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Biographies & Memoirs

The story of an 14 month humanitarian journey to South Sudan and India
By: Elisa Divoux
From a small village in the Sudan to the slums of Mumbai, this story is a remarkable chronicle of humanitarian service and insight into places hardly imaginable. What begins as a simple desire to give back through charitable work becomes a fascinating tale of places where life is a constant struggle, and of the people who inhabit them.

Humor & Entertainment

An Ill-Conceived Quest Through the Peruvian Amazon
By: Zach Zimmerman

After dropping out of the University of Southern California and moving to Peru, twenty-one-year-old author Zach Zimmerman soon discovers that he no longer possesses any money. If he were normal, this is precisely the time when he would beg his parents for a flight home and return to school and/or get a job. Zach is not normal. Instead, he decides to board a one-way cargo ship heading deep into the Amazon rainforest. His goal: Search for signs of Lady Ayahuasca, the mythical “spirit of the jungle”, and determine whether or not she, in fact, exists.

As it turns out, Zach’s ill-conceived quest into perhaps the deadliest and most unpredictable region of the plant becomes, well, deadly and unpredictable. In this unfiltered, 93-page journal, the young author’s guile and self-deprecatory humor will bring you to the edge of your seat as he confronts tarantulas, alligators, shamans, pretty Chinese girls, jungle guides who try to kill him, and much more, all in a search to find a spirit he doesn’t actually believe in, and his insightful stream of consciousness regarding the nature of skepticism and spirituality will have you reflecting inward as you laugh outward.

Business & Investing

By: Anthony R. Thomas

You want to be a millionaire, but you feel it is impossible for you?
My family grew up on food stamps (gov’t money only for buying food), but I have been able to accumulate more than $1 Million dollars in savings.

“Start Your Wealth Building Now” will teach you investing concepts that will help you take ownership of your own money and your income goals now.

These easy to understand steps will teach you:
1) How to learn investing strategies, even if you have never invested.
2) How to set goals and expectations for your income so you can start to save and invest.
3) How to balance income growth with cash protection that meets your own personal needs.
4) Some often unspoken strategies about how and when to save regardless of how much you earn.
5) When to manage your own money and when to ask for help, so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Christian Books & Bibles

A Modern Story of Christ
By: Elvo Fortunato Bucci
Can one man save the world?
A baby is born to a young mother in a manger, destined to be the savior. But he is crucified on the cross and never gets the chance. Two thousand years later, a man enters the void of a godless era to bring salvation to the world.
Written for young adults as a contemporary re-imagining of the gospel stories, “Songs of the Deliverer” is an enlightening and entertaining way to know Christ more.


A transgender romance novel
By: Debrah Martin

For fans of The Danish Girl, an extraordinary transgender love story about self-belief and the true nature of courage.

Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for Will and Tom when they leave school. Tom joins the army to become a MAN. Will goes to university and discovers he’s not. When Tom turns up on Will’s doorstep almost ten years later, he’s disillusioned and broken after surviving Northern Ireland during the 1970’s troubles, and with a broken marriage and no future. Will, on the other hand, has just embarked on a completely new future for himself – in his case, a very different kind of self; a woman called Billie.

As Will transitions from male to female, so the boyhood friendship between Tom and Will changes too. Initial shock and repulsion on Tom’s part becomes grudging respect, and eventually something quite different. But life ”” and falling in love ”” is never that simple; and especially not when it’s in the face of prejudice, fear and lost courage.

Time Travel Super bundle
By: Bobby Hutchinson
Three full length time travel novels for one low price. They’ll keep you reading when you should be sleeping. Doctors, adventurers and dance hall girls learn that times may change, but the human heart stays constant.
Mercenaries of Change
By: Cara S. Thomas

No! No! No! This was not how her career was supposed to go at all. This was not the way Casey had seen her progression in law enforcement. Being near killed by her partner and dirt ex-husband, and then being rescued by the killers she had sworn to put behind bars.

No! This most certainly was not how her life was to go. But if it did continue she was happy it was with the leader of the mercenaries she had fallen in love with…the blue eyed Jasmine.

But all was not set in the land of happy ever after yet, because after several close calls and twists in the story, they were on the top of the hit list for two very important people. Would she lose the love she had just found or will they survive long enough to see what normal had to offer them?

Even greater was her concern that her own love might kill her for suspected betrayal.

(Billionaire, Billionaire Bachelors, Billionaire Boys Club Romance, Step brother, BOOK 1) (I Dare You)
By: Jennifer King

Forbes 100 Billionaire Chance has a loss for words. He sees his high school crush at his 10-year reunion in San Francisco. She’s smoking hot, but she doesn’t recall him from Adam.

Quinn is through with men after another failed blind date, and goes to her high school reunion, crushed she is in a throwback to awkward.

Chance asks her to coffee and she takes him up on it, and before she recognizes him. The lure of unrequited fantasies and love hurl them into a sweet flirtation.

By: Deborah Caldwell-Wright

Historical Fiction/Romance

Twenty years before the American Civil War, a young woman begins a journey as the new teacher in town. Soon, she’s in the middle of a dark mystery – should she reveal the Beale Cipher? What would the consequences be if she does – and who can she trust?

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hardstorm Saga #1
By: Dana Marton
To escape punishment, Tera, a maiden healer sold to barbarians must hide the truth: she has not yet come into her healing powers. Born into a much gentler world, she struggles to survive in a land of savage warlords and their cruel concubines. When ancient prophecies begin to come to pass, can the healer-slave save the realm and awaken the High Lord’s heart?
By: Gary Green
Rebecca’s adventure continues. Pan still wants to see her dead, so she starts learning self defense from Lancelot (Yes, THAT Lancelot). Meanwhile, her magical friends try to figure out how to convince Pan to leave her alone. She visits the Oracle to try to get some answers, but the Oracle’s answers just confuse her more. Upon her return to Naomi’s farm she discovers that her secret is out. At Pip’s insistence friends and neighbors have come to help defend against an army of trolls that are set to attack.
A Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Collection
By: Riley J Ford
Step inside the pages of your wildest dreams & darkest nightmares. 20 edgy novels. *Only 99c* LIMITED TIME OFFER! From 20 NY Times, USA Today & Bestselling Authors.
By: JG Zymbalist

A combination of several genres, Song of the Oceanides is historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction with a few cogs of steampunk and wisps of romance as well. Suitable for older teens or discerning adults looking for innovative fiction with depth. –Foreword Reviews

A world so rich and vast that, for a certain type of reader, 750 pages will not nearly be enough. A clever and finely wrought steampunk tale about aliens and misfits. –Kirkus Indie

By: Rebecca Hamilton
For a limited time only! Celebrate Love and Vampires: Eight of today’s Best Selling Paranormal Romance authors bring you this ebook boxed set of 8 books.
By: Stephanie Batailler

A Job Seeker in Hollywood (OhlalaLand). A Legendary Film Studio. A Parade of Whacky Characters. A Tale within a Tale. A Biofiction.

Stephanie wants to get her Dream Come True!
Once upon a time”¦“Baby born with teeth, starts talking to obstetrician and midwife about gestation experience!” Indeed, Stephanie was born to create and tell stories like the ones that inspired her entire childhood, the stories from OhlalaLand Studios. Hoping the legendary studio will recognize her skill as a storyteller, Stephanie is one step closer today as she stands in front of the studio with a dream-job interview summons in her hands. But the experience isn’t quite what she expects. OhlalaLand interviewing process is a little unusual, a little”¦OhlalaLandian!

A New Literary Subgenre: Job Fantasy!
Have you ever had enough of emailing your résumé without ever receiving any response? If so, Stephanie’s story is your story.

Stephanie, the author, decided to take her pain and frustration and turn them into something productive: writing a fairytale about herself going for a job interview at the studio of her dreams. “Since no one wants to give me a job interview, I’ll create my own!” She traded her résumé for a book!

Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is a Fiction of the Author’s Dream!

OhlalaLand: a Land where Words and Cinema come together!
Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is a short story, a tale within a tale with a parade of whacky characters where talking animals, walking buttons, and epicurean pen-people are as real as the mystical creature interviewing Stephanie. In the nest of wonder and imagination, happily ever after is not far away or”¦is it?

The book premiered its French version at the 29th international Book and Press Fair in Geneva, received great editorial and literary blogger reviews, and was listed as the first of “The must-sees” by L’Hebdo.

Tale of a Job Interview is now available in English in the US, Europe and more”¦

Praise in the US:
“In my years in the “industry” I am often asked for advice from people on how to get started””how to land that first job. But I’ve never come across such a creative approach as this! Ms Batailler has crafted an unexpected and wildly imaginative narrative in her quest to scale those studio walls” ””Ron Judkins, two-time Academy Awards Winner & five-time Nominee.

“The first rule of storytelling whether it’s a movie, a television show, or a book, is to create characters the audience likes and can relate to. Tale of a Job Interview does just that.” ””H. Daniel Gross, EVP The Basketball Channel.

“A fun and witty satire about an aspiring filmmaker. Same thing as when I step into the fighter’s cage: I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.” ””Herb Dean, four-time World MMA Awards Winner.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

What would you do if your past could kill you?
By: D.B. Martin

Years spent hiding from his past. Today it finds him.

A gripping psychological novel for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

Renowned British barrister, Lawrence Juste, is a man with a past so cleverly stitched together he thought it could never come unravelled – until now.

Two things are about to pick it apart, piece by sordid piece: a child, and a blackmail note from a woman hiding as many secrets as him. As the past unravels, his carefully ordered world falls apart in a twisting spiral of taboo, passion, lies and revelations, with potentially tragic consequences. For Lawrence Juste, the future suddenly looks as dangerous as it is uncontrollable.

By: Tom & Nancy Wise
For Stephen, his life on base is much the same as most other children’s. The difference is in the details. Look both ways before crossing a tank path and be sure to check if the spent bullet casings you find in the long-abandoned trenches are actually empty. Sports stop at the sound of the evening trumpet call as he and his friends stand at attention while the flag is retired. Quantico Cave is a story of friendship and competition, and when Stephen meets up with a friend he once knew at a previous home station, the contest hits a whole new level that places everyone at risk.

Literature & Fiction

An Amish Love Story
By: Cara S. Thomas
Saran and Miriam were both caught in a lie that did not support who they were. Being a lesbian in the very reserved Amish community in Lancaster was not only frowned upon, it was something that would get them shunned. Something they feared until they met each other.
For Saran who had once been in love with a woman from the English world, she knew how to handle herself and she had considered herself off the market until the day Miriam smiled at her and all hope was lost.
For Miriam, she was caught in a constant battle of being with a man she loved only as a brother and trying to figure out why her heart would not want who she told it to love. It was all so confusing and infuriating, but things were about to get harder.
Things were about to get a whole lot harder when the truth she sought to hide would be known.

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