A Tunnel is Only a Hole on Its Side

James Minter (Author), Gale Winskill (Editor)

This book follows in the tradition of great British classics, such as Fawlty Towers, Blott on the Landscape, and other brilliant examples of British eccentricities at their most ridiculous and enjoyable.

The novel continues the ongoing animosity between Colin Griggs and Major Woods, who are at loggerheads following their previous encounters. The golf course is threatened again, by the local council and its plans to build a bypass.

The Major rallies his troops and forms a protest group, who propose an alternative route, which will destroy the Griggs’ farm. Major Woods’ campaign is coloured by his person views, but does Colin Griggs actually hold the solution that could appease everyone, thus saving the golf club, enabling a bypass, and keeping other local residents happy?

Meanwhile, the Council has a new, lethal weapon at their disposal: Belinda Moore, with an “e”: sexy, seductive and smart, she is a force to be reckoned with, and manages to reduce most sensible men to putty. And Izzy Griggs has a clear-out of the barn, and discovers that some of the “tat” might have an unexpected value.

Accompanied by the looming come-as-you-are fancy dress party, hosted by Lady Wills, which promises to be a revelation in its own right, the scene is all set for general chaos and confusion, that the reader just knows is going to come to a head.

This is gentle read that bubbles along at a cracking pace, enticing the reader in, and dragging them along willingly until the end.

Will the bypass go ahead? Will the golf course be destroyed, or the Griggs’ farm obliterated? And what will people wear to Diana’s party? Only time, and a series of unfortunate events, will tell.

Full of twists, turns and comedy throughout, this will keep you laughing until the very end.


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