan
The Gospel of the Kingdom is a book that explains Jesus’ prophecies, based on the synoptic writings of the New Testament.
Jesus is part of the Essenes sect, one of the main three Jewish philosophic sects (Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes) of the times in Judea, the land of Israel.
The significance of the book The Gospel of the Kingdom is like a new perspective. It is a study chapter of the new/old reality of our lives.

Humor & Entertainment

Your Mother Doesn’t Need to Know About this Edition
By: Chris Bowen
If we are living in the era of Helicopter Parents and No Child Left Behind, then my seventies upbringing can easily be labeled as the era of All Children Left Behind. Sure, there was Dr. Spock and his earnest pleas for greater nurturing, but my New Jersey neighborhood was more aligned with another doctor; Dr. Charles Darwin.

Literature & Fiction

By: S.K. Kalsi
In the winter of 2012, 79-year-old Somerset travels back to his ancestral home in idyllic Drums, Pennsylvania, to renovate his dilapidated house. Burdened by the loss of his beloved wife, the long-ago disappearance of his rebellious son, and angry at God and at himself, Somerset hopes to reach a final understanding of the meaning of his life. While a blizzard barrels down from the north and “Armageddon” draws near, Somerset discovers an unnamed boy squatting on the property, a strange child who forces him to confront his past.

As he unearths objects in the house that had been lost or discarded by time, Somerset remembers his father’s cruelty and the accident that cost him his brother’s life; he revisits the itinerant wandering of his youth, tethered to a troubled mother; he mourns the loss of his wife and ponders the decades-long absence of his son-all of whom are caught in the grip of Luzerne County’s ancient history of violence.

Part elegy, part history, part existential ghost tale, The Stove-Junker is a harrowing, lyrical meditation on loss, heartbreak, and the power of memory.

By: An Indian
Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries? What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India? Kaahi & Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation. Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.

How will they get together? Will India become one again?

Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.

Southern Skyes – Book 1
By: Sharyn Bradford Lunn
In this sweeping story of love and loss, fortune and fate, this masterful storyteller recounts the journeys of the McCabe and Skye families, along with the people who shape their lives, as they strive to make good in the penal colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land during the early 1800s. The saga chronicles the two families’ trials and triumphs, joys and injustices, and the inner torment as their lives come full circle and old secrets are revealed.

The epic begins with the love of a soldier in the New South Wales Corps for a high-spirited convict woman, but tragedy leads him to the arms of a beautiful native woman. From these unions arise generations of proud Australians who play their part in forging the Great Southern Land. The story of these courageous men and women, their dreams, their dynasty, and the heritage they share is as unique as the land from which they sprang. Southern Skyes brings Australia’s history to life with compelling characters, rendering the Australian landscape in all its rugged magnificence.

By: Edison McDaniels
A surgeon discovers his own son among the wounded at Gettysburg, and realizes he has to set him aside to save those less mortally wounded.
A tale of surgical suspense
By: Edison McDaniels
Trevor Mott is a brain surgeon. Jimmy P. is eight years old and plays baseball. Today, the two of them will come together. Both will be tested. Neither will come away unscathed.
Big Hair, Double Dare Candy Smokers are Back
By: Mei
Jimmy was bought up right by his folks. Trouble is he listened to his Friends, stumbling insecure, drifting without purpose. Enter Marvin an old school rival, Kelly the boyhood fantasy and things start to heat up. He won success, the dream, the girl but it was never enough. He promptly set upon a destructive path only narrowly escaping to build a new life with Kayla, a waitress from Harlem, New York. The cycle threatened to repeat. With everything at stake he took the gamble of his life. No advice, no taking sides just new found belief in himself.
By: Edison McDaniels
The life of a neurosurgery resident is difficult. Learning how to operate is hard. Learning WHEN to operate is harder.


By: P.D. Workman
By the author of the award-winning Tattooed Teardrops.

Nadie is a bright but rebellious teen growing up Manitoba Cree. Living in abject poverty, she tries to help care for the younger children in the band. Devastated by the drowning death of her little cousin and unable to overcome her grief, Nadie leaves the band.

How can she find her own place in a foreign world where she is abused and discriminated against, and for the first time in her life, completely alone?

By: Ale Mendoza D T
Zeuhks Voldstrin is the only person in his class who can see a person’s past by touching one of their belongings. He tends to do that often when his Physics class bores him. Not to mention the fact that Zeuhks can feel the racing emotions of those who surround him. That simply annoys him to the extremity. However, there is a reason Zeuhks has such eerie gifts, and the reason is called Hazedonya.

Zeuhks is originally from Hazedonya, a land that was founded by people with special powers much like his own during the medieval period in England. Only now Hazedonya is a different place, a dark land dominated by the evil Queen Barbenia Voldstrin. Despite her classification, Zeuhks is no fan of his crazy mother.

Soon rumors have it that Andromeda Baranova (the rightful heir to throne) has been hidden in the soul dimension. When Barbenia discovers the rumors to be true, she orders Zeuhks to track down the girl and discover her powers before finally terminating her.

Forced into a prestigious boarding school in England, Zeuhks experiences the soul world of technology and societal difference. Yet, Zeuhks finds himself experiencing something much worse in his perception: a magnetic attraction to his family’s enemy. Andromeda, unaware of Hazedonya’s existence, is intelligent and funny and enables Zeuhks to feel emotions for himself. Fighting to resist the bond that slowly forms between them, Zeuhks is faced with the dilemma of detaching himself from the dark society surrounding his family or choosing to finally alienate himself with it forever.

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

By: Kristina Dawn
It ѕееmÑ• inеvitаblе – lifе gets сluttеrеd. AÑ• уоu move thrоugh уоur dаilу rоutinе, your hоmе ассumulаtеѕ mоrе Ñ•tuff. Whеthеr itÑ• bills, сlоthing, dесоr, еԛuiÑ€mеnt оr еvеn fооd, it аll makes itÑ• way into уоur hоmе, but rаrеlу seems tо lеаvе. It slowly leeches in tо уоur сluttеr-frее spaces; frustrating уоu and making уоu fееl likе this idеа оf a tidy, unсluttеrеd ѕрасе is a hореlеѕѕ prospect. It hарреnÑ• tо еvеrуоnе: wе leave оnе dirtу diÑ•h in the Ñ•ink, аnd ten more seem to арреаr. That small Ñ€ilе оf laundry in оur closets Ô›uiсklу Ñ•nоwbаllÑ• intо a mеѕѕу mountain. And bеfоrе уоu know it, оur homes are a сrаzу diѕаrrау of Ñ•tасkеd mаil and сluttеrеd shelves. A home should be an еѕсаре frоm thе сhаоѕ of wоrk and ѕсhооl, not аn overwhelming reminder оf all thаt уоu have gоing оn in уоur busy life. MоundÑ• оf dirty lаundrу, hungrу kidÑ•, ѕсhооl hоmеwоrk аnd dinnеr уеt tо bе made dо nоt mаkе fоr a happy rеturn to hоmеlу warmth аftеr a tiring dау in the оffiсе.
However, mаintаining a clutter frее home iÑ• nоt аlwауѕ easy, especially when уоu work оutÑ•idе home. Thе wоrk becomes аll thе mоrе demanding whеn уоu hаvе a full-timе jоb thаt соnÑ•umеѕ уоur several hоurÑ• еасh wееk. Evеrу wоrking mоthеr fасеѕ hеr own set of uniÔ›uе сhаllеngеѕ аnd сirсumÑ•tаnсеѕ. Yоu will have to work out a Ñ€lаn that Ñ•uitÑ• уоu bеѕt, and hеlрѕ уоu manage your fаmilу аnd саrееr better. Regardless of whether you’re a busy wоrking mоm оr a stay аt hоmе mоm, if уоu hаvе kids, уоu probably hаvе ѕоmе clutter in уоur home. While a littlе bit оf сluttеr isn’t thе еnd of thе wоrld, it can Ô›uiсklу turn into сhаоѕ if you don’t stay on tор оf it. Initially, I found it difficult to de-clutter mу hоmе. ClоѕеtÑ• wеrе full, drаwеrÑ• wouldn’t Ñ•hut, things weren’t Ñ€ut аwау, аnd unfiniÑ•hеd Ñ€rоjесtÑ• соuld bе fоund in mоѕt rооmÑ• unless somebody wаѕ coming over… Thеn, thе entire fаmilу would pitch in tо mаkе Ñ•urе the house wаѕ presentable. The problem wаѕ not because thе whole fаmilу did nоt саrе; inÑ•tеаd it was because wе never ѕееm to dеvеlор a ѕуѕtеm thаt would kеер our hоmе сluttеr-frее. But thаt is nо lоngеr thе case. Tоdау, аlmоѕt еvеrу rооm in оur hоmе is frее from physical сluttеr.
Over thе раѕt several years, i have fоund a ѕуѕtеm thаt wоrkÑ• еffiсiеntlу fоr mу family. And I am реrfесtlу соnfidеnt уоu саn do the same”¦ no mаttеr how far аwау frоm сluttеr-frее your home mау seem. After аll, it will be imроѕѕiblе tо rеlаx if уоur lifе is Ñ•trеwn across уоur bedroom flооr. Everyone will аdmit that they’re hаррiеr whеn living in a mоrе organized environment. If уоu Ñ•trugglе with too much сluttеr, not еnоugh storage ѕрасе, or trоublе keeping it уоur living ѕрасе all organized, this book will provide hеlÑ€ful tips оn hоw tо permanently rid уоur life of сluttеr! Utilizе thеѕе tiрѕ in уоur dаilу routine аnd tаkе соntrоl оf уоur hоmе (аnd уоur lifе).
By: Dorothy Mohl
Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine. In fact, it has been used by people since the beginning of time. Today, there are still systems of herbal medicine that remain in use, such as Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda that originated from India. Both of these systems make use of herbal combinations. In the West, however, herbal medicine focuses more on simple or individual herbs.
Herbal medicine is still used by about eighty percent of people all over the world. Elements of trees, shrubs, and plants are prepared as teas, poultices, and extracts. Herbs are actually the foundation of modern pharmacology. They have been used to produce modern forms of medicine. Morphine, for instance, is derived from poppy while aspirin is derived from the herb white willow back.

Similarly, a lot of medicines used to fight cancer are derived from herbs such as parsley, Madagascar periwinkle, and rosemary; but when did herbal medicines become prominent? Well, according to old records from the 1500 BC, the ancient Egyptians used juniper, myrrh, and garlic for medicinal purposes. In 1000 AD, herbs were used by the people of England to protect themselves against infections.

By: Dorothy Mohl
If you want both basic and advanced knowledge on how to build a raised bed garden, this book will surely deliver that. Guiding you step by step and delivering guidelines on how to do it yourself when it comes to this kind of farming
The change of climate and the start of global warming, including the breakout of many diseases and spreading globally, have necessitated the need for humans to go back to the natural way of planting and consuming food. People globally have now begun looking for pieces of land where they can live, breed livestock as well as start crop farming.

The information in this book will help you achieve the vision you have always wanted, that of consuming fresh produce, coming straight from your garden rather than the ones you buy in the marketplace.

Just picture yourself living in an environment that is free of air pollution and instead, one that is filled with fresh air and the amazing aroma of fresh vegetables coming from your own garden. You and your family would love to have fresh fruits and veggies, and you can only achieve this by starting your very own garden and then live your dream.

Unlike many gardeners who move out from where they live to start gardening in rural areas (which is not a bad idea), you can always figure out a way to start gardening in your current location where you and your family enjoy living.

A raised bed garden is the way to go if you want to live away from food sold in fast-food places or restaurants that cost you a fortune to dine there. Go live a healthy and lively lifestyle by eating fresh food direct from your own garden.

Health, Fitness & Dieting

By: Nancy N Wilson
Stop Eating Yourself Into an Early Grave- STOP KILLING YOURSELF! Be SMART. This book will teach you how to make healthy eating choices ”” delicious, nutritious foods that will help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.
3 easy steps to Healing, Good Luck, Love and unlocking the miraculous power within you to live a healthy, happy and joyful life
By: Dr. Alexander Khomoutov, Ph.D.
Do you have any pain? Alexander experienced a pain within his chest almost every night for 8 frightening months too. He found a very easy solution that miraculously healed him & sharing his healing secrets with you. In the book you will discover:
– 3 easy steps to heal yourself or someone in need
– how to slow down your aging and rejuvenate your body
– how to optimize and stabilize your weight
– how to find what foods help you to heal and what foods to avoid
– how to unlock your miraculous power & reset your Spiritual DNA to heal
Alexander found his tremendous inner healing power – and so can you!
Fight Autoimmune Disorders with Delicious Autoimmune Paleo Recipes
By: Ashley Green
Paleo diets are amongst the newest around. They concentrate on eating the type of foods which would have been available to our stone-age ancestors, such as fruit, berries, fish and lean meats. And they absolutely work.

Now, in this new book on the subject, you can begin to understand the benefits of the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and how it can work for you, fitting seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.

This book will show you:

Why the Paleo Diet is for you
The benefits of an Autoimmune Paleo Diet
Foods to eat and Avoid
Breakfast Recipes
Lunch Recipes
Snack Recipes
Dinner Recipes

With dozens of delicious recipes to try out and taste, you’re certain to find plenty to continually keep your interest going. The Autoimmune Paleo Diet is one which is not only good for you, but is easy to follow and uses food which is readily available and easy to source.

So maybe it’s time you switched to it and find for yourself the difference it can make to you.

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