Author Interview: Jeff Knoblauch

Question #1: What made you want to become an author?
I have always wanted to write stories. I had started numerous times, but only recently had a burning story to tell that helped motivate me to see it all the way through.

Question #2: What genre of books do you write?
Science fiction. I have always enjoyed reading hard sci-fi. My science background has also contributed to writing hard sci-fi. I think that a believable backdrop that readers can relate makes it easier follow along. I aspire to be as good a writer as the sci-fi authors that I have read and admired.

Question #3: How long have you been writing books?
I have tried off and on for most of my adult life, but only in the last few years had a compelling story to tell and seen it all the way through. I intend to keep writing and entertain my readers. As of this writing, I am finished with a second book in the series and am into the editing phase.

Question #4: Are you self-published or traditionally published? And tell us why you chose either.
I’m a self-published author. I had felt that traditional publishing would be expensive and be difficult to get a publisher to accept your manuscript. So, I looked into self-publishing. I was lucky to find a free publisher to distribute my book. Later, I learned how to publish through Amazon and Smashwords. So my journey was through research and keeping an ear out for new information.

Question #5: What’s the best tip you can give to a new author?
It is important to do as much research into the marketing of your book as you put into the book itself. You will hear over and over again about how that nobody will buy your book if they don’t know anything about it or where to get it. If an author falls over in the forest, does it make a sound or a profit?

Question #6: What’s your writing routine like?
I suppose I should have a more regimented schedule with my writing, but I manage to squeak out pages here and there. Family life and my day job keep me pretty busy. I am a poster child for organization improvement webinars. I do all my writing at my desk with my computer tapping away and lost in thought. Not lost. Just lost in thought.

Question #7: What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?
Space is such a large place that it is difficult for most people to wrap their heads around. Do you know how big infinity is? Space is dangerous. Radiation, dangerous particles, and logistical obstacles abound. Why have we not left our solar system yet? Speed. I expose and try to address the difficulties involved in traveling in space and reaching for the stars. We will reach the stars, but it will require perseverance and determination that I enjoy writing about.

Bonus Question: Why should a reader want to read your book?
‘The Journey of Atlantis’ is told from the perspective of what is required to save a planet’s species and how that might be possible. How do you get off the third rock from the sun and make your way to a new home? Don’t wait. Find out!


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