Author Interview: Jay Kerk

Question #1: What made you want to become an author?
At a young age nothing in specific, I just felt a need to write as if I expressed my self better or had an outlet for an overactive imagination. At an older age, I thought of better combinations and scenarios of what I was reading so I wanted to create my imagined reality.

Question #2: What genre of books do you write?
i like to write the genres i read: thriller/mystery/suspense, and dystopian fiction.

Question #3: How long have you been writing books?
10 years ago

Question #4: Are you self-published or traditionally published? And tell us why you chose either.
self published because this is right way nowadays.

Question #5: What’s the best tip you can give to a new author?
finish. focus on the finish line. finish and refine. finish.

Question #6: What’s your writing routine like?
1) notes, clips, imaginations
2) ending
3) evaluation
4) write up scenes
5) compile chapters
10) refine

Question #7: What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?
to be emersed and entertained

Bonus Question: Why should a reader want to read your book?
it is very fresh. Usually, readers are given the POV of the hero/victim or the detective, my book has something else.


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