Author Interview: Michael R D James

Question #1: What made you want to become an author?
The reflective attitude required by writing appealed to me very early when I began writing poetry at 19. Relatives in my family have been writers

Question #2: What genre of books do you write?
Philosophical/educational fiction: University lectures embedded in a narrative of human drama and tragedt
Academic books
College textbooks
Philosophical /educational journals

Question #3: How long have you been writing books?
Since 1987

Question #4: Are you self-published or traditionally published? And tell us why you chose either.
Both. My latest fictional work is self-published because it is a hybrid and does not belong in a genre that publishers find economically viable. An incredible state of affairs considering the importance of making Philosophy more generally available to the reading public.
I am undecided as to whether my college text “An Introduction to Philosophy” is going to be submitted to traditional publishers since the profit margins on self-published books are higher.

Question #5: What’s the best tip you can give to a new author?
Old and wise advice that I was given by my mother: Write 1000 words everyday and reflect critically on what you have written sometime in the evening

Question #6: What’s your writing routine like?
I am lecturing during term time so the writing process is slower but during the holidays I can be writing for 6 -7 hours once the reflection process has been completed.

Question #7: What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?
A feeling for the importance of Philosophy and a memory of the narrative.

Bonus Question: Why should a reader want to read your book?
Because I believe the challenge of literature is to know ourselves and hopefully the difficulty and importance of this process is communicated by my writings.


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