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Children’s Books

Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness
By: Bald Guy
Welcome to Willakaville! An ordinary small town turned upside down by magic, mayhem and mystery. Follow amazing children through incredible adventures as they battle monsters, travel back in time and zoom through outer space. Readers will learn valuable lessons on problem solving, ownership, self esteem, creativity and manners.

If you are into action, adventure, science fiction and general silliness, this book is for you.

Business & Investing

Learn Killer Strategies for Writing Book Descriptions to Make Bestselling Books!
By: Dr. Gary Webb
Do You Know the 12 Proven Steps To Write Book Descriptions to Make Your Book Sell?
Nonfiction authors often neglect being creative when writing book descriptions.
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Writing book descriptions is a form of copy writing ”” it’s advertising! You are not just telling what is inside the covers. You are telling the potential reader why they should buy the book. You are telling them in a way that appeals to both their reason and emotions. It is literally an art form of its own, but you can learn to do far better than most of the descriptions on the Net.
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(Akasha Chronicles #1)
By: Natalie Wright
Fourteen-year-old Emily Adams has special powers she doesn’t want, a spiteful aunt she can’t escape, and a primeval legacy she knows nothing about. But when an otherworldly being materializes, Emily discovers the true purpose of her magical blood and of the danger that threatens to annihilate her world.

Dormant for over a thousand years, an ancient evil has arisen. This time, it will destroy anyone ”” or anything ”” that stands in its way.

With her two best friends by her side, Emily risks everything and embarks on a dangerous journey to Ireland and beyond. As the hour of world annihilation draws near, the fate of her friends, her family and her world lies in her hands.

Can a teenage girl without hero credentials save the world? And will Emily find the courage to face her true self in Emily’s House?

Join the Journey . . .


By: Linda Andrews
Gretchen Foltz escapes the workhouse with a dream of a family and a dead woman’s name. Reeling from his wife’s betrayal, widower Kian Byrne is struggling to keep his children out of his rich in-law’s clutches. Gretchen and Kian will forge a desperate alliance until an innocent kiss leaves them yearning for more. Can they untangle the lies in their pasts before someone separates them forever?

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Arts & Photography

By: Michael Prelee

Blue collar Sci Fi in the vein of Firefly.
Running a starship repo company isn’t easy or cheap. It’s just an endless string of fuel costs, ship maintenance, legal red tape, unhappy debt bailers, shady associates and uncooperative dock officials from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Nathan Teller owns and operates Milky Way Repossessions, a company that tracks down and repossesses starships. And although he’s only managing to break even on his debt, he wouldn’t trade it for anything. (His ex-wife holds that against him. No surprise there.)

When Nathan and his crew successfully steal a freighter from the clutches of a particularly tenacious and corrupt dock official, he earns the respect of their high profile employer. Opportunity seems a sure thing.

Nathan should be happy. But when that lucrative job op turns into a ransom delivery for a starship crew being held hostage by a cult, he suddenly finds himself pursued by a self-immolating loan shark hell bent on collecting a gambling debt.

How will it all turn out? You never know. Especially when Nathan and his Starship repo agents are up against a cult and the mob…

“I think Milky Way Repo carves out a unique niche in science fiction by presenting protagonists that work hard for a living, sort of a genre of blue collar sci-fi. The world is bigger than them and there isn’t a large fascist government operating against them. In this case, the characters struggle to make ends meet and do so against forces that are relatable; the economy, employers that hold sway over workers, religious elements, and organized crime figures that move in the shadows.” — Michael Prelee, author

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Anne Louise O’Connell
Abbie Slocum, a forty-something, average housewife and mother of teenage twin boys, is trying desperately to keep her outwardly idyllic life together while spiralling into a dark pit of menopausal insanity. Her mind races with crazy thoughts so outside of her normal character that it frightens her. The only person she can share the graphic images from her hormonally addled mind with is her recently separated best friend, Rachel, and the mysteriously titillating Joan, Rachel’s friend from her singles support group.
Women have survived this ”˜female rite of passage’ since the beginning of time! Why was Abbie having so much trouble handling it? As the hot flashes and night sweats escalate and the battle to maintain her sanity rages on, Abbie, Rachel and Joan stumble into borderline comical circumstances that lead to all night parties, sex and drugs and two suspicious deaths. Abbie’s cop husband, Conrad, tries desperately to understand what’s happening to his normally sweet wife. While Conrad vies for promotion, the Slocum family gets embroiled in a media frenzy that swirls around a murder trial in which Abbie must fight for her life. Will her Mental Pause cause her to plead temporary insanity?
By: Julien Ayotte
Ayotte delivers heartstopping action, romance, and intrigue in this brilliant sequel to the multi award-winning thriller, Flower of Heaven. Francoise Dupont, now Queen Farah of an oil-rich Middle eastern country, continues the search for her sons, given up for adoption at birth. Thirty-five years later, their lives now are at risk from ruthless enemies of her husband, the King. A page-turning journey from Paris to Stockholm, to the vineyards of Orvieto, Italy and to the remote hospital in war-torn Ethiopia, Dangerous Bloodlines will keep you guessing.
By: Jack Castle

HavenPort: Population 492
A town with no roads in or out.

Deputy Hank McCarthy has just moved his family into the remote Alaskan town to replace the local Sheriff. He doesn’t think a small sleepy town like HavenPort will offer much in the way of excitement but, considering what he’s running from, he’s more than happy about that.

New York City ballet dancer Emma Hudson is running from something too. Unlike Hank, she’s not sure what she’ll find in HavenPort, especially when supernatural terrors begin to haunt her dreams, and sometimes her waking hours. The people of HavenPort claim it’s no cause for concern. No need to act crazy. She knows what crazy is like.

When Hank and Emma share a daytime terror they begin to see there’s more to this town than they know. Unfortunately for them it’s already too late. Their paths are chosen. There’s no way out of HavenPort.

A supernatural sci-fi thriller, Bedlam Lost delivers for fans of Dean Koontz and J. J. Abrams’ LOST. Step into this story and you might not be able to leave.

Children’s Books

Adventures In Time
By: G. G. Fulton

Youngtimer is a time travel adventure series about two friends. Carly is a brainiac; sure of herself; fiercely protective of those she cares about; brave and adventurous. Patti is funny; sassy; loyal; self-critical; not-so-brave and not-so-adventurous.

In Book 1, Carly & Patti, in between middle-school, bullies and drama queens, carry out Carly’s big plans: Flip the Skip; Adventure Down Under; One True Direction; Greek Sisters; and 1989 Rewind.

Book 2””Youngtimer: Time Flies now available.

(Missing – Barkley)
By: G. G. Fulton


Sam Jones (part Beagle/part Bassett Hound) has a secret in his blood line. This secret helps him and his 11 yr old human/assistant Bella track down Barkley.


If your pet is missing, contact: Sam Jones – Pet Detective, or his assistant Bella.

Sam tracks down pets and reunites them with their humans.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Very reasonable fees.

References upon request.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Harry James Fox
A wonderfully told story of character, faith, and military action set in the future”¦which seems like the past!
Harry James Fox scores with a unique story that blends the past with an apocalyptic future to produce an adventure of character, faith, and military action.
By: Jack Castle

The history of humanity is about to change forever”¦

On 5 December 1945, five TBM Avenger bombers embarked on a training mission off the coast of Florida and mysteriously vanish without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle.

A PBY search and rescue plane with thirteen crewmen aboard sets out to find the Avengers . . . and never returns.

In 2168, a mysterious five-sided pyramid is discovered on the ocean floor of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa.

Commander Mac O’Bryant and her team of astronauts are among the first to enter the pyramid’s central chamber. They find the body of a missing World War II pilot, whose hands clutch a journal detailing what happened to him after he and his crew were abducted by aliens and taken to a place with no recognizable stars. As the pyramid walls begin to collapse around Mac and her team, their names mysteriously appear within its pages and they find themselves lost on an alien world.

Stranded with no way home, Mac decides to retrace the pilot’s steps. She never expects to find the man alive. And if the man has yet to die, what does that mean for her and the rest of her crew?

By: Matt Mayr

In the violent world of post-apocalyptic South Town, Eli Baxter is king, ruling from the thirteenth floor of his building while henchman do his bidding. Simon Gray, a talented young thief, now disillusioned with South Town, is desperate to escape with the woman he loves. As he plots their journey north, glimpses of his childhood in South India and Northern Ontario reveal the world as it once was, fueling his desire to break away. But when he’s handed a new job, one that will make Eli untouchable, Simon realizes that escape – and transcendence to love and a peaceful way of life – might be harder than he thought.

Dark, atmospheric, and gritty, Bad City is the debut novel by Matt Mayr and was a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

“Edgy, violent, wildly imaginative, surprisingly touching. There are ideas and scenes in Matt Mayr’s Bad City that even the most jaded post-apocalyptic fan will find fresh, inventive, and utterly breathtaking.” — Craig Davidson, author

By: Claire McCague

Wanted: Translator for first contact. Immediate opening. Danger pay allowance

Estlin Hume lives in Twin Butte, Alberta surrounded by a horde of affectionate squirrels. His involuntary squirrel-attracting talent leaves him evicted, expelled, fired and near penniless until two aliens arrive and adopt him as their translator. Yanked around the world at the center of the first contact crisis, Estlin finds his new employers incomprehensible. As he faces the ultimate language barrier, unsympathetic military forces converging in the South Pacific keep threatening to shoot the messenger. The question on everyone’s mind is why are the aliens here? But Estlin’s starting to think we’ll happily blow ourselves up in the process of finding that out.

“What makes The Rosetta Man stand-out? An unusually dense squirrel population for sci-fi. It’s light-hearted, accessible sci-fi with exotic present day settings and a pair of aliens who are focused on observing the revealing chaos their visit creates.” – Claire McCague, author

By: Nicolas Wisseman

Magic awakens in Early America. The Red Wraith is born.
On the eve of the Harvest Ceremony, Naysin, a child of the Lepane nation, manifests powers of a dual deity forever torn in two by light and darkness. Cast into exile by his clan for being a spawn of human and spirit, Naysin is lost in a world of change as pale men from the sea arrive to plunder the riches of the Earth. Guided only by the devious facets of his spirit father, Naysin has no choice but to master his powers to survive the destruction of his people.

And so the legend of the Red Wraith begins. For Naysin, it is a path of darkness and death that will take him from one end of the land to the other and down into the depths of infamy. The New World will know him as the indigenous monster who kills in the name of vengeance, but that’s not who he wants to be. And when he encounters a group of fellow magic-users, Naysin realizes he may yet have a chance to set everything right.

By: Mark Patton

A monkey on his back?

After Wallace Butterfield’s father’s death, ‘Butterfield and Son Architects’ becomes, for all intents and purposes, ‘Son ”” Newly Graduated ”” Without a Clue ”” Architect ”” Maybe’!

With his inheritance sold to get the architectural business on its feet, Butterfield eagerly desires to add a major architectural project to his curriculum vitae. (Critics describe his previous project, le Mareschal’s Supermarket, a large unimpressive glass and chrome rectangle ”” though some shoppers have told Butterfield that they appreciate the large inventory of groceries and home products”¦)

When Butterfield gets a call from the Reverend Poda-Pirudi, chairman of the Westminster Abbey Foundation, he overlooks the fact that the Reverend can only meet with him in the middle of the night ”” in an office located in the dark and cluttered attic of the Abbey itself.

Butterfield thinks he’s finally moving up in the world.

However, the interred ghosts of Westminster Abbey haven’t yet weighed in; and a local group of WITCHes (Women In Therapeutic Chemical Healing ”” who aren’t above kidnapping) have also taken a special interest in the architect.

To top everything off, invitations to join the party were also sent to Edward the Confessor, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Aleister Crowley!


Set inside Westminster Abbey, England’s enduring symbol of unity and crowned culture, a community of ghosts, whose remains rest inside the iconic building, arise at the bidding of a strange cleric.

A series of adventures come into play as a hapless architect is dogged through the streets of London by a coven of drunken witches and illustrious but dead personages.

The book is well researched and incorporates many of the legends associated with the abbey.

By: J. P. Wagner

Gunpowder magic, steam-power, adventure, and intrigue…

Carrtog, landless third son of Tsingallik and warrior trained in the use of powder magic, intends to make his way as a mercenary for hire. On his travels north, he and his personal guardsman stumble upon the royal christening of an expansion to Cragmor’s burgeoning railway ”””” in this case a gift from the King as a sign of goodwill to the conquered north of old. When the gathered populace prove they are not there to be pacified, Carrtog isn’t about to standby and do nothing. Cloaks sweep back, swords and pistols are drawn. Luckily for Carrtog, charging in might be his best chance of earning a name. But then the trap springs around the royal party and Carrtog realizes his eagerness may lead to his demise.

Worse, if he manages to survive the ensorcelled contraption and rescue the King from the depths of the rebellious north, he might find that holding the King’s favor could prove more dangerous than any duel against a combat magician in the haze of battlefield smoke. He’ll need more than a little wit and inventiveness to survive this uprising.

Steam engines, railway lines, gunpowder magic, and the advent of flight merge this flintlock fantasy adventure with the well tested machinations of steampunk ”””” a true confluence of invention and rebellion.

By: J. A. McLachlan

What if someone you love gambled on her life?

Games are serious business on Salaria, and the stakes are high. When Kia’s older sister, in a desperate bid to erase their family debt, loses the game and forfeits her freedom, Kia is determined to rescue her.

Disguised as a Salarian, Kia becomes Idaro in order to move freely in this dangerous new culture. When she arrives on Salaria, she learns it’s a world where a few key players control the board, and the pawns are ready to revolt. Kia joins the conflict, risking everything to save her sister. As if she doesn’t already have enough to handle, Agatha, the maddeningly calm and unpredictable Select who lives life both by-the-book and off-the-cuff shows up to help, along with handsome Norio, a strong-willed desert girl with her own agenda, and a group of Salarian teens earning their rite of passage in the treacherous desert game.

What can an interpreter and former thief possibly do in the midst of all this to keep the people she loves alive?


(Deathwatch, Deathscape, Deathtrap)
By: Dana Marton
Read the first three books in the bestselling romantic suspense series. With over 760 5-star Amazon reviews, these books are reader favorites for heart-pounding suspense and toe-curling romance!

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Biographies & Memoirs

A Family Memoir of Love and Loss
By: Alison Ripley Cubitt
An eight-year-old child witnesses her mother’s secret and knows that from that moment life will never be the same.

After Molly, her mother dies, Alison uses her legacy to make a film about Molly’s relationship with a man she had known since she was a teenager. What hold did this man have over her mother? And what other secrets was her mother hiding?

Castles in the Air follows the life of Molly Ripley through the eyes of her daughter Alison. From Molly’s childhood in colonial Hong Kong and Malaya; wartime adventures as a rookie office girl in the far east outpost of Bletchley Park then as a young nurse in the city; tangled romance and marriage”¦ to her challenging middle-age when demons from the past seem set to overwhelm her.

The writer in Alison can’t stop until she reveals the story of Molly’s past.
But as a daughter, does she have the courage to face up to the uncomfortable truths of Molly’s seemingly ordinary life?

As she unravels the private self that Molly kept secret, Alison realises that she is trying to find herself through her mother’s story. By trying to make sense of the past, can she move on with her future?

Honest yet unsentimental and told with abundant love and compassion, this is a profoundly moving portrait of a woman’s life, hopes and dreams.
We learn not only about Molly, but about mothers and daughters, secrets and love.
A story for readers struggling to come to terms with the trauma of losing loved ones.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Gary W. Feather
Seven tales of science fiction & fantasy with more swords fights to shake an ax at. Two stories are part one of serialized novels.
By: JG Zymbalist
Emmylou is a Martian girl stranded upon the Earth and desperate to reach home, and Rory is an Earthling lad tormented by a band of sea nymphs. The only thing that offers our heroes any comfort is a quirky comic book: Sir Pilgarlic Guthrie’s Phantasy Retrospectacle.
Welcome the spring with a poignant fantasy about hope and art and rebirth. Song of the Oceanides.
By: Gary W. Feather
Seven stories of science fiction and fantasy with plenty of sword fights. Two stories are part 3 of serialized novels.

Children’s Books

A Romantic Comedy
By: Glynnis Rogero
A little bit Stephanie Plum, a little bit Emma”¦
Chelsey ”” Pure Textuality

I thought this would make an adorable movie”¦
Christy ”” Captivated Reading

A rom-com worth the hype
Sammi ”” Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Tug Of Love is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy that will have you laughing out loud. A fast-paced, and at times zany page-turner about love, friendship and coming to terms with, and letting go of past injustices.

Adventures In Time
By: G. G. Fulton
Twelve-year-old Carly inherits a time machine from her Grampa when he dies suddenly under very strange circumstances.

Follow Carly, and her best friend Patti, on this romp through time, as they carry out Carly’s big plans: Flip the Skip, Adventure Down Under, One True Direction, Greek Sisters, and 1989 Rewind. You’ll have a blast (from the past), with plenty of fast-paced action and adventure.

In between their adventures, Carly and Patti still find time to go to middle-school, where they face bullies, drama queens and. . .

Pet Detective
By: G. G. Fulton
SASHA, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is missing and her humans want her found!


If your pet is missing, please contact: Sam Jones, Pet Detective, or his assistant Bella Jones.

Sam’s qualifications include tracking down pets and reuniting them with their humans.

We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Very reasonable fees.

References upon request.

Email: samjonespetdetective@gmail.com

Uncle Fazo is not your typical Uncle… in that he was the crazy scientist that invented lots of funny and random things for the fun of it. Zach, his nephew and Miranda loved to test them out. Since Zach’s Uncle ‘passed away’, Zach inherited all of his junk.

Join the brave best of friends, Zach and Miranda as they discover some insane inventions like the mute wand, ice cube ray gun, a talking robot and oh’ did I mention a teleporting device that takes them anywhere in the world in seconds, where they can discover secrets of old times, solve mysteries and outsmart goons of all sorts?

And then there is the evil overlord Tain who has a mission to destroy the very things Zach and Miranda try to save – ‘WORDS’. How do you save words, you ask?

In this children’s eBook and a bit of superhero comedy and computer and technology (hardware) find out as the Beginning Series, starts the tale of their adventures, but as the best friends quickly discover, maybe some things are better left alone. This beginning readers chapter book is filled with action and adventure.

Children can be heroes everyday. Inspire children to believe in themselves. Build them up and they can inspire and dream up change – EVERYDAY.

By: G. G. Fulton


If your pet is missing, please contact: Sam Jones or his assistant Bella Jones.

Sam’s qualifications include tracking down pets and reuniting them with their humans.

We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Very reasonable fees.

References upon request.

Email: samjonespetdetective@gmail.com

By: Lea Kirshenberg
Have you ever wanted to be somebody else?
This may be the right story for you…
Puggy is a lovely little dog that would like to be bigger, stronger and richer… almost like King, his next door neighbor. The readers (ages 3-8) can follow his adventures and share his moments of joy and grief along thirty pages of rhymes, humor and colorful illustrations.

Parenting & Relationships

How to Boost Her Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Self-Respect
By: Michael T. Wilkinson
Fatherhood can be stressful, especially if you’ve ever had to raise your daughter’s low self-esteem. In this insightful book, you’ll discover a proven strategy to help you boost her confidence even if you don’t know where to start. “This book made me rethink what it means to be a father” (Steve Windsor, author of the Nine Day Novel series).

Literature & Fiction

By: Eva Flynn
The true story of the meteoric rise of Victoria Woodhull, a woman who was born into poverty and sold into marriage, only to become the first female stockbroker, a wealthy newspaper publisher, and a presidential candidate. Forced to be a clairvoyant huckster by her father, Victoria Woodhull manipulates robber baron Commodore Vanderbilt and together they cause the panic of Black Friday in 1869. Victoria then parlays her fortune into the first female-owned brokerage firm. When her hero Susan B. Anthony pays a visit to her and subsequently publishes unkind words about Victoria’s past, Victoria responds by engaging in a fierce rivalry with Susan to become the dominate voice in the women’s movement. Victoria announces her candidacy for President, testifies to Congress, and even starts her own newspaper. But when Victoria speaks against marital rape, and the right to divorce, her radical ideas ignite a new battle with Reverend Henry Beecher, which leads to trials, persecution, and ultimately forces her to flee the country.


By: Debbie White
Libby had it all. Handsome husband, beautiful condo overlooking San Francisco Bay, and a faithful companion in a golden retriever named Harley. When her life is suddenly turned upside down, the only thing she has left is Harley, or so it seemed. Determined to pull out of her depression, and settle into her new life, Libby elicits the help from friends as she embarks on a new adventure. Torn between two men, Libby is tormented by her past, and unsure of her future. What will she do? An inspirational romance, The Salty Dog, is a tale of love and loss.
Thirsty Hearts Book 1
By: Kris Jayne
Micky Llewellyn trusted men before””with disastrous results. Nick Halden’s life has unfolded according to plan””a career at a top law firm and an engagement to the perfect socialite (he hopes). Fate throws them together, and in their struggle to balance love and ambition, they have to decide what they want before they lose the one thing that matters.
By: Amy Manemann
Star-crossed lovers and second chances ”¦ meet guys and gals with good reason to guard their hearts even as they follow their dreams.

Enjoy eight sweet contemporary romances penned by award-winning and best-selling authors in the Spring Into Romance Boxed Set. From betrayal and conflict to secrets and scandals, get ready for a variety of books that will satisfy the romance junkie in you.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Novel
By: David DeLee
Stolen Mob Money! Ruthless Hit Men! A Past That Won’t Stay Dead And Buried!

For bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, the job seemed simple. Track
down Barry Keegan, a white collar defendant in a corporate embezzlement
scandal who’d jumped bail.A bean counter. How hard could that be?

What is it they say about asking questions you don’t want the answers to?

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Business & Investing

Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts and Generate More Sales
By: Matthew Paulson
While many have decried that email is dead, a handful of marketers have quietly been using little-known email marketing techniques to generate massive results. In Email Marketing Demystified, digital marketing expert Matthew Paulson reveals the strategies and techniques that top email marketers use to build large mailing lists, to write compelling copy that converts and to generate substantially more sales using nothing but their email list.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Sandra Gustafsson

Helena is incarcerated. She has crossed the lines, but what has she done?
Once a week, Helena see a psychologist and talks with him, and the truth is presented piece by piece. For several years she had a relationship with a man who gave her the courage to live, despite her dark secrets, but she was always “the other woman” and finally Helena’s fragile world crashes.

We meet Helena in shards: talks with the psychologist interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood and Helena’s inner conversation with the love of her life.

The story is full of nerves and tension rises with the realization of who Helena really is.

Seared is a psychological thriller that insightfull depicts a broken womans desperate attempts to create a life worth living.

By: Sandra Gustafsson

Someone killed Joakim.
His girlfriend Sara and his brother Tobias give radically different accounts of what happened.
Is Sara really in love with the brother or is she in fact a sociopath who won’t stop at anything, as Tobias claims?

The Rival gives us the portraits of two characters at the ends of their ropes: Tobias with his intense love-hate relationship with his family and Sara who has negated her own personality in her struggle to be accepted. When each makes a desperate effort to gain control, nothing turns out the way they planned.

The Rival is a claustrophobic thriller about jealousy, revenge and the consequences of manipulating others.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Noble of Blood Book 1
By: A L Wright

The Noble Patriarch had ruled the local lands for over a thousand years, establishing a lasting peace for the humans and a position of power for his Nobles. His kind lived in a palace in Noble’s Rest, the largest town of the land. With his son at his side, his rule had been long and comfortable.

That is all threatened to change, however. His Son has taken a human girl as his Chosen, and that choice has upset the other Nobles in the palace. As events unfold between his son and the girl, the Patriarch is faced with similar events of his own past. Trying to guide his son while also guarding the secrets of their race, he lets slip information that sends his son racing across the lands and away from the palace. Leaving the girl alone and vulnerable.

Dartein has been alive for several centuries, but he had never felt truly alive until he met Josaleene. Defying all Noble custom, he took her as his chosen and bound the two of them together for eternity. But all their happiness does not seem destined to last as long buried secrets seemed determined to tear them apart.

Upset that his father, the Patriarch, seems unwilling to help them, Dartein becomes desperate to find the answer that will save their love. Even with the threat of old enemies lurking nearby, he leaves his lady love to seek out the one thing that may be able to help them. The price of the answer is blood, but whose?

A Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Collection
By: Riley J Ford
Step inside the pages of your wildest dreams & darkest nightmares. 20 edgy novels. *Only 99c* LIMITED TIME OFFER! From 20 NY Times, USA Today & Bestselling Authors.
By: Christopher G. Nuttall, PP Corcoran, Phillip Richards, Tim C Taylor
615+ combined Amazon reviews with 4 stars average! Four military science fiction novels in one box set. Featuring USA Today bestselling author Christopher G. Nuttall’s Their Darkest Hour and the Amazon bestsellers: Discovery of the Saiph by PP Corcoran, C.R.O.W. by Phillip Richards & Marine Cadet by Tim C. Taylor.
By: Rebecca Hamilton
For a limited time only! Celebrate Love and Vampires: Eight of today’s Best Selling Paranormal Romance authors bring you this ebook boxed set of 8 books.


By: Ella Miles

My mind is a mess.

I can’t live this way anymore. He thinks I’ve told him the worst, but I’ve barely told him anything at all.

I can’t love Landon.

He just brings more confusion. I need to leave. Then I can break through the chaos that haunts me.

”” ””

My mind has never been so clear.

I’m writing new songs faster than ever before. I’m falling for her, even as the secret that I’ve kept hidden for years threatens to reveal itself.

I can’t love Alex.

Everyone will know I’m a monster. I’ll stay away. It’s the only way.

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Biographies & Memoirs

The story of an 14 month humanitarian journey to South Sudan and India
By: Elisa Divoux
From a small village in the Sudan to the slums of Mumbai, this story is a remarkable chronicle of humanitarian service and insight into places hardly imaginable. What begins as a simple desire to give back through charitable work becomes a fascinating tale of places where life is a constant struggle, and of the people who inhabit them.

Humor & Entertainment

An Ill-Conceived Quest Through the Peruvian Amazon
By: Zach Zimmerman

After dropping out of the University of Southern California and moving to Peru, twenty-one-year-old author Zach Zimmerman soon discovers that he no longer possesses any money. If he were normal, this is precisely the time when he would beg his parents for a flight home and return to school and/or get a job. Zach is not normal. Instead, he decides to board a one-way cargo ship heading deep into the Amazon rainforest. His goal: Search for signs of Lady Ayahuasca, the mythical “spirit of the jungle”, and determine whether or not she, in fact, exists.

As it turns out, Zach’s ill-conceived quest into perhaps the deadliest and most unpredictable region of the plant becomes, well, deadly and unpredictable. In this unfiltered, 93-page journal, the young author’s guile and self-deprecatory humor will bring you to the edge of your seat as he confronts tarantulas, alligators, shamans, pretty Chinese girls, jungle guides who try to kill him, and much more, all in a search to find a spirit he doesn’t actually believe in, and his insightful stream of consciousness regarding the nature of skepticism and spirituality will have you reflecting inward as you laugh outward.

Business & Investing

By: Anthony R. Thomas

You want to be a millionaire, but you feel it is impossible for you?
My family grew up on food stamps (gov’t money only for buying food), but I have been able to accumulate more than $1 Million dollars in savings.

“Start Your Wealth Building Now” will teach you investing concepts that will help you take ownership of your own money and your income goals now.

These easy to understand steps will teach you:
1) How to learn investing strategies, even if you have never invested.
2) How to set goals and expectations for your income so you can start to save and invest.
3) How to balance income growth with cash protection that meets your own personal needs.
4) Some often unspoken strategies about how and when to save regardless of how much you earn.
5) When to manage your own money and when to ask for help, so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Christian Books & Bibles

A Modern Story of Christ
By: Elvo Fortunato Bucci
Can one man save the world?
A baby is born to a young mother in a manger, destined to be the savior. But he is crucified on the cross and never gets the chance. Two thousand years later, a man enters the void of a godless era to bring salvation to the world.
Written for young adults as a contemporary re-imagining of the gospel stories, “Songs of the Deliverer” is an enlightening and entertaining way to know Christ more.


A transgender romance novel
By: Debrah Martin

For fans of The Danish Girl, an extraordinary transgender love story about self-belief and the true nature of courage.

Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for Will and Tom when they leave school. Tom joins the army to become a MAN. Will goes to university and discovers he’s not. When Tom turns up on Will’s doorstep almost ten years later, he’s disillusioned and broken after surviving Northern Ireland during the 1970’s troubles, and with a broken marriage and no future. Will, on the other hand, has just embarked on a completely new future for himself – in his case, a very different kind of self; a woman called Billie.

As Will transitions from male to female, so the boyhood friendship between Tom and Will changes too. Initial shock and repulsion on Tom’s part becomes grudging respect, and eventually something quite different. But life ”” and falling in love ”” is never that simple; and especially not when it’s in the face of prejudice, fear and lost courage.

Time Travel Super bundle
By: Bobby Hutchinson
Three full length time travel novels for one low price. They’ll keep you reading when you should be sleeping. Doctors, adventurers and dance hall girls learn that times may change, but the human heart stays constant.
Mercenaries of Change
By: Cara S. Thomas

No! No! No! This was not how her career was supposed to go at all. This was not the way Casey had seen her progression in law enforcement. Being near killed by her partner and dirt ex-husband, and then being rescued by the killers she had sworn to put behind bars.

No! This most certainly was not how her life was to go. But if it did continue she was happy it was with the leader of the mercenaries she had fallen in love with…the blue eyed Jasmine.

But all was not set in the land of happy ever after yet, because after several close calls and twists in the story, they were on the top of the hit list for two very important people. Would she lose the love she had just found or will they survive long enough to see what normal had to offer them?

Even greater was her concern that her own love might kill her for suspected betrayal.

(Billionaire, Billionaire Bachelors, Billionaire Boys Club Romance, Step brother, BOOK 1) (I Dare You)
By: Jennifer King

Forbes 100 Billionaire Chance has a loss for words. He sees his high school crush at his 10-year reunion in San Francisco. She’s smoking hot, but she doesn’t recall him from Adam.

Quinn is through with men after another failed blind date, and goes to her high school reunion, crushed she is in a throwback to awkward.

Chance asks her to coffee and she takes him up on it, and before she recognizes him. The lure of unrequited fantasies and love hurl them into a sweet flirtation.

By: Deborah Caldwell-Wright

Historical Fiction/Romance

Twenty years before the American Civil War, a young woman begins a journey as the new teacher in town. Soon, she’s in the middle of a dark mystery – should she reveal the Beale Cipher? What would the consequences be if she does – and who can she trust?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hardstorm Saga #1
By: Dana Marton
To escape punishment, Tera, a maiden healer sold to barbarians must hide the truth: she has not yet come into her healing powers. Born into a much gentler world, she struggles to survive in a land of savage warlords and their cruel concubines. When ancient prophecies begin to come to pass, can the healer-slave save the realm and awaken the High Lord’s heart?
By: Gary Green
Rebecca’s adventure continues. Pan still wants to see her dead, so she starts learning self defense from Lancelot (Yes, THAT Lancelot). Meanwhile, her magical friends try to figure out how to convince Pan to leave her alone. She visits the Oracle to try to get some answers, but the Oracle’s answers just confuse her more. Upon her return to Naomi’s farm she discovers that her secret is out. At Pip’s insistence friends and neighbors have come to help defend against an army of trolls that are set to attack.
A Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Collection
By: Riley J Ford
Step inside the pages of your wildest dreams & darkest nightmares. 20 edgy novels. *Only 99c* LIMITED TIME OFFER! From 20 NY Times, USA Today & Bestselling Authors.
By: JG Zymbalist

A combination of several genres, Song of the Oceanides is historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction with a few cogs of steampunk and wisps of romance as well. Suitable for older teens or discerning adults looking for innovative fiction with depth. –Foreword Reviews

A world so rich and vast that, for a certain type of reader, 750 pages will not nearly be enough. A clever and finely wrought steampunk tale about aliens and misfits. –Kirkus Indie

By: Rebecca Hamilton
For a limited time only! Celebrate Love and Vampires: Eight of today’s Best Selling Paranormal Romance authors bring you this ebook boxed set of 8 books.
By: Stephanie Batailler

A Job Seeker in Hollywood (OhlalaLand). A Legendary Film Studio. A Parade of Whacky Characters. A Tale within a Tale. A Biofiction.

Stephanie wants to get her Dream Come True!
Once upon a time”¦“Baby born with teeth, starts talking to obstetrician and midwife about gestation experience!” Indeed, Stephanie was born to create and tell stories like the ones that inspired her entire childhood, the stories from OhlalaLand Studios. Hoping the legendary studio will recognize her skill as a storyteller, Stephanie is one step closer today as she stands in front of the studio with a dream-job interview summons in her hands. But the experience isn’t quite what she expects. OhlalaLand interviewing process is a little unusual, a little”¦OhlalaLandian!

A New Literary Subgenre: Job Fantasy!
Have you ever had enough of emailing your résumé without ever receiving any response? If so, Stephanie’s story is your story.

Stephanie, the author, decided to take her pain and frustration and turn them into something productive: writing a fairytale about herself going for a job interview at the studio of her dreams. “Since no one wants to give me a job interview, I’ll create my own!” She traded her résumé for a book!

Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is a Fiction of the Author’s Dream!

OhlalaLand: a Land where Words and Cinema come together!
Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is a short story, a tale within a tale with a parade of whacky characters where talking animals, walking buttons, and epicurean pen-people are as real as the mystical creature interviewing Stephanie. In the nest of wonder and imagination, happily ever after is not far away or”¦is it?

The book premiered its French version at the 29th international Book and Press Fair in Geneva, received great editorial and literary blogger reviews, and was listed as the first of “The must-sees” by L’Hebdo.

Tale of a Job Interview is now available in English in the US, Europe and more”¦

Praise in the US:
“In my years in the “industry” I am often asked for advice from people on how to get started””how to land that first job. But I’ve never come across such a creative approach as this! Ms Batailler has crafted an unexpected and wildly imaginative narrative in her quest to scale those studio walls” ””Ron Judkins, two-time Academy Awards Winner & five-time Nominee.

“The first rule of storytelling whether it’s a movie, a television show, or a book, is to create characters the audience likes and can relate to. Tale of a Job Interview does just that.” ””H. Daniel Gross, EVP The Basketball Channel.

“A fun and witty satire about an aspiring filmmaker. Same thing as when I step into the fighter’s cage: I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.” ””Herb Dean, four-time World MMA Awards Winner.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

What would you do if your past could kill you?
By: D.B. Martin

Years spent hiding from his past. Today it finds him.

A gripping psychological novel for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

Renowned British barrister, Lawrence Juste, is a man with a past so cleverly stitched together he thought it could never come unravelled – until now.

Two things are about to pick it apart, piece by sordid piece: a child, and a blackmail note from a woman hiding as many secrets as him. As the past unravels, his carefully ordered world falls apart in a twisting spiral of taboo, passion, lies and revelations, with potentially tragic consequences. For Lawrence Juste, the future suddenly looks as dangerous as it is uncontrollable.

By: Tom & Nancy Wise
For Stephen, his life on base is much the same as most other children’s. The difference is in the details. Look both ways before crossing a tank path and be sure to check if the spent bullet casings you find in the long-abandoned trenches are actually empty. Sports stop at the sound of the evening trumpet call as he and his friends stand at attention while the flag is retired. Quantico Cave is a story of friendship and competition, and when Stephen meets up with a friend he once knew at a previous home station, the contest hits a whole new level that places everyone at risk.

Literature & Fiction

An Amish Love Story
By: Cara S. Thomas
Saran and Miriam were both caught in a lie that did not support who they were. Being a lesbian in the very reserved Amish community in Lancaster was not only frowned upon, it was something that would get them shunned. Something they feared until they met each other.
For Saran who had once been in love with a woman from the English world, she knew how to handle herself and she had considered herself off the market until the day Miriam smiled at her and all hope was lost.
For Miriam, she was caught in a constant battle of being with a man she loved only as a brother and trying to figure out why her heart would not want who she told it to love. It was all so confusing and infuriating, but things were about to get harder.
Things were about to get a whole lot harder when the truth she sought to hide would be known.