Ani Alexander Author Story

I’ve been writing since my teenage years, It started with poems, then the writings turned into short stories and essays. Back then I did not realize that it was more than a passing phase, interest or hobby. That is why I listened to the left part of my brain and studied business instead:) Unlike many others I did not dream of becoming a writer since I was a child. I studied business and had several corporate career paths. After many years of trying to find myself, I realized that writing fiction is what I am truly passionate about. I finally became wiser I left my 11-year corporate career behind and decided to follow my passion.

That is why it took me a long time to gather the courage to think of me as a writer. It was even harder to announce it to others. But I am happy that I finally did.

Now I am a self-published bestselling author and blogger. My first book is called Emotional Moments and it is collection of 23 shorts stories and flash fiction pieces, which discribe different emotional periods all of us go through in life. It became Amazon Bestseller in 2012. At the same year I enrolled to NaNoWriMo and wrote my first full length novel based on a true story. Just few days ago it hit #1 in Women’s Fiction, Drama and New Adult & College Romance categories.

Highfall sort of came to me itself. My lost friend found me on Facebook after about 15 years and we re-connected. When she told me about her life I immediately thought that it should become either a book or a movie. So that is how the idea of writing Highfall came to me and chased me until I actually sat and started writing. Of course the book is fiction based on a true story and not a biography, so everything did not happen exactly that way in real life. Nevertheless bigger part of the book is very true. Highfall has a very fast pace and many events immediately following each other. Maybe that is why most of the people, who have read it up to now have finished the book in a day or two.

I cen’t tell that I am making money with my books yet. And I hope that the ”yet” is a matter of time. I love creating words, which evoke emotions, provoke thoughts and touch the readers’ soul.

You can get in touch with me through my self-development blog Life Probabilities (, my author website ( or Twitter (@Ani_LifeProb)

* * * * *

Highfall is very special to me for several reasons. It’s my first novel – and before that I never wrote anything longer than a 3-4 page short story. Then of course the fact that the book is based on a true story makes it more personal. Many think that it is my life story, but fortunately or unfortunately it is not 🙂


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