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Just Hit The Damn Ball!

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sports psychology

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Teaching golf for the past 31 years. When I first started playing the game I could score in the seventies consistently. After taking a series of lessons, my scores skyrocketed! I soon realized that this was a common phenomenon among many once-a-week golfers. It has taken me twenty years to figure out how to refine a player’s technical skills without sacrificing their natural ability.

The book was intended as a simple, easy to read guide that any golfer could use and see immediate results. It was never intended as a springboard to a series. The response has been amazing! It is mind-blowing to hear from golfers across North American who have had similar experiences.

Tell the reader about your latest book:
Based on my experience, most golfers have more natural ability than they realize. Our obsession with swing mechanics is a major roadblock to improvement for the once-a-week golfer. This book is the first in a trilogy designed to help the “average” golfer discover their innate potential. Every golfer knows the feeling of a perfect shot.; it’s the shot that keeps you coming back. This book shows the reader/golfer how to discover the recipe to re-create that shot more often.


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