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A Rooster Once Crowed

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I didn’t set out to write a book. I wasn’t against it, but I got to this point much as most folks get on a ride at Disney World: they weigh the time it will take to get through the line they can see, and by the time they figure out how long the line really is, they’ve invested too much to step out.

In 2012 I was preparing for humiliation. I’d committed to teaching a big Sunday school class (Family Ties) at a big church (Peachtree Road United Methodist Church) without any notes. I had no idea what I was going to say until the Thursday before, when I saw, as clearly as you could see and describe a painting, a picture of the Gospel.

Since that Sunday in October, I have stood in as many lines as possible to share this story of the Gospel. And while I don’t claim to have all the answers, my prayer is that something in this little sacrifice of paper and ink will resonate with you. I sincerely hope that you will see God’s truth and the Gospel through this book and invite you to follow our progress at for more on this important mission. Because in this church of lions, I’m bringing a turtledove–not even two.

Other than this, I’m a lover of Jesus, a husband to one of the greatest God ever made, dad to three of the next greatest, a commercial real-estate broker for hospitals and physicians, a sometime fisherman, and an even lesser golfer.

Tell the reader about your latest book:
From a one-room Sunday school class—the lesson that’s been downloaded over 8,000 times in 54 countries—comes A Rooster Once Crowed, A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told. Each Sunday, pastors teach on a verse or two-maybe a parable. A Rooster Once Crowed puts up the microscope and pulls out a telescope in connecting the reader to the meta-narrative of Scripture. But its greatest gift is delivering both the heart and the head argument of the Gospel Story.


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