Brian Paone Testimonial

“I was a little apprehensive at first because of the cost, but with writing now being my full-time job since I retired from law enforcement after 16 years, I realized that I might be doing my career a disservice if I didn’t at least check out AMC. After about 10 minutes of perusing around the site, I had not only signed up to be a premium member, but my membership is set to Auto-renew, and I won’t ever think of changing it. I’ve only been a member less than a month and I have already reaped the benefits of all the special author tools. And the best part is the return on investment was immediate. Faster than some promises my own peers in the industry have made!”

Brian Paone, rock-fiction author

Laura Eckert Testimonial

“I am a new Premium AM Club Member and I have already spent hours gleaning helpful and “doable” strategies from the Author Marketing Academy! I have also been able to find book reviewers from the amazing Amazon Reviewer Grabber System! As a new author, getting honest book reviews can be challenging. They make it easy to find reviewers and they even give you scripting to help when requesting a book review! I appreciate all their transparency in helping authors succeed!”

Laura Eckert, author of Just Another Girl’s Story


Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW Testimonials

“I wish I found the AMC site sooner! As a premium member there is everything a new author needs to know about book promotion from marketing, taxes, book covers, and optimizing sales. The Amazon reviewer grabber system is an exceptional tool.
AMC is a valuable resource for all authors. Highly recommended.”

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW, author of A Clinician’s Journey from Complex Trauma to Thriving


Vikki Walton Testimonial

“Authors have to consider what investments are worth making to assist their book promotion. AMC is a great investment. My favorite benefit from Premium Membership is the REVIEWER GRABBER. I was able to reach out to reviewers of similar books and I had five reviews before I even launched my book. I have others who are still reading and will review it. It also led me to my first author interview. If you’re a serious author who will be putting out more than one book (and even for just one book), this is an investment that you need to make.”

Vikki Walton, author of Chicken Culprit (Book 1 in the Backyard Farming Mystery Series)


Diana Shulman Testimonial

“Would you take advice from a 3 time loser? I’m betting you would provided she’s got Author Marketing Club in her back pocket. True enough, my new book The ABCs of Love has a wide audience (basically anybody in a relationship), but I’d never have gotten as far as I have without AMC Premium. Click the link below and see for yourself!”

Diana Shulman, author of The ABCs of LOVE