Can you advertise and promote using Hootsuite Free? Managing many posts

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Can you advertise and promote using hootsuite free? Have you tried to do any categorization or searching on Hootsuite Free to make managing a large number of posts much easier? Although that feature is missing from the free version, it can be accomplished using the Firefox browser, and maybe others. I will focus on achieving this with FF since that is my main browser. We will also take a look at utilizing this functionality in Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Above you see that I have a rather large number of Hootsuite posts to choose from. Searching wasn’t too bad when there were 50 or maybe even 75. Now that there are over 200 posts, it makes a specific post rather hard to find. The solution to this is quite evident, though – pay $120 per year (or more) to use the paid version. Although I write software and Ebooks, I do not make enough money on either to justify advertising expenses targeted specifically for them. Because of my “cheapness,” my inquisitive programmer mentality kicked into high gear. Read the rest of this article so that you can benefit from this programmer approach.

I know that I can search using CTRL-F in Firefox, so I started with this browser. Then I had to find a way to search the post listing which disappears when clicking on something else. A little playing around revealed that answer – after opening the search box, type in the search phrase, click the post listing and manipulate the buttons using the keyboard. Press the key twice and then to search for the next, for next, and so on.

Without using the PRO version, I still can’t categorize. At least I can perform an adequate search of my rather large number of posts. As an individual small business owner, this is a truly important capability.

We mentioned Chrome – will this approach work in that browser? Actually, it seems to work even better. You still use CTRL-F to trigger the “find” feature. It shows up in the top right side below the address bar, in my case. Type the desired word, open the post listing and select one, now use the keyboard to move to the next entry.

Does this work in Internet Explorer? Yes, the same process will work, but it does not seem to be as consistent.

In order to make scheduling easier, be sure to use the auto scheduling function. Using this feature will pick the best time to post to the selected networks. In addition to this, it will place a lengthy period of time between the same posts while trying to group similar posts together. Of course, you may have an entire week already scheduled and want to add a new post between them. In this case, you will have no choice but manual scheduling. With manual scheduling, don’t forget the three US time zones plus many others worldwide.

Now for some “what ifs.” What if you want to use more than the few social networks available in the free version (I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn)? Go pro. What if you want advanced analytics on your social media campaigns? Go pro. What if you want easier scheduling of hundreds of events? Go pro. How much will it cost to “Go pro?” That would depend on how many additional features are needed, but the basic pro package starts at $9.99 per month.

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