Jeffery Knoblauch Testimonial

“I have been impressed by the amount of information and access to tools and training that AMC affordably offers. I have been greedily digesting and learning publishing tactics and protocols. Of course, the review grabber that helps you find people likely to give you reviews saves time and effort. AMC provides vital information for both the new and experienced author looking for new ideas and promotional inspiration!”

Jeffery Knoblauch, author of The Journey of Atlantis


Edward “Ted ” Jones Whitehead Testimonial

“Hello, I’m Ash. I represent the author ‘ Edward Whitehead Jones who is 95 in July’ Since getting his book self published on createspace and amazon kindle I have struggled in terms of marketing. Then I found AMC by chance. The recourses and instructional videos on offer have helped me a great deal. I’m in the process of using the review grabber which seems to be a great tool. I would recommend AMC to any budding new authors who are finding getting their book out there a struggle.”

Edward “Ted ” Jones Whitehead, author of Down Below


Brian Paone Testimonial

“I was a little apprehensive at first because of the cost, but with writing now being my full-time job since I retired from law enforcement after 16 years, I realized that I might be doing my career a disservice if I didn’t at least check out AMC. After about 10 minutes of perusing around the site, I had not only signed up to be a premium member, but my membership is set to Auto-renew, and I won’t ever think of changing it. I’ve only been a member less than a month and I have already reaped the benefits of all the special author tools. And the best part is the return on investment was immediate. Faster than some promises my own peers in the industry have made!”

Brian Paone, rock-fiction author

Laura Eckert Testimonial

“I am a new Premium AM Club Member and I have already spent hours gleaning helpful and “doable” strategies from the Author Marketing Academy! I have also been able to find book reviewers from the amazing Amazon Reviewer Grabber System! As a new author, getting honest book reviews can be challenging. They make it easy to find reviewers and they even give you scripting to help when requesting a book review! I appreciate all their transparency in helping authors succeed!”

Laura Eckert, author of Just Another Girl’s Story