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Education & Reference

By: Susan G. Charles

Nothing but hummingbird goodness!

Hummingbirds: All About Hummingbirds, A Kids Introduction to Hummers – Fun Facts & Pictures About the Worlds Smallest Birds! is filled with information about hummingbirds including their favorite foods, feeding hummingbirds, unique flying capabilities, hummingbird babies, migrations, hummingbird habitats and more.

This interesting hummingbird book is full of beautiful Hummingbird pictures kids of all ages will enjoy looking at, as well as plenty of interesting Hummer facts and even a few Hummingbird fun trivia tidbits too. You might realize you enjoy birds and birdwatching too.

A wonderful non fiction books for kids, this Hummingbird book is only available on Amazon, plus it’s on sale right now …but only for a limited time. Order your copy today and start learning All About Hummingbirds instantly.

By: Susan G. Charles

Turtles and Tortoises? Terrapins too! Do your kids want to learn more about them? Fantastic, then you have found the right turtle book. Help your children learn more about sea turtles, tortoises, terrapins and turtles today by reading this tortoise book right now.

Did you know that turtles, tortoises and terrapins can be found in deserts, forests and even the open ocean? Practically everywhere but super cold places like Antarctica and the Arctic circle.

Here is just a little of what is included inside “All About Turtles and Tortoises, A Kids Introduction to Turtles – Fun Facts & Pictures About the Worlds Coolest Reptiles!”…

Turtle vs. Tortoise vs. Terrapin

Anatomy of Turtles

Tortoise Facts

Turtle Pictures

Sea Turtle Migration

Baby Turtles and Tortoises

Where They Live

And Lots More!

Turtles and tortoises are among the oldest species on Earth too having been here for over 200 million years. But sadly, it’s also true that they are among some of the world’s most endangered animal species.

This book includes loads of high quality, colorful photos of turtles, terrapins, tortoises and sea turtles, as well as plenty of interesting Turtle facts and even a few Tortoise fun trivia tidbits too.

This Turtle book is only available on Amazon, plus it’s on sale right now… but only for a limited time. Order your copy now and start learning All About Turtles instantly.

Gay & Lesbian

By: Duane Simolke
(1 review)
This short eBook includes the gay love poem “Home,” the strange story of “The Gardener,” and the comical “Angels and Razors,” as well as thirty other poems. These works also appear in Duane Simolke’s longer anthology Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By: Daniel Harvell
When seven strangers impossibly survive a horrific airplane crash, they find themselves endowed with powers that defy explanation — some are blessed, and some are cursed. They adapt their extraordinary “gifts” to their ordinary lives. The results, however, aren’t always pretty — particularly when one of them engages in a killing spree. With little more to go on than the psychic link that they all share, the survivors seek out one another to uncover the murderer and bring him or her to justice.
By: M.D. Hall

A good story needs to pull you into its ‘web’ within a few pages and this does just that: the words spin their magic and you enter this strange world a safe observer, or should I say as a fly on the wall! Very impressed. (Hal2013: Amazon)

Really unique take on the dynamic between Intelligent alien insect species. The spiders are using alien ant species as slaves and are ruthless. Highly imaginative. Recommended. (Ron Baker: Amazon)

Well paced and enjoyable adventure, refreshingly non-human centric. A great sci-fi romp that leaves promise for any further books in the series. (Miri: Amazon)

By: Carl S. Plumer
In the coming zombie apocalypse, will love survive?

Not even love is guaranteed

For fans of Warm Bodies and Zombieland and for readers of A. Lee Martinez and Christopher Moore comes a new literary adventure about love and survival in San Francisco that has been called “hilarious, action-packed, and original.” Trek along with Cathren and Donovan as they fight to evade brain-hungry zombies, vengeful survivors, and a megalomaniacal CEO and his blood-thirsty henchmen. Can the forces of evil be stopped? Can love conquer the undead? Will Cathren and Donovan find freedom, safety, and true love? Find out for yourself by reading “Zombie Ever After”!Award Winning Read

2013 QUARTER FINALIST Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

2013 FINALIST The National Indie Excellence Book Awards

By: Carl S. Plumer
(5 reviews)
An Urban Fantasy Romance that readers of all ages will enjoy!


From Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist and National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist, CARL S. PLUMER (author of the acclaimed ZOMBIE EVER AFTER) comes a new book about the heartbreaks — and terrors — of growing up.Conner and Almira are typical teens, in love and looking toward the future. Ricky is Conner’s best friend since kindergarten and the funny-guy counter-point to the athlete Conner. Flower is a friend of all three, still looking for true love after one too many dud love affairs. Life for the four high school friends was perfectly normal and perfectly safe. But that was to change forever in a single, catastrophic evening.

Sports & Outdoors

By: Steven Carman
(59 reviews)

“Friday Night Lights meets baseball in this edgy coming-of-age story about overcoming adversity and personal tragedy.” – Publishers Weekly

Andy Lembo is bent on becoming the starting catcher on a talent-packed varsity baseball team in his senior year at a new high school–whereas his brother Daniel, still a junior, is a shoe-in to be the team’s ace. With his 88-mile-per-hour fastball, Daniel has Major League scouts drooling. The brothers are tight and share a dream of winning the state championship. They also share painful memories of child abuse. But Andy carries extra burdens, from panic attacks to a shaky relationship with their father. Then there’s that burn scar covering half of Andy’s face and the bully who won’t leave Andy alone.

Chock-full of nail-biting baseball games, the Panthers are inching toward the division championship. But then Andy loses his biggest supporter in a freak accident and he blames himself for what happened. His emotions raw, Andy quits the baseball team and school, while his father calls him a loser. Eventually, a treasured memory coaxes Andy to attempt a challenging comeback. Andy must find the strength to go the distance–for himself, but also for his brother and their shared dream.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

When Italian Americans Cook
By: Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
(38 reviews)

“Come here kid, lem-me show you something. You never know when you’re gonna have to cook for 20 guys some day. “Pete Clemenza says to Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in Francis Ford Coppola”s The Godfather. it’s one of the most famed movie scenes in history and of great importance to Italian-Americans. Clemenza is making “Gravy” aka Sunday Sauce, the Supreme Dish of Italian-America, and the dish that brings Italian Families together each and every Sunday.

Learn How to Make Clemenza’s Sunday Sauce, Meatballs, Pasta Fazool, Moma DiMaggio’s Gravy, Goodfellas Sauce alla Prigione, and all of the great favorites of The Italian-American Table. Cook Sinatra’s Spaghetti & Meatballs, Italian Wedding Soup and more, and delight in the many stories and factual information written by Italian Food & Wine Writer Daniel Bellino Zwicke. This book is filled with Joy & Love, and you will get many years of both, reading, cooking and eating the dishes of SUNDAY SAUCE “When Italian-Americans Cook”.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

By: Joan Hall Hovey


Following the breakup of her marriage, Rachael retreats to the old beach house in Jenny’s Cove, where she once lived with her grandmother. It is the one place where she had always felt safe and loved. Devastated and lost, Rachael longs for the simplicity of her childhood.

But Jenny’s Cove has changed. From the moment of Rachael’s arrival, a man watches. He has already killed, and mercilessly will do so again. Soon Rachael becomes a target for a vicious predator whose own dark and twisted past forms a deadly bond between them.

And sets her on a collision course with a crazed killer.

By: Lisa Gordon

The DREAM which made her life a NIGHTMARE.

A string of murders dating back to 1987 and in all that time only one witness and she doesn’t even know she’s a witness!

A strange recurring dream is haunting you; you see a psychologist and a psychic as your try to figure it out. Then……it hits you; the memory floods back! Suddenly everything you thought you knew about yourself, your family and your past is cast into doubt.

Someone you love is a KILLER.

But who will believe you? He is popular, successful, charming and credible. The police will say that you have no evidence. People will call you mad, paranoid or vindictive.

You select your allies with great care, as there are few you dare trust in this duplicitous new world.

You set about assembling the evidence: secretively and urgently, before he strikes again. However, he gets wind of your suspicions and this time when he kills, it’s someone very close to you, someone who knows the truth.

Suddenly you realise that you are up against more than just him, he has eminent and influential friends and the scales of justice are rigged against you.

What would you do? What will Gaby do?

A book that will make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again and the safe answer…..is NO.

By: M.D. Hall

Any who appreciate the twists and turns of approaches such as Twilight Zone will find Mystery and Misadventure a winning collection, and anything but predictable! (Diane Donovan: eBook Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review).

Should be read in a lighted room with a stiff glass of whisky! (Suze21)

Great stories, tied together with one small thread. Well-written. I really enjoyed this. (Amazon Customer)

Includes the prizewinning story ‘The Door’ (Spinetinglers)

Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover Book One
By: Clark Chamberlain
Warning: If you are offended by SEX, VIOLENCE, and/or FOUL LANGUAGE then his is not the book for you.

Fans of Pulp Noir Thrillers: Are You Prepared to Enter a World of Corporate Espionage and Assassinations?

Do you crave stories of tenacious women, audacious men and the calculating games they play?

Then meet Mabel Young (that’s her name today) she’s been at this game for a lot of years and she’s just assassinated the head of the largest company in America.

Of course, she never dreamt of being a contract killer but after The Crash a lot of dreams changed. Government agencies were slashed to skeleton crews and corporations gained near limitless reign.

They pay for results and Mabel delivers with irrevocable finality.

It’s cowboy capitalism.

With her last job in the bag she relocates to Eagle Rock, Idaho in hopes of laying low. It doesn’t last. With a splash of scalding coffee, she runs into Henry Ricks, a simple man with simple problems. Well mostly, there is the $300,000 he owes to his possessive ex-wife.

As Mabel settles into the idea of a life outside her career, the stakes are raised. Her last job didn’t go unnoticed and the backlash is swift and without mercy. It’s a massacre and FBI agents Steven Howards and Mateo Miles will stop at nothing to see that the killer is brought to justice.

Another Day Another Name is an alluring layer cake of good and evil. Its tightly woven, rich tapestries of story and characters will grab you from the start and won’t let go even after it’s long over.

Killer, Candor, Liar, Lover was an official selection of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and now it’s here.

Fans of A Walk Among the Tombstones by Matthew Scudder, The Husband by Dean Koontz, and Killing Floor by Lee Child will love Another Day Another Name.

Take the plunge today and dive into the world of espionage where nothing is as it seems.


By: Susan G. Charles

Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters, werecougars, shapeshifters, romance and action!

Book 4 in The Animal Sagas – Thrown to the Wolves Series.

Cats and dogs usually don’t mix. So what happens when a werewolf and a werecougar become mates? Lots of excitement you can be sure 🙂

The Strongheart werewolf clan has recently added a pair of twins into their group, thanks to the Alpha, and his new mate, Lynda, a were-cougar. The pairing of the two species had not been simple but they were now all as happy as they had ever been. But Lynda could still not overlook a feeling of dread in the back of her mind that seemed to follow her about like a shadow.

Then one night their entire world is turned upside down once again when the babies are kidnapped by a stranger with a vendetta against the clan. With help from the pack, the Alpha, reignites the clan to once again identify and find the kidnapper before the twins come to serious harm. But will he make it in time”¦

Can a wolf and a cougar find happiness together? Or will this new threat tear them apart?

This 14,000-word episode is the fourth installment in The Animal Sagas – Thrown to the Wolves Series, a paranormal romance that follows the complicated relationship between the Seron sisters and the Strongheart werewolf pack. (A quick and enjoyable lunch time read! Do you read while eating lunch too?)

Notice: This werewolf romance series contains some violence and many shapeshifter love scenes that are fully realized. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.

Part of the “The Animal Sagas – Thrown to the Wolves” series:

Ӣ Animal Heat: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas РThrown to the Wolves) РBook 1

Ӣ Animal Nature: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas РThrown to the Wolves) РBook 2

Ӣ Animal Secrets: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas РThrown to the Wolves) РBook 3

By: Susan G. Charles
(25 reviews)

Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters!

Bailey Cooper is a woman with a past and an unusual gift which she cannot divulge. She has long since given up on finding Mr. Right, but one night, quite by accident, she meets the man of her dreams. And a man consumed with just as many secrets as her – maybe even more. Bailey’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn upon meeting this handsome stranger.

Reader reviews:

”¢ You’ll enjoy the characters Bailey and Morgan and their dedication to each other, even though Morgan is a werewolf from a very aggressive family who doesn’t want to lose him to mortality….

Ӣ I love this story!! I really enjoyed seeing them get together and face the problems of Morgan being a werewolf.

”¢ Shape-lifting and stepping deep into the dark and dangerous world of werewolves really is fascinating. Charles knows how to draw the audience in and gives just enough detail and “hook-line-and sinker” storyline to keep the page turning. I dare you to read it!:)

Ӣ Werewolves and love РWhat more Could you wish for?:)

The handsome stranger she meets will change her life forever – but will this be a good change, or a terrible mistake? Will she succeed? Will she ever be happy? An extraordinary blend of action, suspense and romance, The Reluctant Wolf, explores the meaning of honor, trust and the nature of true love in all its many forms.

This werewolf romance contains some violence and shapeshifter romances with sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

By: Susan G. Charles

This 2 book, historical vampire romance series contains some violence with sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up. Contains loads of action, romance, and drama too…

Are you looking for a new kind of vampire paranormal romance with a strong feminine hero? A coming of age paranormal romance thriller? A new adult romance set in a historical background? Then definitely read on.

In Book One: Catherine Berg, the eldest daughter of the town’s blacksmith is vehemently opposed to the towns ancient ritual of the Century Bride – one that forces the women of the town to compete for the attention of the mysterious Count August. What is this ritual and why does it happen only once every 100 years? Please read on to find out more.

In Book Two: Catherine has made the ultimate sacrifice. But she soon discovers that an old and obscure prophecy will change her life, and the lives of all those around her, forever. Will they be able to adapt to the cruel changes about to control them all?

This vampire historical paranormal romance 2 book series is only available on Amazon and for a short time, it’s on sale right now… but only for a limited time. Order your copy today and start reading this vampire, human romance bundle instantly.

MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary
By: Shirleen Davies
(31 reviews)

After his divorce Heath spends his time with women who are young and beautiful, yet unable to provide what he longs for . . .

It’s been two years since Annie’s husband died””she has no desire to find a replacement, yet longs for male friendship . . .

Without consciously seeking it, each yearns for more . . .

. . . Heath’s company is booming. His meetings with the young, beautiful marketing director, are a temptation.

. . . Annie’s acceptance of the deep friendship with Heath sustains her, lulling her to believe it is all she needs”” until Heath drops a bombshell.

Each must decide to settle””or fight for it all.

By: Heather B. Moore
(26 reviews)
From USA TODAY bestselling author Heather B. Moore… Welcome to the Aliso Creek series. Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating the “Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone . . . if perfect is even possible.
In the Crosshairs Book 1
By: Deborah Cox
He shouldn’t have gotten involved. She had trouble written all over her, but when a beautiful runaway bride hijacks his single engine plane, Nick Harrison knows there’s no turning back. Selena Arriaga’s desperate act has put him in the crosshairs of the most ruthless drug lord in Central America. If they are going to survive, they must stop fighting each other and start fighting together. They will battle a treacherous jungle, a powerful enemy and each other to find a love worth any risk.
By: A.M. Griffin
Tough guys laid low by love. HOT erotic multi-author box set featuring 11 NEW stories from your favorite authors. Available for 0.99 for a limited time only!


By: Michele McGrath
(16 reviews)
Duval must foil another plot to assassinate the Emperor!

If he does not succeed, Imperial France will fall.

Alain Duval resigns from the police after fourteen years and goes home to Grenoble with his family. They are happily settling into their new life when the Emperor Napoleon rides into town, after escaping from the island of Elba. Swept into the uproar of the Hundred Days, Duval and his friend Lefebvre must try to prevent Napoleon’s assassination before he can take command of his army. Duval rejoins his old regiment and fights at Waterloo. Afterwards he must make the long and difficult journey home. Injuries, the English army, Prussian soldiers and Royalist agents get in his way. Will he find the strength and courage to reach his family again?

Arts & Photography

By: A.M. Griffin
Tough guys laid low by love. HOT erotic multi-author box set featuring 11 NEW stories from your favorite authors. Available for 0.99 for a limited time only!

Religion & Spirituality

How Contemporary Worship Is Starving the Church
By: Doug Erlandson
In Spiritual Anorexia, Doug Erlandson presents a balanced critique of the contemporary worship model and shows how this form of worship deprives Christians of the feast of true corporate worship. Drawing from personal experience and research into the history of Christian worship, Erlandson argues that corporate worship should be a dramatic presentation of the Gospel. Topics include: Contemporary worship and preaching; worship center vs. church; and the traditional elements of worship.
By: Anna Kupka
(36 reviews)

Deep inside we are all spiritual beings. The more we can remember this, the happier our lives will be.

Anna Kupka’s wise, enchanting novella tells the story of the little spirit who gets to travel to earth to experience human existence. Initially he is still aware of his spiritual nature and of the all-embracing love that guides and protects him. But the more time he spends on earth, the more he forgets his spiritual origin and gets wrapped up in the worries of everyday life …

This life-altering book reminds us of our true, eternal and perfect nature and will lead us on the path to a life full of trust and happiness!

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