Elves, Bikes, Unicorns and Other Fantasies

Elves, Bikes, Unicorns and Other Fantasies by [Wilson, Jacquelyn]by Jacquelyn Wilson (Author)

Have you ever wondered what pillowcases talk about during the day? Or why cottonwood poplars shed pollen like snow? Or how forest elves might solve their central heating problems? Cloud-slides and stars, dipped in dandelion, will delight readers of all ages in the happily imaginative, gently fantastical tales of Jacquelyn Wilson’s collection. From mythical natural history to magical computer communication, with cops and robbers, duckbills and trees, and, of course, Elves, Bikes, and Unicorns, these stories (and even one poem) are perfect for sharing with kids, inspiring and rewarding imagination with their nicely different points of view and natural characters (yes, even natural pillowcases) and humor.


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