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Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Rick Pine

Casey Russo thought he’d put his dark past behind him. Working for a friend at his remote farm kept him far away from the tyrannical Cosa Nostra””the mafia overlords who overthrew the U.S. in the ashes of The Last War. But you can’t run forever. When the Cosa Nostra abducts his friend’s son, Casey knows he’s the only one who can keep the boy from meeting a bloody end in the fighting pits”¦

With the help of a foul-mouthed teen girl with one hell of a right hook, the rescue mission takes Casey deep into enemy territory. To steal back the boy from the heart of corruption, Casey’s only chance is to join the rebellion he hoped to ignore. And achieving his mission may just involve taking down an empire”¦

Fighting to Survive is the pulse-pounding first book in a series of dystopian sci-fi novels. If you like white-knuckle action, complex characters, and original worlds, then you’ll love Rick Pine’s gritty adventure.

Education & Reference

By: Michael Lawton

Use These Particle Budgeting Methods To Get Out Of Debt!

To a millennial, someone who actively seeks freedom and autonomy, the idea of creating a budget is not very appealing. In fact, the thought of creating something that seems as a restriction is perhaps why so many Grad students and already-in-the-workforce millennials are unwilling to budget or even think about the idea of budgeting.

The reality is, though, without a budget, your spending choices are unclear, which means your financial goals are unclear, and thus, you are likely to get into unnecessary debt to fund a lifestyle that is way above your current level.

Budgeting is a way to clarify how you’re spending your money and on which things. With the realization of where your money is going, you can determine which expenditures are important and which ones are not in relation to your earning goals.

Below is a peek of what you can expect!

About Budgeting Styles and How to Use Them
The Cash Budgeting System
The Percentage Budgeting Method (50/20/30)
The Zero Sum Budgeting Style

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

By: Lady Donegal

Home buying made easy!

Here is what you can expect:
Mortgage Prequalification
Mortgage Pre-Approval
Market Research
Down Payment
How Much You Can Afford To Buy
Real Estate Broker
Final Arrangements

Check out the preview…

“Money can’t buy me love.” The legendary band from the ”˜60s known as the Beatles used that expression. But it can buy us a whole lot of things that can make our lives more enjoyable and memorable such as dream weddings, memorable holidays around the world and our own home sweet home. These are the things that people want in their lives.

Buying a house with cash, however, isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, most people need financial assistance to be able to buy a house they can call their own. That’s why one of this society’s greatest creations was the home mortgage. Without it, a lot of people the world over wouldn’t be able to own their own homes. I suspect that since you picked up this book, you’re one of them.

If that’s the case, then this book really is for you. Within its pages, you’ll learn how to buy your own home through a home mortgage and how to successfully move into it. By the end of this book, you’ll have a very clear idea of what you’ll need to do to secure a mortgage for buying your own home, choose the best possible home for you and move in with ease. All you’ll need to do is apply the steps.

Sure to be the best 0.99 you ever SPENT!

Children’s Books

By: Cheryl Carpinello
At the dawn of Camelot, one young girl is about to take her place beside the greatest king in England’s history”¦.except that’s not what she wants. When she rebels, her friend Cedwyn, Merlyn the magician, and the unicorns help Guinevere accept her destiny.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Stella Bruno Investigates
By: Peter Mulraney
Murder, mystery, and a little intrigue.
Detective Sergeant Stella Bruno investigates the murder of ”˜nice guy’ Bob Cunningham and discovers he wasn’t who he claimed to be.
To solve this one, Stella not only has to work out who the victim was, she also needs to find out why he was pretending to be someone else.
And, there’s the distraction of Shaun Porter, the new man from Public Prosecutions, who walks into her life.
If you enjoy a good murder mystery with a little intrigue, you’ll love this quick read from Peter Mulraney’s new series.
A Backyard Farming Mystery
By: Vikki Walton
Moving to Colorado seemed like a good idea to Anne Freemont. But when her next-door neighbor turns up dead in his compost pile, Anne feels obligated to help young Kandi Jenkins be exonerated. As Anne’s introduced to others in the town, she finds many people have a motive. There are lots of secrets in Carolan Springs, and someone may be willing to kill to keep theirs. Anne must figure out who had the most to gain from Ralph’s death?

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