A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story

A Rabbit's Tale an Easter Story (Praying Mantis Series Book 1) by [Ruiz, Diogenes]by Diogenes Ruiz (Author)

A RABBIT’S TALE–AN EASTER STORY, by Diogenes Ruiz, opens with a scene where Monty, the new boy on Juan Arias’ block deposits a mouthful of spit in the Arias family’s mailbox. The two neighbor boys couldn’t be more different. Although they both were in the 5th grade, Juan tries his best to ignore Monty because he secretly thinks the new kid is slightly crazy. Or possibly from another planet. Juan wants nothing to do with him. Twenty-five years later, Monty is working at his father’s business and tries to poison his father so he can gain full control of the company. The company where Juan works is involved in a project with Monty’s company, etc. It is impossible to say too much about this excellent novel in a limited amount of words other than it is well written and well worth reading. The comedy is great and the characters are well-defined…I do highly recommend this book. – Judge, 26th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


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