Author Story – Mistress Benay

Cover_MainFor quite a long time I had the desire to write a book. As a Dominatrix, I have come in contact with women (Mistresses) and men (mostly submissive) from all walks of life. I decided that when, and if, I wrote a book, I would draw upon the experiences I have had from those contacts. Earlier this year, I finally decided that the time was right to start working on my Female Domination Series. I put a lot of other activities on hold, and began working on my First Book – “At Her Beck and Call”. As I started writing the book, I found that I really enjoyed what I was doing, and realized that I would have no trouble coming up with material for a whole series of Books with the theme of Female Domination and Male Servitude.

In addition to writing now, I am also working on remodeling a large Victorian House built in 1900. My plan is to turn the house into a First Class BDSM Bed & Breakfast. I am sure that once that project is completed and the B&B opens, I will find a new source of constant material for my writings.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mistress Benay, one of America’s most vocal and Exciting proponents of Female Domination documents in this Journal how she has taken a male she met on the Internet, and turned him into first her slave, then her soul mate, and eventually her husband. This journey is described in great detail by Mistress Benay which clearly show how any Woman can take control of a male and turn him into her willing slave. This journal is an Easy, Fun, and Informative read which leaves nothing to the imagination.


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